About Us

Welcome to the new chapter in the world of motorcycle passion, exploration, and in-depth gear reviews. We’re excited to introduce you to the combined spirit of Motard Mental and Yourmotobro – now a unified brand for those who thrive on the freedom of the open road and the joys of exploring both the world and oneself.

Our journey began with Simon Dufour, the heart and soul behind Motard Mental. A self-employed telecommunication expert with a college degree in electronics, Simon’s passion for motorcycles ignited when he rode his first Yamaha BW80. Over the years, he emerged not only as an entrepreneur with diverse ventures but also as a beacon of resilience, embodying the philosophy that true happiness lies within.

The essence of Motard Mental was always about the realization that our inner joy is not tied to external possessions or accolades. It was about the exhilarating blend of motorcycle adventures and a profound mental connection to the world.

Yourmotobro, on the other hand, became a trusted destination for over a million passionate motorcycle riders yearly. Renowned for its unbiased, honest, and detailed reviews on motorcycle gear and accessories, Yourmotobro’s ethos was grounded in authenticity and hands-on testing.

Now, as we merge these two platforms, our mission is two-fold:

  1. Adventure and Self-Exploration: We continue to champion the belief that motorcycle rides are not just about the thrill but also a path to inner peace and self-discovery. We invite you to embrace this journey with us, to chase the horizons, and to unearth the joy that lies within.
  2. Trusted Reviews: Bringing the expertise of Yourmotobro, we’re committed to providing you with the most comprehensive reviews on motorcycle gear. Our team, backed by years of experience, tests and reviews products so that you can make informed decisions for your rides.

Simon Dufour, still at the helm, welcomes you to this merged venture. Drawing from his rich tapestry of experiences – from his early business pursuits to coaching Canada’s Women’s underwater hockey team at world championships – Simon brings a unique blend of adventure, resilience, and passion to our community.

Join us as we accelerate into this new era, where every ride is an exploration, every gear review is a guide, and every story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of motorcycle enthusiasts.

YourMotoBro’s Evolution Timeline


  • The genesis of the MotardMental brand on social media.


  • MotardMental’s online footprint grows with the unveiling of Motardmental.life website.

April 2023

  • Extended our digital horizon by acquiring Motorcyclebrave.com, a comprehensive motorcycle hub boasting a rich library of articles from an ardent rider.

August 2023

  • Diversified further by procuring drivewithmotor.com, a niche platform honed in on motorcycle helmet reviews. (Plans for content migration and optimization set for October 2023).
  • Broadened our scope to the outdoors with the acquisition of the camping-centric prizeoutdoors.com. We’re excited to repurpose its content to cater to the motocamping aficionados, with the original site gearing up for its closure in November 2023.

September 2023

  • A pivotal transformation: We acquired and rebranded to YourMotoBro, consolidating and integrating all of Motardmental’s content, encapsulating its essence into our expanded digital domain.

2024 and Beyond…

Stick with us for the ride of a lifetime! Our gratitude knows no bounds for every supporter who has revved up our journey. You’ve fueled our voyage, and we’re raring to hit the throttle on what the future holds. Ride on! 🏍️💨

How Is Our Content Created?

Whether the content hails from yourmotobro, drivewithmotor, motardmental, or elsewhere, our pride rests in creating reader-centric content. Competing with behemoth sites is daunting, but we’re unwavering in our dedication to quality. Our product recommendations stem from genuine belief, recognizing that reviews often reside in the gray areas. Different users have different experiences, and often, the product’s value mirrors its price tag.

Content Guidelines and Standards

1. Authenticity in Our Content:
Each article is the brainchild of authentic motorcyclists. In an era where digital disguises are rampant, discerning truth can be elusive. Even with AI support, our writers’ authenticity remains – each one a proud motorcyclist, many owning multiple bikes.

2. AI and Content Enhancement:
To stay ahead, AI sometimes aids in refining our content, especially assisting our French writers with English intricacies. But rest assured, rigorous fact-checking precedes every publication. Spot an inconsistency? Email us at: [email protected].

3. Imagery and Copyright Compliance:
We prioritize using relevant images. If taking original product photos isn’t viable, we either generate one via AI or fetch from our databases. Respecting intellectual property, we never use images without the requisite permissions.

4. Consistency in Formatting:
To streamline reader experience, our content adheres to a specific layout:

  • Social share buttons upfront
  • Featured image
  • Compelling meta description
  • Singular title (H1)
  • Engaging introduction (Quick response)
  • Separators, table of contents (primarily H2), and more as mentioned in your detailed format.

Informational Articles:

Informational pieces answer questions, diving deep into the motorcycle industry. These aren’t typically tied to purchase decisions but add immense value for readers.

  • Quality Over Guesswork: Our articles arise from research and first-hand experiences, never conjecture.
  • Quick Answers: We provide immediate, bolded responses upfront, allowing readers to delve deeper if they wish.
  • Navigation and Credibility: A table of contents aids navigation, while links to primary data sources back up our stats and facts.
  • FAQ Section: We accommodate potential queries with a FAQ section, ensuring a holistic content experience.

Transactional (Review) Articles:

Our review guidelines are as follows:

  • Genuine Recommendations: Trust our word; if we say we’ve used a product, we have. Untried products are recommended after thorough market research and community feedback.
  • Unbiased Ranking: Monetary incentives don’t sway our rankings. Products get positioned based on merit, not marketing strategies.
  • Diverse Product Recommendations: We understand varying budgetary constraints. Our reviews and rankings span across different price ranges, ensuring you get an honest opinion tailored to both your preferences and pockets.

Regarding formatting, while uniformity across all transactional articles is work-in-progress, the general format as mentioned in your detailed structure is what we aim for.