The Best Motorcycle Battery for Optimal Performance 2020

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Wondering what is the best motorcycle battery to improve your bike’s performance? Well, everything to consider is given right here in this motorcycle batteries review. Having spent a significant amount of time repairing and servicing motorcycles, I can genuinely tell that finding the best batteries for motorcycles is never getting easy. As a result, I have collected authentic reviews from motorcycle proprietors and utilized my in-depth expertise regarding the matter to give you an idea in regards to what to purchase for your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle battery issue might seem a slight issue until the engine misfires to start. The problem might heighten further if you had plans of utilizing the bike for some business purposes. Don’t stall again as a result of any dead motorcycle battery. Check our column and rest assured to acquire a complete guide on the various sorts of motorcycle batteries on sale. Below you can find reviews in addition to merchandise description of some best motorcycle batteries.

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Top 15 Best Motorcycle Batteries for Your Bike

Check out the product descriptions below and motorcycle battery reviews to discover an ideal match to your bike.a

ATV Battery YTX14-BS – The Best 12V Motorcycle Battery

On the off chance that you are looking for cheap batteries for motorcycle upgrading, the ATV Battery YTX14-BS will grant you the most immeasurable worth for your money. It is built to reestablish your broken lead-acid cell, offering performance like no other. The free-upkeep feature is ensuring no need in keeping a periodic check on your electrolyte level.

The cell is an ideal fit to Honda Foreman, Rancher, and Rubicon series, and every 2008 Suzuki Quad King 400 without any performance problems in chilly climates. The slow self-discharge speed guarantees the battery does not spoil over long periods of non-use.

This durable 12 volt motorcycle battery is delivered charged and prepared for installation. The one-year assurance sees that you get free servicing or complete compensation in the occasion the battery ends up spoilt. The battery deploys the AGM feature that solves the spilling and leakage issues. The AGM contains a permeable microfiber that assimilates the corrosive acid, consequently keeping it from spillage.

The most extreme protection against heat and vibration ensures smooth performance since vibration hampers with conductivity. The battery for motorcycle is cost-efficient meaning you do not need to break a bank to acquire it. The affordable cost ensures you get the best quality at the lowest price. I highly recommend it to someone who is under a strict spending plan as this is their most obvious opportunity to upgrade.


  • Easily affordable.
  • Resistance to heat and vibration.
  • Durable.
  • Slow self-discharge rate.
  • Upkeep-free.


  • Heavy.
  • One-year warranty is short.

Power Max GTX14-BS – Battery for Motorcycle for Sale

Every motorcycle proprietor looking for an affordable upgrade to their defective battery should consider the Power Max GTX14-BS. The battery is branded in quality, and it is efficient where significant power inputs are required over a short period. The battery, like many others reviewed, has the AGM feature keeping it from destructive spillage and leakage.

The battery is delivered charged and prepared for installation. It is a lightweight battery for BMW motorcycle, on account of the ideal craftsmanship art deployed it’s assembling. The battery is anything but difficult to install with no complicated techniques during the procedure.

The battery offers ideal cranking amps, thereby giving the most alluring performance even in chilly climates.

This excellent replacement battery is an ideal fit in many motorcycle models.

This is one of the truly outstanding and most developed AGM lightweight motorcycle battery. It demonstrates speed and performance boost. The affordable cost ensures you get an ideal match at a bargain. If you are a racing person, this is your chance to overhaul and enjoy a smooth ride. The only constraint is the short guarantee time frame. 


  • Ideal cranking amps.
  • Lightweight.
  • AGM upkeep free.
  • It is created for superior performances.
  • Comes in full charge and prepared for installing.


  • Short guarantee period.

NICHE AGM YTZ7S – The Best Honda Motorcycle Battery

This is an outstanding and most developed option intended to fit in an assortment of models including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, KTM, Kayco, and numerous different models. Make sure to check for compatibility before purchasing to prevent regrettable decisions.

The AGM YTZ7S battery is intended for power sports and accompanies a 12V and 750mA maintainer charger. The battery comes with a one year guarantee period. It is rechargeable and upkeep-free. The maintainer charger has a 3-year guarantee making it sturdy.

