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  1. Hello! Glasses are an important part of a biker’s protective gear. Historically, they were first used by speed driving fans, and only over time, a special helmet was developed. There is a fairly large selection of eye protection. They are worn either over the helmet or under it. They can be fastened with both a bendable elastic or an adjustable strap made of special silicone rubber. Sealers are usually lined with natural or artificial leather.

    How to choose proper glasses for you? Well, it depends on the helmet you’re using.

    The most widespread classic helmet is full face. It is a whole helmet with an opening visor. Usually, it has ventilation above and below, which also opens and closes so that the glass does not fog.
    An open face helmet is a typical American style helmet. I would say it’s the helmet for lazy people. It covers the top back and sides of your head.

    Transformer helmets or flips. These are the helmets in which the front part leans up.

    Now you have only to determine which helmet you own and get a matching pair of glasses. To choose glasses, remember some general rules. The main “”enemies”” of any motorcyclist are wind, sun, dust, sand, rain, and insects, as well as extreme situations of an accident or a fall. Therefore, when choosing glasses for a motorcycle, you should pay attention to the following factors:

    1. Security. Choose only impact-resistant materials;

    2. Overview. Try the glasses on before you buy them and check if the view is clear;

    3. Comfort. Glasses should fit tightly on your head and not cause any inconvenience, even during long trips. At high speeds, it is best to ride in glasses with maximum lateral protection. In normal city driving (with long-term stops in traffic jams or at a red traffic light), it is better to use semi-open products that provide additional airflow (especially in hot weather).

    4. Ventilation. To prevent fogging of the lenses, check if there are special ventilation holes.

    Hope this will help you! Best wishes, Max.

  2. Hello, Tom! Modern motorcycles are the most complicated technical devices that require regular maintenance, replacement of consumables for their normal functioning, and in case of falls and accidents, corresponding repairs of various difficulty levels. Whether you do a self-service or ask a specialized motorcycle service, most operations will require specialized tools and equipment.

    One of the most popular devices for garages of motorcyclists and motorcycle services are special moto lifts. Their design and purpose depend primarily on the type of motorcycle. For example, for cross-country motorcycles and choppers, they will be completely different, and before you buy a lift for a motorcycle, you should explore a bit and choose the right and the most suitable one for your motorcycle.

    Motorcycle lifts are made of a platform that raises the whole motorcycle to a comfortable height for working with it. The lifting gear drive is usually hydraulic. Such lifts are either already or additionally equipped with devices for hanging the front and rear wheels and securely fix the motorcycle. But such a lift requires additional space in the garage and is more likely oriented to motor services or club workshops. In addition, it is affordable for every motorcyclist.

    Motorcycle lifts for cross-country motorcycles and enduro motorcycles are usually either a solid metal “”stool”” of a certain size or a lift with a platform and a lifting mechanism (mechanical or hydraulic). The motorcycle is mounted on such tackles directly with the lower part of the engine, frame, or crankcase, providing easy access to the front and rear suspensions and other components.

    Road motorcycles and sportbikes do not allow the lower part of the engine to be used as a fulcrum since they have an unprotected crankcase. Therefore, lifts for sportbikes are usually carried out in the form of supports under the front and rear wheel axles. For the front suspension, the most common option is the tool, which is fixed in the lower traverse of the front fork. Such tackles have a certain range of adjustments, interchangeable support tips and can be used on various motorcycle models. Lifts for choppers, cruisers, and classic motorbikes are more load-bearing and have a reinforced structure with a large lever.

    I hope this will help you! Best wishes, Max!

  3. Hello there! As you already know, the tie-down ratchet straps are mostly used to fasten the cargo during transport. These straps can be great supporters for luggage of different weights and sizes. To fasten your cargo properly, string the strap through the mandrel, and then turn it to tighten. To release the strap, press the lock and open the ratchet.

