Best LED Headlight for Harley Davidson in 2022

I know that certain riders may disagree with me, but there is a thrill that comes with riding at night, especially on country roads. For starters, there is not much traffic during this period, so there is just you and the open road. I know this because riding at night is one of the activities I do when feeling stressed and wanting to clear my mind.

My name is Max Farmer, and I fell in love with motorcycles at the age of 13 when my father took me to the 2005 MotoGP at Laguna Seca. Ever since then, I have continued bonding with motorcycles either when repairing and customizing them or when riding, especially during the night.

Many motorcycle lovers will agree with me that customizing your bike is not only fun but also helps in improving its efficiency. Probably, the reason you hate riding at night is due to being fed up with constantly straining your eyes to see the dim lights of your headlights.

Top Pick
Premium Choice
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TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights DOT Kit...
SUNPIE Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Chrome Compatible...
Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Headlight - Compatible with...
TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights DOT Kit...
SUNPIE Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Chrome Compatible...
Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Headlight - Compatible with...
Top Pick
TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights DOT Kit...
TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights DOT Kit...
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Premium Choice
SUNPIE Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Chrome Compatible...
SUNPIE Motorcycle 7 Inch LED Headlight Chrome Compatible...
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Budget Choice
Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Headlight - Compatible with...
Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inch LED Headlight - Compatible with...
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What if a professional mechanic told you that all your woes could change with the simple customization of your headlights? Yes, you can gain benefits from a simple installation of technologically advanced LED lights. Keep reading my reviews of some of the high-quality LED headlights for motorcycles Harley Davidson.

The best LED headlight for Harley Davidson is Funlove Daymaker Projector. Excellent performance and appearance. Its bright light will brighten your path even on the darkest night. In addition, it fits a lot of 2003-2014 Harley road glide motorcycles, which also makes this LED headlight universal.

Comparison Table of 5 Best Motorcycle Headlights for Harley Davidson

NameVoltagePowerLumen, High/LowColor TemperatureWaterproof
Truckmall 7 inch12V40W4000/2600lms6000KIP67
Sunpie 730V40W3000/2600lms6000KIP67
Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 Inch30V45W4000/2800lms6500KIP67
Funlove Daymaker Projector12V90W6300/3200lms6000KIP67
Sunpie 7” LED Headlight12V40W3500/2600lms6000KIP67

The 10 Best Led Harley Davidson Headlight

  1. Truckmall 7-inch – Top Pick
  2. Sunpie 7” – Top Rated
  3. Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 Inch – Budget Choice
  4. Funlove Daymaker Projector – The Best Choice
  5. Sunpie 7” LED Headlight with Passing Lights – Premium Choice
  6. Truckmall 5.75 Inch
  7. Turbo SII 7
  8. Bicyaco 5-3/4 5.7 Inch
  9. Ausi 7″
  10. Suparee 7” LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights

If you are riding a Harley Davidson, you want LED lights that will be efficient and will rhyme with the style and class of your machine. Instead of settling for just any lights, check out these ten best lights to buy. I have picked the models that proved to be durable, powerful, and stylish, so let’s start with the first one.

1. Truckmall 7 inch – The Harley Davidson 7 Inch LED Headlight

If you want a first-class headlight, Truckmall has taken care of you. The company has ensured that you won’t complain about LED lights that are compatible with most Harley Davidson motorcycles. Some of the models in which the lights can fit include CVO models 2017, 2018, and 2019, as well as Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, and Street Glide.

There are three LED lights in this item. The main 7-inches headlight is normally installed at the center while the other two LED lights are located on both sides for better visibility in fog and measure 4.5 inches each. These are normally installed on the sides because they are smaller than the center headlight.

A combination of the three LED headlights for Harley Davidson motorcycles ensures that you can see the road ahead clearly whether it is dark, misty, or foggy. The lights do well in both dry and wet weather because the item is waterproof. Therefore, instead of parking your motorcycle just because it is drizzling a bit, with these lights, you can continue your journey and not worry at all.

The lights have the best illumination out of all the products I have tried. They produce 6000K clear white light. They can also produce 2600lm with a low beam and 4000lm when the beam is high. This is bright enough to help you reach any destination at any time of the day. You can literally ride through the woods at night, and Truckmall headlights will light up your way perfectly.

I love the brightness and simplicity of these lights. During the foggy day, while other people park to wait for the weather to become better, I can ride and enjoy the empty road.

With these lights, you are assured of not getting on the wrong side of the authorities. The lights are certified for use by the Department of transport, SAE, and E-mark.