The battery is delivered dry and ready for a simple plugin and use. It comes in standard, high, and ultra-high performance capacities to help you make a decision on which fits your spending limits.

This power sport battery is exceptionally durable, reliable, and robust. It is manufactured with the most recent innovations to offer stability and strength lift. It has built-in AGM tech to prevent leakage and corrosion. The ideal cranking amps guarantee an excellent performance even during the cold weather.

Niche industries are known for their top-notch products. I would suggest the battery to anyone who owns a sports bike. This lightweight product will deliver performance in ways you cannot envision. The various specs appear to suit the necessities of power sports, but the one-year assurance seems insufficient for elite machines. 


  • It fits in a wide assortment of models.
  • It is ideal for power sports.
  • It is intended for superior performance.
  • Durable.


  • Short guarantee period.

Moto Classic Ytx14ahl – The Best 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery

The Moto Classic YTX14AHL battery denotes a 14 Am battery stuffed with 230 CCA intended for an excellent performance. This lightweight battery lessens the weight on your motorcycle and increases activity. I was exceedingly astonished by the capacity of this motorcycle small battery to fit in many different applications. This battery’s qualities are all you need when looking for a replacement battery.

The battery arrives with a 30-month guarantee! Moto Classic exemplary stands behind their products to assure durability. The battery will undoubtedly live beyond your desires. It is a great high-performance and upkeep-free battery.

The battery is manufactured in a conventional look fused with a cutting edge innovation. The AGM feature guarantees no leak or spill. The cell touches base with improved performance from a company beyond the ordinary.

Much said the battery fits impeccably in each application. It is built for the very reason you are buying it. It has given my bike performance I have never observed. With Moto Classic, you acquire the most suitable product at a small amount of the expense. I propose the battery to any individual who is longing for a performance that he/she will never lament. This is an opportunity of the century!


  • Long guarantee period.
  • It fits in a wide assortment of utilizations.
  • High cranking amps.
  • A good life expectancy.
  • High caliber.


  • Generally costly.

Genuine Sigmastek Ytx9-Bs / Stx9-Bs – Cheap Motorcycle Battery

Many motorcyclists, I included, do not see the significance of renewing their motorcycle battery until faced with a dead one on the roadside. This Genuine SigmastekYtx9-Bs / Stx9-Bs is a comprehensive solution to your aching battery problems. From cost affordability to performance superiority, it intrigues from all perspectives.

This is a 12V 8AH, 120 CCA, and 96 Watts battery. You do not need to pressure yourself with changing the corrosive any longer as the battery is upkeep-free. The battery utilizes electrolyte, in this way stalling corrosion brought about by acid spillage. It is crafted in the cutting edge craftsmanship, and it is well sealed.

This is a particularly critical case from most AGM batteries, which are highly costly. It is an ideal fit in small battery motorcycle, and it’s delivered charged and prepared for use. It fits in bikes, off-road vehicles, and scooter.

Being a motorcycle proprietor results in a test of duty. You need to be in charge of your bike upkeep. Battery upgrade and replacement should be seen as a dire need. On account to this Genuine SigmastekYtx9-Bs / Stx9-Bs battery, an upgrade has been made possible and affordable. With the modest AGM battery, the thought of servicing your motorcycle battery will leave you for quite a moment.


  • AGM upkeep-free battery.
  • Financially savvy.
  • Long service life.
  • It fits in many utilizations.


  • Incredibly low cranking amps.

Harley Davidson HDX20L – The Best Harley Davidson Motorcycle Battery

Harley Davidson is a known motorcycle brand that numerous motorcyclists long of owning. To accomplish the maximum performance of this monster, you need to have the most exceptional Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries set up.

This HDX20L is a secure fit for your Harley Davidson motorbike. The battery matches with most Harley style battery operated motorcycle ride on; extending from 1991 to 2016 models. Continuously check for compatibility to see features vital for the item to work accurately in your model. Check for required size, voltage, and cold-cranking amps.

