Best Motorcycle Disc Locks – Guide for 2023

A disc lock is a popular security measure for motorcycles. It is a metal lock that can be inserted through a hole in the brake disc to prevent the bike from being easily moved. This is important because one of the most commonly used tactics by thieves to steal motorcycles is to break the built-in steering lock and push the bike away. Unfortunately, breaking a steering lock takes less than 10 seconds for a thief. However, a high-quality disc lock requires special tools such as angle grinders, crowbars, or hammers to remove, making it much more difficult for a thief to steal your bike. Therefore, using a motorcycle disc lock is a reliable way to ensure the safety of your motorcycle while parked outside.

Types of Motorcycle Disc Locks

Chain Lock
(Safest Option)

A chain or anchor lock is a robust and sturdy security device crafted from heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel and other metals. It can be fastened to either the motorcycle frame or the ground, making it one of the most secure options available. The thick chains that come with this lock type are highly resistant to breakage, and the anchors provide a firm grip on the ground. However, because this type of lock requires stable installation in one place, it is not ideal for use while on the move. Additionally, it is heavy and challenging to transport, which could make it impractical for some users.
The chain lock is known as the best type of motorcycle lock for protection. 
Brake Disc LockA brake disc lock is a small yet effective security device that clamps onto the motorcycle’s brake rotor to prevent the wheel from rotating, thereby immobilizing the bike and making it challenging to move. It is a portable and convenient option for ensuring the safety of your motorcycle during road trips or when parking in public places. The only potential drawback of this type of lock is that riders could inadvertently forget they have it attached, and accidentally harm themselves while attempting to ride the bike.
U-Shackle Lock
The U-shackle lock is a type of security device that features a flat base and a shackle, resembling the shape of a padlock. To secure a motorcycle, the base is placed under the tire, the shackle is attached to it, and the lock is then engaged to fix the wheel in place. Due to their rigid shape, U-shackle locks are highly secure and difficult to break. However, their design also makes them less portable and challenging to transport, although they are relatively lightweight.
Grip Lock
A grip lock attaches to the motorcycle handlebars, securing both the throttle grip and brake lever. Installation is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. However, once engaged, the lock is incredibly challenging to remove. When a handlebar lock is installed, it becomes challenging to roll the bike away, although it may still be possible to move or lift it.
Alarm Lock

Certain security locks are equipped with integrated alarms that activate if someone attempts to tamper with or break the lock. This type of lock is highly convenient as it not only alerts the owner of the attempted theft but also scares away the potential thief. While it is possible to remove the lock, doing so is generally difficult and inconvenient. Motorcycle alarm locks are typically compact, lightweight, and portable, making them easy to carry around.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Disc Locks

Here I’ve picked 10 Best Motorcycle Disc locks to check out and choose your own.

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper

The Kryptonite 000884 Keeper is a budget-friendly disc lock made of hardened steel with a dual-reinforced cylinder for added security. It is compact, easy to use, and comes with a bright orange reminder cable to avoid accidental riding with the lock on. However, it does not have an alarm system, which may be a drawback for some users.

XENA – Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

The XENA Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm is a popular disc lock that is known for its security features. It is made from high-grade steel and has a 120-decibel alarm that is triggered if the lock is tampered with. The lock is compact and easy to transport, making it a great option for those who want to secure their motorcycle on the go. The lock is also easy to use, with a simple push-button locking mechanism.

One potential downside of the XENA Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm is that it may be more expensive than some other disc locks on the market. However, many users consider the added security features and ease of use to be worth the investment.

ABUS Granit Quick Maxi Disc Lock

The Lockitt ABUS 37/60HB70 is a heavy-duty disc lock made of high-grade steel with a unique X-Plus cylinder for added protection against lock picking. It also has a 100-decibel alarm that is triggered by vibrations and movements. It is easy to use, comes with a carrying case, and is weather-resistant. However, it is a bit pricey compared to other disc locks on the market. Overall, it is a solid choice for those who prioritize security and reliability.

Oxford – Monster Disc Lock

The Oxford Monster Disc Lock is a high-security disc lock designed to prevent theft. It is made of hardened steel and has a double-locking mechanism for added protection against picking. It also features an audible alarm that is triggered by movement and has a 7mm locking pin. The lock comes with a carrying pouch and three keys. One downside is that the alarm can be a bit sensitive, which may cause it to go off unnecessarily. Overall, it is a good choice for those looking for a reliable and high-quality disc lock.

