How Many Volts Is a Motorcycle Battery: 6v or 12v?

how many volt is a motorcycle battery

how many volts is a motorcycle battery? 12 Volts is the standard voltage for a battery if you own a modern motorcycle. 6-volt batteries were used in motorcycles manufactured before 1960. I’m not just a motorcycle passionate, I have a college degree in electronics and have worked in the telecommunication industry for the last 20 years. … Read more

Clothing for Motorcycle Camping: How to be comfortable all the time

folded motorcycle clothing

A motorcycle camping adventure promises an exhilarating blend of freedom, nature, and the open road. However, the key to maximizing your enjoyment lies in packing smart – especially when choosing the proper clothing and efficiently utilizing limited space. This page delves into essential clothing tips strategies to ensure your motorcycle camping experience is comfortable and … Read more

Quick list for moto camping clothing

motorcycle camping clothing

You can read the entire article about moto camping clothing here:Clothing for Motorcycle Camping: How to be comfortable all the time Layering Clothing Protective Gear Footwear Camp Clothes Emergency Clothes Bag Remember, the key to successful motorcycle camping is smart packing and layering. Adjust this list based on your specific trip duration, weather conditions, and … Read more

Are You Picking the Right Sleeping Bag for Moto-Camping? Find Out How!

adventure motorcycle sleeping bag

Embarking on a motorcycle camping adventure? The key to a memorable experience lies in a good night’s sleep, and that starts with the perfect adventure motorcycle sleeping bag. Navigating the myriad options can be overwhelming, but fear not! This comprehensive guide will steer you toward the ideal sleeping bag, ensuring comfort and warmth throughout your … Read more

Quick list for shopping a motocamping Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag check list

When purchasing a sleeping bag, especially for motorcycle camping, there are several key criteria to consider. See the complete article here: Are You Picking the Right Sleeping Bag for Moto-Camping? Find Out How! Here’s a list to guide you: Read more articles on motocamping or find more list here: The Freewheeling Camper’s Guide: Mastering the … Read more

Motorcycle Camping Essentials: A Rider’s Guide to Gear, Tools, and Tips for the Open Road

essential motocamping gear

Motorcycle camping offers a unique and thrilling way to visit new places and immerse oneself in the wilderness. Unlike traveling by car, motorcycles provide the advantage of covering long distances with ease while being less cumbersome, offering a level of flexibility and freedom that four wheels simply can’t match. However, motorcycle camping also presents unique … Read more

Understanding Motorcycle Fuels: A Guide to Engine Performance and Maintenance

Are cheap fuel good for my motorcycle?

This is the short version. You can read the Extended version here. Motorcycle enthusiasts often embark on thrilling adventures, traversing diverse terrains and exploring new routes. However, the fuel quality used in their motorcycles can significantly impact the overall experience and engine health. This guide sheds light on different fuel types and their effects on … Read more