The motorcycle can accomplish ideal optimum performance even in chilly climates. This is made possible by the 310 CCA present. The high CCA is an impression of the battery’s immense power yield potential.

The battery is produced in the most up-to-date AGM. The battery arrives with an 18-month free replacement guarantee. The dealer is also allowing you a 30-day money-back guarantee if the item does not perform to your wants.

The battery comes sealed, charged, and prepared for installation. No regular upkeep required.

It is hard to get a con on this high-class battery. The main test is the surprising cost that may drive away somebody under a strict spending plan. But for anyone looking for an extraordinary battery for Harley Davidson motorcycle, I would exceedingly encourage them to purchase the HDX20L without the slightest hesitation. Battery issues turned into a relic of days gone by since I upgraded to this ideal performing battery. Why purchase from the rest when you got the best?


  • AGM empowered battery.
  • It is delivered charged and prepared for use.
  • High cold-cranking amps.


  • Cost is generally high.

ATX12-HD-RS – Best Li-Ion Motorcycle Battery with RE-START Option

In my search for the best lithium motorcycle batteries, I never thought it was possible to discover a cell with the features Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS has. This is the main battery with a built-in RE-START feature and a battery management system. The RE-START keenly screens the cell, and in the event, there is some over-discharge, the battery puts itself to rest and spares you enough energy to reignite your bike. You only need to press the RE-START button on the battery.

The battery has 16 Am and 480 CCA to ensure you enjoy power multiple times the capacity of other lithium motorcycle batteries. The cell contains four terminals ensuring dual polarity. It is just an ideal fit for most motorsports as you do not need to check for correct terminals on most bikes.

The battery gives a full battery management system, including over-release, heat protection, and lithium-particle cell adjusting. It is ultra-lightweight, with the battery weighing only 2.9 pounds. Enjoy a life expectancy of up to multiple times the lifespan of other li-ion motorcycle batteries.

The battery has an incredibly low self-discharge capacity. It can store charge for over a year provided there are no accessories that draw charge from the motorcycle when it is turned off such as alarms.

It is difficult to isolate this ATX12-HD-RS battery from the best. Honestly, every good thing comes at a cost. This is the best technology incorporation in a cell I have ever come across. More is yet to come since the remote RE-START control will be profited to ensure you do not interfere with the battery when pressing the RE-START button. A significant number of us have wound up a circumstance where we leave lights on, and by the time we are back, the li-ion motorcycle battery is dead. But worry no more! The inbuilt RE-START feature has got your back at this point. 


  • High cold-cranking amps.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Dual polarity.
  • In-built RE-START feature.


  • Profoundly expensive

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Motorcycle Battery on Sale

Yuasa is an outstanding brand, particularly for their phenomenal dedication towards delivering top-notch motorcycle batteries. The primary reason I was keen on the item is the way that it is from a seller I had before purchased the best motorcycle battery. The battery contains some fantastic features that you would prefer not to miss in your next upgrade.

One of the phenomenal features is 270 CCA. Even though this might be lower than that of HDX20L battery I had earlier audited, it is sufficient to accomplish ideal performance even in chilly climates. The high cold-cranking amps are integral with the high battery capacity; making this motorcycles battery sale better than expected in contrast to with other cells.

The battery is delivered dry with acid bottle. It is sealed and watertight; with AGM and individual plates set up to absorb all the acid. It is a 12V, 18 amp-hour upkeep-free battery. This means that you do not need to bother to add water. The battery, nonetheless, may require intermittent charging.

The battery is an ideal fit for Harley Davidson and Kawasaki 2010 to 2011 models. It likewise fits in the Honda and Yamaha 2010 models.

The battery comes at a moderate expense. It costs like the conventional 6volt motorcycle battery yet with high power and improved performance. It has a high cold-cranking amp guaranteeing most exceptional performance even in freezing temperatures. Make sure you check for compatibility with your Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Honda model to avoid regrettable circumstances. I would recommend this to anyone who sets his heart on buying proven products. The service you will get from this will be a real bargain. There is additionally a one-year guarantee should the battery get spoilt.