    The main characteristics of the ratchet strap are length and width. Based on these parameters, you can figure out which cargo you can carry safely. Wide straps are stronger, and they can withstand heavy weights.

    I hope this helps you! Best wishes, Max.

  4. Hey Jake! Welcome to the club of riding addicts! I’m also thankful for your kind words because this is what drives me to continue developing this site.

    Many people ask me why don’t I get a car instead of riding a motorcycle. I answer everyone that even if Maserati or something like that was in my garage, from April to November, I would ride a motorcycle in any weather.

    It’s comfortable. It is impossible to drive 15 km in 12-13 minutes. Every day I travel along such a route at least 3-4 times. By car, it would take me about 1,5 – 2 or even more hours. As a result, I have more time to do things during the day. In addition, sometimes I drive 150-200 km a day, imagine how long it would take by car.

    Riding in the rain is not very pleasant, and many people simply skip the rainy season. However, after snows and frosts, the pleasant travel time is so short that no rain will be able to knock you out of the seat. Having the appropriate equipment, knowledge, and skills, a ride in the rain can be a very pleasant experience.

    – Skip smooth surfaces

    During rain, you should go omit any metal elements, such as railways and hatches. In addition, markings on the road become very slippery. Typically, micro increments of glass are added to the paint used for road marking to give the painted surface a rough texture for better adhesion. But after a while, the micro-inclusions are erased, and only slippery paint remains. In this case, driving along wet road markings would be like trying to ride on ice.

    – Drive your bike calmly and confidently

    The price of any mistake made when driving on a wet surface when the traction of the wheels is less increases several times. This means that you should demonstrate all your driving skills and the use of motorcycle controls. Drive smoothly when the motorcycle is rolling inertia without using the throttle. Squeeze the clutch gently, as well as the brake lever. The position of the body becomes even more important during rain.

    – Waterproof gear

    Rain on the road is always inappropriate, but if you have a good waterproof suit, you can continue to move dry and in comfort. When traveling in the rain, it is important to focus on your actions. If you plan to ride in the rain often, it is very important to find equipment that not only protects you from water but also breathes. If you put on a raincoat that does not breathe, the trip will become like visiting a sauna. You will sweat, and the sweat will remain under the clothes.

    As a result, you get wet in the same way as if you did not have any protective suit. Equipment of this type is good for short-term wear if you suddenly fall in the rain, but for long trips, you need waterproof and breathable clothing. For example, products made from Gore-Tex and similar vapor-permeable fabrics have pores that are smaller than water droplets but large enough to dissipate evaporating sweat.

    Make sure gloves and boots are also waterproof. You can even use protective covers for shoes if you don’t want to spend money on a new pair of waterproof boots. An additional advantage will be the presence of a special rubber insert on gloves designed to wipe the helmet visor.

    The helmet must be designed for traveling in fog and in rainy conditions. This is evidenced by the availability of the Pinlock system. An additional screen inside the visor will create a double-panel effect, helping to combat fogging. In addition, the helmet must have maximum ventilation in order to remove moisture.

    Soon, you may find that riding in the rain actually makes you a more experienced rider. The ability to control the motorcycle in such a condition will give you additional confidence in your abilities on dry roads.

    Don’t be afraid to drive in rains! Best regards, Max.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Bill! I’m so glad to know that this site is really useful for my readers. And hey, shout out to the confederates! Being a moto mechanic is sometimes rough, but mostly ace.

    Regards to your question, yes, I have or had some of these costumes. Each of them is unique and has its own pros and cons. The one I definitely love is the BMW suit. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey, but it has lots of advantages. It has heat-resistant pads, which is important, it also protects you from severe winds, and it’s a one-piece which makes it really convenient. BMW Motorrad produces a lot of high-quality equipment for riders. The jumpsuit is made of 100% nylon with a waterproof polyurethane coating. The balaclava sewn into the collar of the raincoat is very convenient for use with a motorcycle helmet. There are a large chest pocket and additional reflective inserts on the sleeves, back, and chest.