  • They are compatible with very many Harley Davidson models
  • Energy-efficient
  • They have E-mark, SAE, and DOT certification
  • They are a bit costly

2. Sunpie 7′ – A Powerful Harley Davidson LED HeadLight

Most Harley Davidson stock lights are 7-inches long. And for this, they can fit any headlight with the same measurements. Sunpie manufacturer has ensured that this headlight measures 7 inches to make it compatible with most motorcycles.

The list of machines that can fit these lights is long. For example, they can fit in FLD Harley Davidson motorcycles that were produced from 1994 to 2017. It is also compatible with Trike and Touring which were produced before 2014. For the models produced after this period, the headlights require an additional adapter to fit.

As you can see, the manufacturer had every Harley Davidson biker in mind when creating these lights. I believe that if you see the quality of this product, it won’t hurt to use an adapter for the lights to work efficiently on your motorcycle.

LED lights are just like any other product. If they are not made of durable materials, then their life cycle may be too short. These Sunpie headlights for Harley Davidson beat other brands in terms of durability.

The housing material is made of aluminum, a metal that is known and widely used because it lasts long. It means that you can’t go wrong with these headlights because they will last until you that long that you will forget the last time you had headlight issues.

The product comes with six pieces of LED lights. Each of them uses only 7W of electricity. They produce 4500lm at the highest beam and 3200 at the lowest beam. This is still higher than most average lights, meaning that with Sunpie, you can go anywhere at any time you want. This, coupled with the 6000K to 6500K white light, makes this headlight set the brightest LED light for Harley Davidson.

The lights have H4 and H13 connectors used in the installation process. It is very easy to install the lights on your Harley because it takes a maximum of twenty minutes. Once you do the installation, it becomes easy the next time you want to install or uninstall them from your motorbike. The lights have a visor that protects them from getting wet during misty weather so that they can continue working perfectly.

  • The lights have a visor that protects them from draining with water
  • Their rate of consuming power is low as it is between 10 to 30 V
  • Durable
  • Very affordable
  • They do not fit in motorcycles with a headlight spot of less or more than seven inches

3. Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 Inch – Another Great LED Headlight

Are you looking for a high-performance LED headlight? Wisamic has you covered. This company produces Harley Davidson LED headlamps of high quality. This Wisamic LED headlight is compatible with a range of motorcycles, such as Sportster and Forty-Eight.

Apart from compatibility, this headlight is easy to mount. Thus, it means that you do not have to look for a mechanic’s assistance when doing so. Furthermore, all the necessary installation instructions and mounting hardware are included in the package content.

Light brightness is something you do not have to worry about with this Wisamic headlight. It provides better color and light intensity compared to the common luminescent lights. Each light comes at 2800lms at 30W on a low beam and 4000lms at 45W each on a high beam. This means that you will easily identify signs and road markings even when riding at night.

Besides, this Wisamic’s headlight color temperature ranges between 6000K and 6500K. It means that riding in foggy and rainy weather will give you excellent road visibility compared to when using ordinary headlights. Moreover, other motorists can easily spot you on the road when using this headlight.

Wisamic has also ensured that you do not have to go through the trouble of replacing headlights often. This headlight is highly durable as it is fitted with original Osram LED lamps. Thus, these LED lamps consume less power and are much brighter compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Low power consumption means that they last longer, namely for 50,000 hours. Besides, the manufacturer has encased the headlight’s projector lens in a long-lasting black aluminum housing.

I like this Wisamic headlight because it emits less heat compared to similar items. Whenever I accidentally touch it, it does not burn my fingers compared to other ordinary lights.

The manufacturer provides a warrant for every headlight purchased, meaning that in case of any problems, you can contact the company within the warranty period. Also, if you are shipping this headlight, you don’t need to worry about high costs because it only weighs 1.55 pounds.

  • Durable headlight as its lifespan extends up to 50,000 hours
  • Waterproof
  • Exceptional light specification
  • It is costly

4. Funlove Daymaker Projector – Harley Davidson Daymaker Headlights

Are you interested in premium accessories for premium motorcycles? If you are, then you will have no option but to love these Funlove Daymaker headlights. They are one-of-a-kind because of the unique features that you usually won’t find in the default lights.

These Harley Davidson LED lights are very light. They weigh only 5.9 pounds, and this weight does not affect the overall weight of the motorcycle when these lights are on. The lights use only 12V of power with 90W. This is very energy-efficient as it means that with a low amount of power in your motorcycle, you can still be able to use the headlights.

The Daymaker headlight Harley Davidson has a long life span. The lights can continue working efficiently when used for at least 50,000 hours. This translates to years of usage, considering that you are not riding your motorcycle every single day. Some days and even weeks, you may not use the machine at all. So, you can imagine that by the time you use the lights for 50,000 hours, you will forget the exact time you have installed them.