  • High cold-cranking amps.
  • It is packed with the most recent AGM tech
  • Upkeep-free.


  • It does not accompany a charger.
  • It requires intermittent charging.

Shorai LFX18A1-BS12– Best Lithium Battery for Motorcycles

If you are looking for an overhaul on any power sports applications, Shorai battery is the place to be. They have produced this modern-day lithium ion motorcycle battery which is a lightweight, excellent performer, and upkeep-free. The battery weighs merely 2.9 pounds.

Is it safe to say you are among those who leave their bikes unattended for a considerable length of time during the chilly season? This is an ideal match or you. The battery can last up to half a year regardless of whether left unattended. You do not need to keep turning your bike on and off all the time even when you are not using it.

Most lithium ion motorcycle batteries do not experience de-sulfation, which is a reaction that damages your battery. Keep your battery from this harmful reaction by using the original Shorai battery charger.

The battery is sealed and contains no acid. Therefore, your motorcycle parts are sheltered and protected from the acid spill, which can cause corrosion. This makes you worry less about the acid. You are only left to worry about connecting the terminals!

At the point when your bike sits inactive for quite a while, the battery becomes dormant. You are required to turn the bike on and run the headlights for a couple of minutes. The process will make the battery unlock the charge, and you will be able to now crank it in the maximum capacity of this incredible Shorai battery. This short and precise upkeep method is the ultimate advantage of investing in modern-day technology.  Positives:

  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • High cold-cranking amps.
  • Upkeep-free.
  • It is sealed.


  • Moderately costly.
  • The charger is excluded from the battery’s cost.

Chrome Pro YTX7A-BS Motorcycle Battery – Best Gel Motorcycle Battery

Chrome batteries have been in service for quite a long while, and many comprehend their contribution in delivering top-quality motorcycle batteries for sale. The YTX7A-BS model is a rechargeable, power sport battery bearing 3.66 x 5.91 x 3.31 inches in dimensions.

The battery is crafted in the most recent AGM, making it ingest the acid and avert corrosion brought about by acid leaks. This motorcycle gel battery is made in tight bridge welding, which absorbs waves and consequently extends the battery life. No upkeep needed. It is delivered in full charge and prepared for application.

The cell contains top-notch terminals, improved performance, extreme wave endurance, and a digital display. The latter reads the motorcycle battery voltage. It is produced in the most recent and current craftsmanship to increase endurance. The battery has a savvy chip which alerts you of low motorcycle batteries voltage.

The vendor is giving an 18-month guarantee. In the event the item does not live up to your desires, you get a 60-days money-back guarantee. Ensure you verify the size of your holding capacity to avoid buying a big or small motorcycle battery which may be regrettable.

Buying goods online may bring about some compatibility challenges, but with this dealer, there is a 60-days money-back guarantee in case the product does not meet your needs. Chrome batteries provide exceptional client services; you get same-day shipping for any product ordered by 3 PM. They offer fast shipping of 2-3 days. With the low cost and unique features, I would prescribe everyone to buy the product.


  • High caliber.
  • No acid battery.
  • Digital display and alarm.
  • Extreme vibration resistance.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.


  • Low cold-cranking amps.
  • Charger excluded.

Antigravity Battery AG-801 – The Smallest Motorcycle Battery

You should be checking out the Antigravity Battery AG-801 which is a small-sized high-performance battery. It is ideal for bikes and power sport vehicles.

The battery is ultra-lightweight, having merely 1.59 pounds. It is small in size yet offers power up to twice 6 volt motorcycle battery volume to steer up the most powerful bikes. Its ultra-lightweight relieves your bike that weight of heavy batteries for extreme speed in addition to accomplishment.

The battery has 240 CCA, which relates to the battery’s capacity. The cell can be installed in any orientation.

The battery is created in a high degree with sturdy all-brass terminals.

The cell is such a great fit for power sports. This featherweight is ensuring you experience superb taking care of braking and speedup. The cost is relatively high, but the cell will bestow the most incomprehensible incentive for your money. It is upgraded to last, and I highly profoundly prescribe it. With the AG-801, all your defective battery problems are solved once and for all.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Huge all-Brass ports layout.
  • Tremendous performance.
  • Simple to fix.


