Best Motorcycle Cover – Reviews and Buyers Guides

Deciding on the best all-weather motorcycle cover to purchase can be rather challenging, considering the wide variety of options available. If you need some expert recommendations on the best motorcycle cover to buy, keep reading this article. Below, I will be guiding you through the most practical items available.

I am Max Farmer. I have been a big moto fan since 2005 when I first saw a moto race with my father. From that point, my life changed completely, and I totally fell in love with motorcycles, races, and the atmosphere of that adventure. I have spent a lot of time in the garage with my dad, who is a mechanic, and I came to learn all about motorcycles and the right equipment for them.

Concerning motorcycle covers, I find it essential to have a lightweight and breathable wrapping, which will give protection to the bike parked outside and keep humidity at the inlet. You can find a quality motorcycle cover that fits your budget, and I will be happy to help you with that.

If you need a motorcycle cover and wonder what options you have, below, I will provide all the basic and necessary information about the best motorcycle covers. The cover can protect your bike from rain, wind, heat, UV rays, and dust. My goal is to bring you the best review to help you save time in shopping. Also, I hope that you will feel a sense of relief when you know that you have purchased the best option out of the many available in the market.

I hope that my reviews and the buyer’s guide, which I will disclose later on, will help you to decide on the right cover for your bike. Here are the eight motorcycle covers I find the best ones out there.

Top Pick
Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover - Outdoor...
Premium Choice
Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor...
Budget Choice
Waterproof Motorcycle Scooter Cover, All Weather Outdoor...
Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover - Outdoor...
Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor...
Waterproof Motorcycle Scooter Cover, All Weather Outdoor...
Price not available
Top Pick
Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover - Outdoor...
Badass Moto Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover - Outdoor...
Premium Choice
Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor...
Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor...
Budget Choice
Waterproof Motorcycle Scooter Cover, All Weather Outdoor...
Waterproof Motorcycle Scooter Cover, All Weather Outdoor...
Price not available

Choosing the Best Outdoor Motorcycle Cover: 7 Models under Review

  1. Badass Motogear Ultimate – A Motorcycle Cover Outdoor Solution
  2. Dowco Guardian – The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Cover
  3. AngLink Motorcycle cover – Among the Long-Lasting Shields
  4. Xyzctem Cover – The Best All-Weather Motorcycle Cover
  5. Nuzari Motorcycle Cover – A Reliable Product to Protect Your Bike
  6. Oxford Stormex – A Protection from Any Weather Conditions
  7. Nelson Rigg Motorcycle Cover – One of the Top-Rated Covers

If you keep your bike outdoors and are worried about dust, debris, scratches, and harsh weather conditions, read this review of the best motorcycle covers for outdoors. There are seven motorcycle cover models that proved to be useful and durable. They come with different features and specifics, so take a closer look at each model to decide on the best cover for your bike.

1. Badass Motogear Ultimate – A Motorcycle Cover Outdoor SolutionBadass Motogear Motorcycle Cover

Do you get nervous about whether parking your motorcycle in the dark will put it at risk because someone might knock it over? Then Badass Motogear’s ultimate cover is the solution to that. This motorcycle cover will not only save you a good fortune but also give your motorcycle above-average protection. When using this cover outdoors, the reflective safety stripping will keep your bike visible in the dark, giving you a peaceful sense even when parked outside in the dark.

This affordable cover can protect your bike against condensation with double-vented protection. What is more, it is made of a non-scratch fabric with a windshield liner that serves against both outdoor and indoor hazards like rain and UV radiation. These motorcycles cover from Badass manufacturer are pocket-friendly, so check it out if you have been looking for a quality reflective cover at an adequate cost.

  • Double vent system for enough air circulation
  • Waterproof
  • 300D polyester fabric
  • Fits a variety of sizes
  • No protection from theft
  • No shield from UV rays

2. Dowco Guardian – The Best Waterproof Motorcycle CoverDowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover

This item is perfect for any heavy-duty outside or indoor use. Dowco Guardian cover protects your bike from any fluids or dust, and it’s known as the best waterproof solution for motorcycles.

This motorcycle cover is effective for use in any weather. This means that it is ideal for use both during winter and summer. It is because the product has a moisture-guard system that enables it to lock out moisture.

Also, it has an aluminized heat shield that offers protection against hot pipes. What is more, the cover has been fitted with an alarm facility that provides additional security for your bike, keeping it safe from curious looks.

Upon purchase, each Dowco motorcycle cover is accompanied by a packing bag and a lifetime warranty. It has a reflective aluminized layer for protecting the bike from scorching rays of the sun, solution-dyed polyester material, a windshield, and a durable coat material that repels water.

As an advancement to this cover, it has been equipped with seam tapes that ensure optimal water resistance and strength. It, thus, has a soft cotton material inside that acts as a windshield. To sum up, the Dowco Guardian Weatherall cover has reflective parts, and it is water-resistant and breathable so these ensure that your bike is fully protected from moisture and sun.