Oxford – Alpha XA14 Alarm Disc Lock

It is made of hardened steel and features a 14mm shackle, making it resistant to cutting and drilling. Additionally, it has a built-in 110dB alarm that will sound if the lock is tampered with, which is designed to deter thieves and alert nearby people to attempted theft.

The Alpha XA14 has a key replacement service so that if you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys a new one can be made up. Just remember to take note of your key number and keep this in a safe place. It also comes with a carry pouch and a reminder cable that you can attach to your handlebars, which is designed to prevent you from riding off with the lock still attached. The lock is powered by six LR44 batteries, which are included in the package, and are user-replaceable. It is suitable for use in all weather conditions, thanks to its durable construction and weather-resistant design.

Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock

One of the best motorcycle disc locks in Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock. The Oxford Boss alarmed disc lock is an excellent option and is regarded as one of the best in the market. It has received a Sold Secure gold rating, indicating that it provides exceptional security. The device features a 100 dB loud alarm that is activated by movement sensors, ensuring that any attempted theft is detected and prevented.

One of the lock’s convenient features is that you can switch the shackle around by 180 degrees, allowing you to lock it up without triggering the alarm if you prefer. This feature provides flexibility and convenience, especially if you need to lock it up in a busy area. Additionally, you can use the lock to secure your bike with a motorcycle chain, adding an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. With these features and its sturdy construction, the Oxford Boss alarmed disc lock is a reliable tool for safeguarding your motorcycle from theft.

ABUS Granit Sledg 77

This one’s the best motorcycle disc lock according to some users. The 13mm locking bolt is constructed of hardened special steel and sends a strong message to potential thieves. The sliding mechanism of the GRANIT Sledg 77 is not only highly effective in locking the brake disc, but it is also effortless to use. Any attempt to pick the lock is a futile endeavor thanks to the ABUS XPlus locking cylinder, which provides maximum security.

In addition to its robust security features, the GRANIT Sledg 77 also includes a Memory Cable that offers a different type of protection. This cable serves as a reminder to remove the lock before starting your ride after parking, ensuring that you don’t forget and risk damaging your bike. The synthetic coating on the lock also protects your paintwork and provides a comfortable grip when locking and unlocking. Overall, the ABUS GRANIT Sledg 77 is a high-quality and reliable brake disc lock that offers top-notch protection for your motorcycle or scooter.

Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock

The Trimax T645S is a rugged disc lock designed to provide top-notch security for your motorcycle. The lock features a 5.5mm pin with a long throat that is hardened to resist cutting, sawing, and chisel attacks, ensuring that your bike is safe from theft attempts.

The lock also includes high-security and anti-drill round key lock cores, providing an extra layer of protection against lock-picking attempts. Additionally, the lock comes with a free carry pouch and a free disc lock reminder cable, which ensures that you don’t forget to remove the lock before starting your ride. Furthermore, the Trimax T645S comes with an extra mini flashlight key, giving you three keys in total. This lock provides an additional layer of protection for your motorcycle and is a great way to prevent theft.

This review here says just enough about the lock:


ABUS 305 10733338 Disc Lock

According to reviews, the ABUS 305 10733338 Disc Lock is a solid and reliable lock that provides good security for your motorcycle or scooter. It is easy to use and comes with two keys, so you can keep a spare in case you lose one. However, some users have noted that the lock can be a bit difficult to open and close, especially if you have larger fingers.

Overall, the ABUS 305 10733338 Disc Lock appears to be a good choice for anyone looking for a high-security lock for their motorcycle or scooter. It is reasonably priced and provides good protection against theft. However, as with any security product, it is important to remember that no lock is 100% foolproof, so it is always a good idea to use multiple security measures to protect your vehicle.

MYSBIKER Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

One of the unique features of the MYSBIKER lock is that it comes with a bright orange reminder cable that you attach to the lock and your handlebars. This serves as a visual reminder that your lock is in place, so you don’t accidentally try to ride away with it still attached.

According to reviews, the MYSBIKER lock is easy to use and provides excellent security for your motorcycle or scooter. The lock is also weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged if it rains.

However, some users have noted that the key can be a bit finicky, and it may take a few tries to get it to unlock the lock. Additionally, the reminder cable can be a bit short for some bikes, so you may need to find an alternative way to attach it securely.