  • Moderately costly.

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Lithium Battery – Best Lithium Ion Motorcycle Battery

Shorai has been fantastic for its achievement in motorcycles battery creation. This featherweight battery is eye-catching. It is difficult to go by without perusing more about the specs. The LFX14A4-BS12 motorcycle lithium battery is remarkably light supported with enormous voltage and CCA for enhanced performance. The battery weighs merely 1.98 pounds. Any lithium motorcycle battery has up to double the life of lead-acid batteries.

The incredibly low self-discharge make this battery simple to keep up. The item has a three-year ensure and a one-year unrestricted replacement guarantee. Meaning you are at liberty to request for a replacement within one year of procurement if the merchandise fails to fulfill your required needs.

Shorai stands certainly behind their products. This lifts the client’s confidence in the merchandise and makes them make a move to buy the merchandise. Guarantee periods are there for security. The extended guarantee periods provided by Shorai demands that they deliver fantastic items.You should make a few investment funds and save you bike from battery-related issues. I exceedingly prescribe you get it without even batting an eye. In any case, make sure to check the compatibility before purchasing. Here’s a nice chance to upgrade and forget about batteries issues. 


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Long life expectancy.
  • High cold-cranking amps.
  • Long guarantee period.


  • It is exceptionally costly.
  • Charger not issued.

Yuasa YUAM72Z14 – Best Yuasa Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa is an outstanding brand creating excellent batteries. Their products are embedded with the latest innovations to improve performance and guarantee strength. Nothing is superior to a company who comprehends your needs and works with quickness to see your necessities met.

It is delivered sealed; hence, no maintenance is needed. It is an industry initiated and issued set for any application. There is no requirement to add water to the battery. It is watertight, props to the exceptional technology used in its creation – the battery measures around 8.6 pounds.

This is a distinct redesign for those worried about class. The high cold-cranking amps guarantee excellent performance even in winter. No maintenance needed. It is easy for any application. There is no confounded establishment procedure required.


  • Factory enacted.
  • Prepared for application.
  • Watertight
  • High CCA


  • Moderately costly
  • Heavy

Expertpower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 – Best 12V Motorcycle Batteries

If you are searching for a replacement for your battery operated motorcycle, this is the item to purchase. The Expertpower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 motorcycle batteries for sale come in a pack of 10. The package is merely affordable.

The cell is made for the very reason you are acquiring it. It is not hard to install, and there is no upkeep required. You need not worry about the acid expenses or how to approach changing the corrosive. Its size is small, yet the power potential is high. It’s everything you require for your bike.

The battery comes in a pack of 10 and is relatively affordable. You do not need to worry over intermittent acid change as the battery is upkeep-free. Upgrade and plan on the next trip to take because your battery motorcycle currently wholly adjusted.


  • Long service life.
  • Upkeep-free.
  • Durable.
  • It utilizes AGM.


  • Lead-acid battery.
  • High release rate.

MX20L 500+ CCA – Best Honda Motorcycles Battery

The MX20L is intended for speed junkies. The very high power yield guarantees the best performance even in chilly temperatures. Nothing stands on the way of this demonstrated performer.

From the very high CCA to the full-frame tear-safe AGM separators plates, there is nothing else you should check for your bike. You are assured of the most wonderful performance in chilly temperatures. The plates additionally give extremely low self-release. The protection from vibrations boosts performance. It is durable with a one year guaranty period and a 30 day cash back guarantees.

This is the highest performing battery regarding battery yield limit. It comes in full charge and prepared for installation. The 30 days cash-back guarantee guarantees sturdiness. I exceptionally suggest it to everyone who wants to have a break from the pressing battery replacement.


  • Incredibly low self-release.
  • Amazingly high cold-cranking amps.
  • Long service life.
  • Extraordinary protection from vibrations.
  • AGM empowered.