  • Waterproof motorcycle cover
  • Taped seams
  • Comes with a packing bag
  • For heavy-duty outdoor use
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes only in black color

3. AngLink Motorcycle cover – Among the Long-Lasting ShieldsAngLink Motorcycle cover

AngLink bike covers are extraordinarily durable and effective. The cover is made of 210D Oxford fabric allowing for weather, tear, and wear resistance.

This cover can withstand high pressure giving it the ability to fully protect your bike from sleet, snow, and heavy rainfall, among others. AngLink motorcycle cover best represents a long-lasting shield against extreme weather conditions.

  •  Quality fabric that is wear and tear-resistant
  • Secure against theft
  • Can withstand high pressures
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Reflective warning strip
  • Comes without a bag
  • No heat shields

4. Xyzctem Cover – The Best All-Weather Motorcycle CoverXyzctem Motorcycle Cover

Do you want to have your bike in good condition even after leaving it parked outside for a while? Do you want not to think about the blazing sun, heavy rain, snow dust, leaves, dirt, and so on? Then the Xyzctem covers are what you need.

This cover is the top item for me, and it was considered the best motorcycle cover in 2018 among bikers. Due to its universal size, the product has been rated as the best motorcycle cover. It is easily compatible with most motorcycles and covers the bike completely from any harm.

Xyzctem bike cover comes with a storage bag that helps you to take it with you wherever you go easily. This helps a lot because the cover will keep your bike protected anywhere, hence being the appropriate outdoor motorcycle cover.

It is also known as the best water-resistant motorcycle cover because no amount of rainwater can penetrate through it. The Xyzctem motorcycle cover fabric is strong enough and hard to scratch or tear easily; thus, will last you long.

As it comes in a universal size, it doesn’t matter if you own a Harley, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, or any other motorcycle of a standard size. Thus, if you have been looking for Harley Davidson motorcycle covers or Honda motorcycle covers, consider buying this item.

  • Works for any weather conditions
  • Universal fit
  • Made from a durable fabric
  • One-year warranty only

5. Nuzari Motorcycle Cover – A Reliable Product to Protect Your BikeNuzari Motorcycle Cover

Nuzari polyester outdoor motorcycle cover is another option you should take into consideration. As the name suggests, this cover is specifically designed for outdoor purposes. It can protect your bike from outside factors such as rain, UV rays, wind, and dust.

This is made possible by the presence of a tough, water-resistant polyester fabric that acts as a shield. The item also has air vents, making it breathable. This feature allows fast evaporation of any moisture that may build up, thus, protecting your bike from rust.

Elasticity is another interesting feature of the Nuzari waterproof polyester outdoor motorcycle cover. This ensures that the cover fits the bike effectively reducing the chances of being blown off by the wind. What is even more interesting is that the covers come in different colors and sizes, giving you more options to choose from.

Additionally, it has reflective strips that prevent collision with other motorists when parking in the dark. The item comes with a windshield protector as the fabric used can adhere to extreme heat from pipes.

  • Reflective strips
  • Windshield fabric protector
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable fabric
  • Lacks a compression bag

6. Oxford Stormex – A Protection from Any Weather ConditionsOxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover

Oxford Stormex Motorcycle all-weather cover is what you need if your bike is parked most of the time outdoors. It is one of the best outdoor motorcycle covers I have used so far. Its strong outer body protects the bike against substantial weather and collisions.

As it is an outdoor motorcycle cover, it can be a reasonable choice if you don’t have a garage. Plus, its soft heat-resistant lining protects the bike against scratches. The product has tough outer and soft inner areas, which protect the paint and finishes of your motorcycle. It has a wrap-around splash protector, which prevents water from being absorbed up the lining.

Overall, I can say that this cover is among the best protectors for motorcycles. In this Oxford Stormex motorcycle cover review, I want to point out its ventilation holes that allow enough air to get in so no moisture can build up.

The cover has a reflective strip to enable another motorist to see it when parked outside. It has an adjustable strap and elastic bands at the bottom to easily fit your bike. This Oxford Stormex bike cover review reveals that this product has some exciting features and, thus, is worth purchasing.

  • Reflective strips
  • Heat-resistant lining
  • Well-ventilated
  • No heat shield

7. Nelson Rigg Motorcycle Cover – One of the Top-Rated CoversNelson Rigg Motorcycle Cover

Nelson Rigg’s cover is among the best solutions for motorcycles. In this Nelson Rigg motorcycle cover review, I will try to back up this claim with facts and my experience.

This cover is made of waterproof polyester material that ensures that no water is allowed to enter even when rained on. Also, the cover has an elastic and adjustable hem to give your bike a custom-made fitting and ensure it cannot be pulled off by strong winds.