    If to speak about who makes the best rain gear…I guess this question can’t have only one true answer. I mean, you know, people have different preferences and look for different advantages when buying rain suits. As for me, I really like the BMW one now.

    However, I don’t want you to count my choice as the only one. If you’re about to buy a rain suit, check the guide in the article and decide what works best for you. Remember that you have to consider material, waterproof ability, sizing, visibility, convenience, etc.

    I hope this will help you somehow. Yours truly, Max.

  6. Hey! That’s very kind of you! I’m also glad that there are people who read this blog 🙂 It’s a pleasure to know that people find my articles useful. Oh, and I’m sorry that you had to experience such trouble.
    Choosing a gel pad is the right decision, so let’s see how to install it in your seat.

    The gel pad provides comfort while driving around the city and on long trips. It also has a number of advantages. The gel absorbs vibrations and crashes, both from the motorcycle engine itself and from rough roads. Having a gel pad in your seat makes your weight distributed evenly over the surface of the seat. It counteracts excessive pressure on the bones in the pelvic area. It also helps to improve blood circulation and overcome the feeling of numbness in the legs, which is extremely important during long trips.

    Of course, gel pads are not a panacea for all diseases, but based on the experience and feedback of my friends and my own, I can safely say that the gel liner positively affects the quality of the trip. It is based on a special material that repeats the contours of the body. An additional advantage of this substance is that it is able to “remember” the shape of the owner’s body. This makes its use as comfortable and safe as possible.

    Installing a gel pad to your seat isn’t a big deal. Just attach the straps to your motorcycle seat and make sure they’re fastened tight.

    Enjoy your trips, bro!

  7. Hi! Your question really got me confused because I’ve never done this before. In theory, I think it is possible to install the Bluetooth on your helmet. The question is if this worth spending money on the extra headset and asking an artisan to set it onto your helmet? The choice is yours.

    All I can advise in such a situation is to buy a helmet with Bluetooth. Purchasing a ready to use helmet will save your time and money. But still, if you decide to add the Bluetooth to the helmet on your own, I’d be glad if you shared the method with me.

    Good luck!

  8. Hey there! I’ve been in the same situation less than a month ago, so don’t blame yourself. As a rule, we don’t know that we need something until such circumstances appear. And yes, you guys, who still didn’t get a repair kit, you should definitely buy one.

    As to me, it is really hard to define which repair kit is the best one. In the article, I’ve presented a list of my top picks I’ve ever used. The thing is that everyone can choose the best option for themselves based on their needs. What I can advise is a little check-list when shopping for a motorcycle repair kit.
    To choose a really useful kit, make sure it includes:

    1. Plugs;
    2. Gas canister;
    3. Sealant glue;
    4. Blade;
    5. Reamer and an insertion tool.

    Based on this small guide, I can recommend you to consider the Slime repair kit. It has all the basic options. However, I also advise you to explore other kits based on their price and composition.
    I hope this will be helpful to you! If you find any other options, please share them with me and others here. Best regards, Max.

  9. Hey there, Christine! Thanks for your question, it’s a really important issue to talk about. I’ve heard about the magnetic effect on human health, so let’s see into it.
    I’ve spent a lot of time searching for information about the magnets on the bags. Internet sources say that most of the used magnets are neodymium. Considering your question, it may sound dangerous, but here’s what I can say. Most of the tank bags on magnets are protected by iron or steel coverage, so in fact, the magnetic field is very weak, and I don’t think that it can damage your health. Moreover, every tank bag has instruction, and if you follow it properly, I believe that using a magnetic tank bag will be safe.
    Another fact is many people believe that magnets also have some impact on the things you put in the bag itself. Phones, credit cards, headphones, and cameras are also safe inside the bag. Modern manufacturers care about their clients, so you can be sure that your personal things will be protected from any magnetic influence.
    I hope I answered your question. Yours truly, Max.