Best OverallBest Value for MoneyYourmotobro Choice

Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm
Disc Lock

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper


ABUS Granit Sledg 77

Lockitt ABUS 37• Plastic sheathed steel body construction
• 11mm (7/16″) hardened steel shackle, with shackle guard and double bolted
• Rubberized body parts for easy handling
• ABUS Plus 7 disc cylinder with 250.000 combinations and anti-drill plate
• High visibility YELLOW fluorescent finish
• Manually operated key-way protector.
• Carry pouch included
• Memory clip included
• 2 keys – one with built-in LED and key code card.
• Made in Germany

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Oxford – Monster Disc Lock
• Sold Secure Powered Cycle GOLD
• Can be used as a padlock or disc lock
• 11mm hardened Ni-Cro-Mo shackle
• Double locking mechanism with 2 hardened steel bolts
• Sliding key dust cover
• Three keys and replacement key service
• Available in either black or yellow
• Can be used as a padlock or disc lock

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Oxford – Alpha XA14Alarm Disc Lock• Super strong motorcycle disc lock alarm.
• Forged stainless steel construction.
• Loud 110 dB alarm siren (motion activated).
• Twin spar lock chassis for double strength & cut resistance.
• 14 mm diameter T-locking pin anchors the lock together.
• Powered by long life Lithium CR2 battery.
• Unique design, which includes miner cable and attachment eye.
• Attack tested.
• Sold Secure Gold approved.
• 3 keys provided (key replacement service available).

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Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock• Very loud 100dB alarm
• The removable, sealed unit alarm module is weather-proof against water, frost and heat, as well as vibration-resistant
• Can be used as a disc lock or a padlock
• Anti-jack design can withstand 4.5 tonnes of tensile load
• Batteries Included (6 x LR44)
• Three keys and a key replacement service provided
• Also available with 16mm shackle for more extreme security conditions
• Can be used with a chain to create the perfect chain lock (OF7/8/9)
• Spares available:
Batteries x 6 (Oxford part number: OF229B)
Alarm module (Oxford part number: OF3A)

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ABUS Granit Sledg 77• 13 mm locking bolt made from hardened special steel
• Extremely high protection against unauthorised use
• Locks the brake disc
• Small, easy to handle, compact and secure
• Easy handling thanks to the sliding mechanism
• Open the lock, let the slide slip out with the locking bolt, guide the bolt through the brake disc from the inside, push the lock body towards the bolt and lock with the key
• ABUS XPlus locking cylinder offers top levels of protection against lock picking
• Non-slip, protective rubber coating
• Includes a Memory Cable – to remind you about the lock before setting off

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Trimax T645S Hardened Metal Disc Lock• Hardened metal rotor/disc locks resist cutting, sawing and chisel attacks
• Comes with carry pouch and a disc lock reminder cable
• Includes an extra mini flashlight key for three total keys
• Features a durable push button lock with high security anti-drill round key lock coresses
• TYPE  Disc
• UNITS  Each
• BASE COLOR  Yellow

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ABUS 305 10733338 Disc Lock• 5 mm steel bolt
• The bolt is made of specially hardened steel
• The lock body is made from impact-resistant metal casting
• Rubber-coated surface
• Comfortable automatic locking thanks to the big closing button
• ABUS quality cylinder with user-friendly reversible key
• Two keys are supplied in the scope of delivery
• Manual cover to protect the keyhole from dirt and corrosion

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MYSBIKER Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock
• Easy to Notice: Enclosed 2m/6ft disc lock reminder cable which is designed to attach to the brake or clutch lever and locked disc lock when you leave your motorcycle or bikes. Reminds you to remove the lock, and prevents potential damage caused by riding away while the disc lock is engaged.
• Strong and Durable: This brake lock is constructed with forged stainless steel and is secured with a 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin. With waterproof function, keep working on rainy days and never get rusty.
• Long Life Use: Each lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries and extra 6 pcs batteries, and 3 pcs brass security keys. To replace the battery, you can use the mini wrench to remove the 4 screws at the bottom, Then change the battery inside.
• Wide Application Range: MysBiker anti-theft motorcycle disc lock fits for various vehicles like motorcycle, scooter, cruiser, chopper, sports bike, racing bike with up to 6.7mm disc brake with holes.

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Benefits of Disc Locks for Motorcycles

  • Preventing theft – Disc locks are an effective measure for preventing motorcycle theft. While no tool or accessory can guarantee 100% protection, a disc lock is considered one of the most reliable security devices. Locking the motorcycle wheel, immobilizes the bike, making it significantly more challenging for potential thieves to steal.
  • Saving on Insurance – Having high-quality locks for your motorcycle may result in lower insurance premiums. By adding an extra layer of protection with a disc lock, some insurance companies may offer discounts on your premium. This highlights the importance of investing in reliable security devices to protect your motorcycle and potentially save money on insurance costs.
  • Portability – Disc locks are highly portable and convenient compared to security chains for motorcycles. They are compact, take up minimal storage space, and are effortless to use. This feature makes them an ideal security device for bikers who can easily bring them on their rides and secure their motorcycles wherever they go.