Don’t you love it when you can ride during heavy rain? When you ride in the rain with Funlove headlights, you don’t have to worry about them because the lights are water-resistant. This capability is one of the premium features that make these lights unique.

They are compatible with countless Harley Davidson machines. A few of these include the 2004 to 2006 EFI FLTR and 2009 to 2013 CVO. If you own one of these Harley Davidsons, you can get this Funlove item and start taking riding even more comfortably.

  • They have a sleek design that makes them look classy
  • Very light
  • 6000K white light temperature
  • Water and dust-resistant water
  • They are expensive

5. Sunpie 7′ LED Headlight with Passing Lights – a Powerful Combo

The Sunpie LED is another stylish product you should consider if you search for high-quality headlights. Sunpie has invested in this headlight to ensure good road visibility, even in low light conditions.

By using LED in place of halogen lights in its newest design, Sunpie has ensured that you will no longer struggle with riding during bad weather conditions. This is because LED lights shine brighter than halogen lights. Also, LED lights consume much less energy, which ensures that you will save your battery power better. So, keep reading this Harley Davidson LED headlight review to know more about this product.

If you are concerned about its ability to provide sufficient lighting, this headlight’s LED color ranges between 6000K and 6500K. This means you will ride as if in the daylight when, in fact, there is poor lighting.

In addition, its operating voltage ranges between 10 and 30 volts. It is also fitted with an internal fan that cools down the system in case of too much heat. The aluminum material used ensures durability and resistance to corrosion.

Another benefit of using this headlight is that you will not get into trouble with the department of transportation (DOT). The product is at par with the set standards for headlights. It has a DOT symbol to confirm the approval of the association.

What stands out about this headlight is that its manufacturer provides a warranty for one year. Also, I am impressed by the fact that the headlight can be used with a variety of motorcycles. Among them are Street Glide and the Harley Davidson Road King.

  • Sufficient lighting in poor visibility conditions
  • Fitted with aluminum housing material, which makes it durable and easy to maintain
  • DOT approved
  • The fog lights bracket is not included in the package

6. Truckmall 5.75 Inch – A Top-Rated Harley Davidson Headlight

Although these lights are meant for Harley motorcycle owners, we all operate on different budgets. One may be having a few bucks to spend while another may be operating on a very tight budget. If you are not willing to spend much on the headlights and still look for a reliable item, Truckmall 5.75-inches headlight shows the best quality for its cost.

You get an advantage of a lightweight when using this headlight. It weighs 1.9 pounds only, so you may feel the difference in the weight compared to using a headlight that has 7 pounds.

If you have read a review above for a 7-inch headlight and are disappointed because your motorcycle has a stock light of 5.75 inches, this Truckmall is what you need. It can fit any Harley Davidson with 5.75 inches. For example, it can fit on Low Rider, Cross Bones, and Street 500 made from 1994 to 2017.

It can also fit more other brands. In my opinion, it is nice to have a universal headlight. On the highest beam, the light can illuminate up to 4000lms, and on a low beam, it can emit up to 2600lms. It is made of polycarbonate that lasts longer than PMMA, which is used to make most ordinary headlights.

It is very easy to connect to the motorcycle using the H3 connectors. There is no wiring that needs to be done, and no technical capabilities are required for the installation. You can read the manual and do it by yourself within twenty minutes.

  • The headlight is made of durable polycarbonate material
  • It can fit motorcycles manufactured in the 2000s and even in the 90s
  • It does not require technical knowledge to install
  • Waterproof
  • For it to fit on some models, you have to make complex adjustments

7. Turbo SII 7 – The Brightest Harley Davidson LED Headlight

I love this brand because they manufacture headlights that enhance visibility without blinding everyone else on the road. Although this item may not be as bright as more powerful LED lights, it illuminates 3600lm on a high beam and 2400lm on a low beam. This is sufficient enough for you to see the road ahead and not block the vision of other drivers on the road.

The product lasts for more than 50,000 hours. Thus, it can work for several years, depending on the frequency of your rides. The headlight bulb Harley Davidson is made of die-cast aluminum, which is a long-lasting material. It is also made with the use of a PMMA lens that resists dust and is also shockproof.

The item is very simple to install as it consists of only one headlight and a connector. You have to set the connector in position and then, mount the light on the motorcycle.

It irradiates over a longer distance compared to ordinary headlights. In addition to the simplicity of use, the headlight weighs only 2.9 pounds. The lightness adds to the sleek design of the lights and contributes to increased stability while on the road.