  • Heavy
  • It does not accompany a charger

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Motorcycle Batteries

In this section, I will take you through some answers to the most frequently posed questions concerning motorcycle batteries.

The battery is getting charged each time the bike is running. It takes from 2 to 10 hours to charge a motorcycle battery relying upon the nature of the battery and the charger. A 6V motorcycle battery will take less time to load than a 12v battery due to limit contrast. It may likewise take longer to charge the 6V battery for motorcycle in case it had a deficient starting charge. Time taken to charge the battery relies upon:

  • Battery limit.
  • Battery beginning charge.
  • Charger type and quality.

Most motorcycle batteries keep going for three years. The lifespan of the period relies upon appropriate use and continuous battery upkeep.

Yes, you can jump-start a motorcycle with a car battery. You need a jumper link, and you are set to go. Take caution since car batteries contain highly combustible and explosive compounds.

You can increase your battery life through proper use and frequent maintenance. Avoid frequently running your battery flat. Likewise, utilize the correct charger for your battery.

Motorcycle battery smoking is triggered by the rectifier’s failure to regulate motorcycle battery voltage at a reasonable level. Check your wiring to ensure your load resistor is connected successfully to prevent smoking.

Ensure you wear protective gloves and avoid contact with the acid since it is exceedingly concentrated and corrosive. Remove the seal on the battery and use the battery filling funnel to prevent spillage. The funnel contains sharp endings that will tear the compartment to enable the acid to get into the battery. Press the acid holder hard on the funnel, and all your acid empties into the cell. Wait for one hour and charge your battery for 3 hours.

Get a wide range of motorcycle batteries from Cycle Gear. You will always get a counterpart for your bike here. You can get good quality batteries designed with the newest innovations for a more enjoyable ride.

The initial phase in guaranteeing your battery does not overcharge utilizing the correct charger for the battery. Besides, do not charge your battery at more than a tenth its amps hour rating. Pursue the principles and dodge the issues.

Use a wire brush to remove specks of dust and coating that occur on terminals due to rusting. When installing your battery, slide in the new battery in place and attach the cables to the terminals. Attach the positive side first followed by the negative.

By a look at the duration of warranty periods of motorcycle batteries, it is easy to know that they are not purported to live eternally. Most cells live for three years providing the most desirable service.

Symptoms of a defective battery incorporate dim lights, weak or faint engine starts, non-working horn or complete failure of the engine to start.

These days, many batteries are delivered sealed and do not require frequent checks and acid change, meaning the process of upkeep is easy. Keep your battery 100% charged, energize when the lights are dim, the starter sounds powerless, or when the battery has not been used for quite a while. Perform the accompanying procedure monthly to guarantee a solid cell:

  • Check the electrolyte level.
  • Remove coating on terminals.
  • Check cables for damages or loose connections.
  • Utilize the correct charger.
  • Check inside for sulfation.
  • Inspect for broken connections to alarms which may end up draining the cell.

Make these few steps your monthly routine and rest assured you get the best from your battery.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Battery

Now, it is time to conclude these thorough motorcycle batteries reviews. Purchasing the best motorcycle battery is not a walk in the park. You need to be acquainted with the qualities attributed to an appropriate cell. A low-quality battery may cause more issues than the ones already experienced with a defective one. I have extensively described every critical feature to consider when buying a cell, which includes:

  • Warranty
  • Compatibility
  • Power rating
  • Affordability
  • Brand names.

Still wondering what the best merchandise that will return the best value for the money invested is? Ask a question or comment below and I will attend to all queries in no time. I am honored to be sharing this piece of work with you, and I hope it provides an idea on what to give attention to when making your upgrade. Upgrade with confidence and enjoy your ride!

Bruce was born in Atlanta. He started riding motorcycles when he was 10 and has been passionate about them since. Bruce says he feels absolute freedom when he’s on two wheels. He prefers riding his bike slowly and smoothly along a country road and hardly ever enjoys wildly speedy rides. With a strong Ducati Multistrada 1200 in the current stable, Bruce enjoys his super powerful, comfortable and easy rides. Ducati Diavel is the beast he’s currently dreaming about...

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