What to consider

As there are a lot of options available on the market, there are several things to consider when buying a motorcycle disc lock. 

  1. Security: The primary consideration when choosing a disc lock is how secure it is. Look for high-quality locks that are difficult to break or remove. Consider models that are made from durable materials and have additional security features, such as alarms or hardened steel construction.
  2. Size and weight: Disc locks come in different sizes and weights, so choose one that fits your motorcycle and is easy to transport. A smaller lock is more portable, but a larger lock may offer more security.
  3. Compatibility: Make sure the disc lock you choose is compatible with your motorcycle’s brake rotor. Check the size and shape of the lock to ensure it fits properly and securely.
  4. Ease of use: The lock should be easy to use, with a simple mechanism for locking and unlocking. Avoid locks that are difficult or time-consuming to attach and remove.

Price: Prices for disc locks can vary widely, so choose one that fits your budget. Keep in mind that a high-quality lock may be more expensive but will offer better security and durability in the long run.

  1. What is the safest motorcycle lock?

    None of the locks give you a 100% guarantee but chain locks are the best secure motorcycle locks.

  2. Are motorcycle disc locks effective?

    They can be as effective as it gets. It does not give you a 100% guarantee but at least prevents thieves who are not equipped with either tools or time to spend on breaking the disc locks. So anyways, your motorcycle is safer with a disc lock than without it.

  3. Can thieves break a disc lock?

    Yes, even the toughest motorbike disc lock could eventually be bypassed if you had the right tools and enough time. However, the point of a disc lock is that it eliminates thefts where the motorbike’s steering lock is snapped and the bike is pushed away. Thieves can pick locks of some of the motorcycle disc locks using just simple tools usually available on Amazon. Depending on the material the lock is made of, it may be easily broken down from the lock with a simple nock or a little hammer. In case of alarm, some of them may even be silenced with duct tape and a magnet. So there are plenty of ways to break a disc lock. Some of them are easier to break while some of them are harder. All this depends on the quality of the motorcycle disc lock.

  4. Should I buy an expensive disc lock?

    The build quality affects how secure the lock is and how long or what tools are required to beat it. The quality then affects the price. It is always worth investing a little bit more in quality disc locks. Those which are inexpensive, are usually made of stiff metal like zinc and take just a hit of a little hammer to break. While the more expensive ones offer better security due to the quality of the metal and construction.

  5. How do you secure a motorcycle overnight?

    The best way is to use three layers; a cover, a disc lock, and a chain lock to lock it to something solid. Use quality security and park it in a location where thieves can’t operate out of sight.

  6. Should I use disc lock on the front or rear wheel motorcycle?

    The build quality affects how secure the lock is and how long or what tools are required to beat it. The quality then affects the price. It is always worth investing a little bit more in quality disc locks. Those which are inexpensive, are usually made of stiff metal like zinc and take just a hit of a little hammer to break. While the more expensive ones offer better security due to the quality of the metal and construction.

  7. How do you secure a motorcycle overnight?

    The best way is to use three layers; a cover, a disc lock, and a chain lock to lock it to something solid. Use quality security and park it in a location where thieves can’t operate out of sight.

  8. Should I use disc lock on the front or rear wheel motorcycle?

    Rear. The process of removing the rear wheel discs is typically more complicated than the front ones. Therefore, it is recommended to use a disc lock specifically for the rear wheel to deter potential thieves. However, to further enhance security, it is advisable to utilize a separate disc lock for each individual disc in order to prevent a thief from easily dislodging the brake disc and bypassing the lock.

  9. Where do you put a motorcycle lock when riding?

    For those who intend to attach their bike lock to the frame of their bike, it is recommended that they secure it in a high position either on the seat tube, the center of the down tube, or beneath the top tube. Doing so will keep the lock from obstructing other components and maintain accessibility for easy use.

  10. Is a disk lock enough for a motorcycle?

    While no security measure can guarantee complete protection against theft, a disc lock serves as a highly dependable method for safeguarding a motorcycle. This device effectively secures the bike by locking its wheel and thereby immobilizing it, making it significantly more challenging for potential thieves to steal.

    However, if you still think that disc lock is not enough, you can always use other types of motorcycle locks listed above, for example A Grip/Throttle/Brake/Handlebar Lock which mounts right at the handlebar and locks both throttle grip and Brake lever and provides additional security. 

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    BigPantha #1 Motorcycle Lock on Amazon