With the Nelson Rigg bike cover, you get a compression bag for easy transportation, and also there is a lifetime warranty as a quality guarantee. Additionally, this Nelson Rigg scooter cover has lower panels that are heat-resistant to offer protection against your bike’s hot parts. However, it is recommended that you let your motorcycle cool off for a few minutes before applying the cover.

Another interesting fact about Nelson Rigg motorcycle covers is that they are manufactured in four different sizes, from medium to XXL. This ensures that you can find a solution for a bike of any size.

  • Free compression bag
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tri-max polyester
  • Protection from UV
  • No protection from theft

Best Motorcycle Cover – Buyer’s Guide and Pro Recommendations

Having gone through the important reviews of the best motorcycle covers available in the market, now we can switch our attention to the buyer’s guide. I want to provide you with helpful tips and guidelines on what to look for when choosing a good motorcycle cover.

Important factors to consider include the security of the selected cover, heat resistance, its size, ease of transportation, and some extra features that also can be in hand. Moreover, it is important to check how you need to care about the cover and how easily it can be put on your motorcycle. Therefore, when deciding between a few motorcycle cover models, consider the following features to make the final decision:

Weather protection

As discussed earlier, motorcycles if not well protected from climatic hazards like snow, rain, and UV rays, end up being wrecked. In my opinion, all covers should be water-resistant and come with handled seams.

All the products described in this review are waterproof and have handled seams that seal the waterproof and allow the moisture out. Therefore, make sure to go for a cover that is waterproof and well-sealed to reduce mildew.

UV rays discolor the motorbike if exposed directly to sunlight. So, get covers that have aluminum inside the fabric to protect your bike from UV radiation and keep it looking new and well-maintained.


Guarding your bike is an important aspect to consider, too. Most covers do not prevent theft, but you can avoid buying very fancy bright covers. Black and gray colors without bright details and unique prints will attract criminals less likely.


Make sure to measure your bike’s sizes before picking out any cover. Do not estimate the size from the look to avoid wasting money on a too small or too large cover that will not offer the desired protection for your bike. Even if you are looking at a universal-size cover, make sure to check if your bike comes in standard sizes, too.

Heat resistance

After a race or a long ride, your bike takes time to cool off. Thus, consider aluminum fabrics and heat-shielded covers to protect the cover against hot exhaust pipes to avoid burning down a new accessory.

Transporting from one point to another

The cover should be easy to move, install, and store when, not in use. The ease of transportation will be a plus when choosing the right gear. I recommend going with lightweight covers that also have a compression bag to take the cover with you on rides. This way, you can shield your bike whenever and wherever you park it.

Extra features

Extra features like zippers, laces, windshield fabric used, and reflective parts, among others, are not vital yet beneficial when selecting a good cover. It is always better to get some extra protection if your budget allows it.

Installation and maintenance

First of all, make sure to read the corresponding manual to know how the cover should be applied correctly. Bikers often miss important guidelines written in the instructions, and as result, they do not install the cover properly, and the bike gets exposed to sun or rain.

It is not worth of keeping buying new covers now and then just because you don’t know how to take good care of your cover. It’s advisable to check instructions and learn how to keep them clean, wash them, store them, and so on. You can learn more tips from articles, reviews, or YouTube channels.

Considering the above features will ensure you make an informed choice. I recommend reading the reviews of the eight motorcycle covers attentively keeping in mind these characteristics and your bike’s specifics. This way, you will be able to select the right motorcycle cover easily and with no time.


What is the best material for a motorcycle cover?

To make sure your motorcycle cover is water resistant, look for one with a polyurethane coating or that is made from heavy-duty polyester. In addition, look for a cover with reinforced or double-stitched seams.

Do motorbikes need a cover?

If you are worried about your motorcycle getting dirty while it is parked, you can take a cover with you when you ride it. However, if you store your motorcycle indoors, you will not need to use a cover.

Do motorcycle covers deter theft?

Using a cover for your motorcycle makes it less likely to be stolen as it makes it harder for thieves to see what kind of motorcycle it is. Having a cover made from durable materials with a security chain attached will make it even harder for thieves to steal your motorcycle.

Remarks on Choosing the Motorcycle Cover for Your Bike

All said, you now know about the best available motorcycle weather covers available in the market. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. I hope that the motorcycle cover reviews above were of value to you, and you have already decided on the item to buy for your bike protection.

Since the reviewed products are not just common motorcycle accessories but the best motorcycle covers that should fit your needs, you can rely on this detailed overview. Most of these covers should be compatible with your motorcycle and can serve for either outdoor or indoor purposes.

Moreover, these covers come at pocket-friendly prices that can fit even a tight budget. It doesn’t matter if you pick a cheap cover or an expensive one if it suits your motorcycle type and the quality is fine. Remember the list of essential features I have mentioned above and choose the right cover for your bike.

Which item among the reviewed is the best motorcycle cover for you? Have you used any of these motorcycle covers before and what was your experience with them? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below, and I will be happy to discuss these or any other bike covers you find durable and reliable.

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