  • Very light
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • It can also fit a Jeep Wrangler
  • Its price is slightly higher than for other LED lights

8. Bicyaco 5-3/4 5.7 Inch – An Amazing Osram LED Headlight

If you are looking to swap halogen bulbs for LED lights, Bicyaco has a good option for you. This is the 5.7-inches LED headlight that is built to fit most Harley models with 5-3/4 inch round headlights. These include Iron 883, Dyna Convertible, and Street bob.

Like other Harley Davidson LED headlights, this one from Bicyaco is fitted with LED chips, which differentiates it from OEM halogen bulbs. This specific headlight model is made using Osram LED chips, which ensure high performance and provide quality lighting.

This product is built using a high-quality projector lens. This lens is cased with long-lasting aluminum alloy housing. This makes it highly resistant to vibrations and shocks.

Additionally, the item is both water and dustproof, meaning that water and dust cannot hamper the performance of your headlight. Furthermore, it can last for more than 50,000 hours. The trickle-down effect of this is that you will not spend money on maintenance or frequent repairs.

About other features of this headlight from Bicyaco, it provides excellent lighting compared to the OEM halogen lights. With a high beam power of 45 watts, it delivers 4000lumen, and a low beam of 30 watts comes at 2800 lumen, so this headlight has a long valid irradiation distance. This means that you have clearer visibility of more miles ahead compared to what you would have with a halogen bulb.

With the approval of this headlight from such organizations as DOT, E-Mark, and SAE, you should not worry about being on the wrong side of the law when using this headlight. Besides this, it weighs only 1.85 pounds, which means it won’t contribute to the weight of your bike greatly.

I like this headlight model because it is very easy to install. All you need to do is directly fit the prong plugs on your headlight. If you are swapping your halogen bulbs for this headlight, you will need no modification as you can plug the headlight in instead.

  • It is very easy to mount and fasten
  • Superior brightness over halogen bulbs
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Not compatible with some motorcycle models

9. Ausi 7″ – A Black Headlight for Harley Davidson

For those who value simplicity but, at the same time, do now want to compromise on quality, the 7″ LED headlamp may be an ideal choice. It has been designed to perform its roles efficiently.

The black color of its external housing complements your bike’s general appearance. It simply matches the shiny black, blue, or red colors that are common among motorcycles. Its external shell is also made from quality die-cast aluminum. This implies that the item is not only weather-resistant but you can also be assured of its durability.

The Ausi 7-inches headlight ensures you do not have to worry about the fog. This kit comes equipped with two 4.5-inches fog lights for such weather conditions.

From a functionality perspective, the Ausi headlight makes use of strong bright white LEDs that have a color temperature of about 6500K. This implies that it is strong enough to provide you with a white glow during the night that makes it feel like riding under the natural sun. Also, this is all thanks to the powerful 60W LED chip.

What this offers you is high illumination and high power conservation to help save on your battery. The brightness of this headlight is further complemented by the lens that provides high-quality performance and clarity during the night. Both of these features contribute to this headlight’s ability to provide a broad beam during the night. This is particularly a good feature for riders that like exploring roads at night.

Another innovative feature that comes with the Ausi 7-inches model is incorporated electromagnetic compatibility. It eliminates the chances of your lights flickering when used together with other functions such as your radio. This inbuilt component implies that you do not have to spend another time buying an additional anti-flicker adaptor.

I have been using this headlight for some time, and I have seen no drawbacks of this model besides a bit of complicated installation.

  • Both DOT and SAE certified
  • They come equipped with an inbuilt EMC adapter to ensure they do not flicker
  • Gives a high illumination for minimal power consumption
  • The product’s installation may be confusing

10. Suparee 7” LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights – The 7 LED Headlight Harley Davidson

For those riders seeking economical ways of improving their night visibility, the Suparee 7-inches LED headlight may be the way to go. The kit contains a 7-inches headlight and two 4.5-inches fog lights that are powered with 10-30 volts DC current.

The lights contain a 10 watts LED chip that increases their brightness in both high and low beams. The chip also offers you a high-intensity white illumination with a color temperature ranging from 6000 to 6500K. Two fog lights, on the other hand, provide you with maximum illumination when riding under harsh weather conditions.

The best thing about this Suparee 7-inches LED headlight is that the illumination it offers guarantees that you will remain visible to all other motorists. This applies to even when using a low beam. This is all thanks to its D-shaped projector lens that makes it possible to focus light on a broader distance that is visible both at the front and the back. As part of my review rating, this is a strong plus because it contributes to increased road safety.

