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  1. You can plug any tire including a tube-type tire. However, if the tube is punctured, the tire will not hold air because the air will escape thru the spoke holes.

  2. Yes, the kits come with nice pouch to keep all the parts in.

  3. Hi there! The tank bags can be attached to the front and back of the motorcycle. I usually install the front seat belts to each passenger footrest or the mounting bracket of the driver’s footrests, and the rear straps to the brake light mount. Most synthetic side bags have adjustable waist straps. I recommend leaving these belts on top of the saddle so that the bag can be adjusted if necessary.
    If you are going to install a bag on the back of your bike, make sure that your motorcycle has racks (chrome rods under the wing that prevent the bags from rubbing against the wheel). Soft bags tend to shift toward the wheel, which will wipe and ruin them, and in the worst case, the bag can even lock the wheel during the trip.
    Be sure to check that the bags do not touch the muffler. Such contact will ruin the bags. Do not forget that the bags will sag and go down after an hour or two, so always leave some distance. The temperature spoils the bottom of the bag, leaving burnt marks on it, or it can even go on fire.
    The installation of a magnetic tank bag takes only several seconds. You can remove it and take it with you wherever you go. The bag is always in sight, there is practically no danger that it will be discreetly taken away at a traffic light. But before getting such a bag, try to fix it on your bike and drive a mile. You will check how effective the fastening system is.
    Let me know if this helped! Best regards, Max.

  4. Hello, John! Thank you for being a dedicated reader! It’s a pleasure to know that our work is being appreciated because this is what motivates our team.
    Speaking about physical stores. I understand your point, and I respect it, as well. Sometimes, I also go to the shops and discover what we have now on the moto market. There’s nothing wrong with shopping in actual stores, so you don’t have to be ashamed. Honestly saying, your question got me thinking ‘cause I was in Great Britain once, but, unfortunately, I didn’t go to any special stores. I also have a friend in London, and there are some stores he advised me to go to:
    Motorcycle Helmets And Clothing;
    J&S Accessories Ltd – Stockwell;
    Infinity Motorcycles;
    Don’t forget about some basic things to consider when choosing a new tank bag:
    UV and water resistance;
    Carrying capacity;
    Pockets availability;
    Ease of installation.
    I hope this will help you to get a new tank bag for your bike!

  5. Hi, Daniel! Thanks for your kind words. This is what actually aspires us to write and keep on updating this blog 🙂
    Transport lightning is a totally important thing. It is especially necessary for the dark time of the day and in poor visibility. Driving on public roads without lights or with faulty lighting is prohibited by the rules because its absence can trigger an accident.
    As for the question you’ve asked, I don’t really think that you need extra brake lights if your motorcycle already has them. However, a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine asked me to install some extra lights on his brand new top case. This was done to make the bike more noticeable on the road. So, the task was to get the LED backlight that will serve as a duplicate brake light and sidelight of the bike. At the same time, the convenience of using a case should not suffer.
    Since the case will be used for its intended purpose, I used the flat LED strips that were placed between the case surface and red reflectors (so that we don’t ruin the case). I recommend using red strips. To realize the brake signal function, I’ve decided to use the same tapes as for the sidelights, changing only the brightness of their glow.
    To do this, I’ve created a special system that changes the level of the voltage and therefore changes the brightness of the lights. Connect the common wire, running and brake lights, and the LED strip to the output. This system should be placed behind the central reflector. After that, put the tapes behind the diffusers and seal the seams with silicone sealant.
    Put the wire inside the case and fix it so that it does not get destroyed when closing. Then, pull it out through the sealed rubber ring. Remember that you have to move your top case without problems, so set a sealed moisture-proof connector on the wire and connect additional wiring to the existing brake light.
    That’s all. I believe that with this simple guide, you won’t need to go to the service stations.