Another quality feature of the Suparee 7-inch is its use of a 4D round projector lens. Those that overstrain their eyes while riding in the dark are going to love this attribute. It projects your beam distance in front of you. Even better is the fact that even with this projection, you will still not be surprised by oncoming drivers.

These LED headlights use solid cast aluminum material as their external housing. Combined with its IP67 waterproof design, this material ensures your lights will still remain functional even during heavily rainy days. The aluminum also helps in increasing the durability of your headlights.

As a bonus, all these exciting features are topped up by the ease of installing these headlights. If you carefully follow the manual provided, you will not even require the assistance of a technician to fit the headlight into your bike.

  • It has an IP67 rating, which means that its design is both water and dustproof
  • The external shell is made of aluminum material that improves its durability
  • It incorporates both 4D and D-shaped projector lenses that help to focus the headlight’s beam to a longer and broader distance
  • It does not come with an inbuilt anti-flicker adapter

How To Choose The Best Led Headlight For Harley Davidson – Things to Note

While I have reviewed some of the best LED headlights for Harley Davidson, you may be wondering about some of the features taken into consideration. The review may have left you a shortlist of about three headlights worth buying. The following information may help you to narrow down the list to one.

What to Look for When Buying LED Headlights?

Among the common aspects to look for when buying headlights are the following:

  1. The power consumption of the LED bulb. One characteristic that most consumers love about LED lights is their low power consumption rates. It is advisable to aim for those bulbs that have an average of 30 watts in order not to compromise on their brightness and still get powerful lights.
  2. Brightness and color temperature. When choosing LED bulbs, it is advisable to look for a color that is suitable to your needs and a color temperature that matches it. This guarantees your strong illumination during the night. Also, getting a LED bulb that incorporates 4D and D-shaped projector lenses helps in improving their effectiveness. The idea is that this innovative technology helps to increase the beam distance of your LED lights.
  3. The material of the external casing. The outer shell of your headlight will help to determine its durability. For example, those made from aluminum material are both water-resistant and durable. I recommend going for a waterproof model and not getting worried about weather conditions anymore.
  4. Anti-flicker adapter. Another important attribute when buying LED headlights Harley Davidson is selecting those with an integrated anti-flicker adapter. This helps to save you the extra bucks of buying a separate adapter for this role.

How Many Lumens Should an LED Headlight Have?

For those who are lost in scientific terms, a lumen is simply the SI unit of luminous flux. It measures the total amount of visible light released by a source. Ideally, your motorcycle LED headlight bulbs should have 4000-4800 lumens when on a high beam and about 3000 lumens for a low beam.

Is It Legal to Use LED or Xenon Headlights on My Motorcycle?

In the US, legal requirements vary depending on state lines. For example, certain states will only allow certain colors of LED lights, while others have a complete ban on them. Check your state’s legislation before buying the headlights for your bike.

How to Convert Conventional Headlights to LED?

For most of the cases, you do need an extra tool but the LED headlights kit and an installation manual. Depending on the manual guidelines and the model of your bike, you may need an adapter to install the headlights.

How to Make My Harley Davidson Headlights Brighter?

With the headlights, there are no shortcuts. If you want to go brighter, you have to either change the bulb or buy a better headlight. If you still have conventional halogen lamps on your bike, you should definitely go for the LED headlights.

Why You Should Acquire the Best LED Headlight for Harley Davidson

The thing about motorcycle accessories is that unless you have a passion for customizing your bike, you only buy the accessories when the need arises. However, if being among those that are proactive when it comes to fitting the bike with the necessary accessories, you should definitely take a closer look at the LED headlights.

I can’t say how many times my halogen bulbs have let me down when traveling during the night. Therefore, installing LED headlights was a must for me. For those riders that want to make the switch too, this review highlights the ten best LED headlights to consider. Based on this information, you can choose the right model for your bike.

To help you to narrow down your choices, I have mentioned some of the important aspects to consider in this review. Among them is the issue of brightness and color temperature. One reason for switching from halogen bulbs is that they aren’t bright enough.

For improved brightness, consider buying a LED bulb with 4D and D-shaped projector lenses to increase the distance the headlight’s beam is projected. The idea is that this innovative technology helps to increase the beam distance so that you can see farther when riding in bad weather conditions or at night.

The material used in making the outer casing of the headlight is also important. I recommend looking for the material that guarantees the durability of the headlight. Thus, you will be able to rely on the lights even during harsh weather conditions.

Have you used any of these LED lights Harley Davidson before? What item among the reviewed would you consider buying? What headlight features do you find the most important? Let’s discuss this topic in the comments.

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