Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind: Test-Based Reviews and Tips

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Hi, I will tell you about the best motorcycle riding glasses that combine style, quality, and superior protection. But why are they important? Indeed! I could say that I recommend you to wear them while riding, but I have to say it differently. You must wear them! Bikers glasses can be a stylish accessory, but you have to look for glasses that offer the best protection before style.

The main purpose of safety glasses for motorcycle riding is to protect your eyes from fast-flowing air streams that can make your eyes water. You need pure vision, so it’s crucial to have clear eyes. Glasses can also protect you from insects, dust, and small rocks that can shoot out from under the wheels of vehicles in front of you and from dangerous glare that may blind you all of a sudden. You also have to remember that it can start raining anytime you’re on the road. Even if your eyes are accustomed to the wind, they can’t deal with water! The circumstances can be different, so you should always be protected.

Now let’s earn the features that you have to look for. First of all, do you have eyesight problems? It yes, you should either use contact lenses or look for glasses that let you install prescribed optics. Next, look for polarized lenses. Polarization is an important feature that reduces glare produced by other vehicles. It also makes the image of the road much crispier and doesn’t tense your eye muscles when it’s sunny outside. Some models also have photochromic polarized lenses that let you use the same glasses for riding during day and night as they darken only when the sun is shining. Still, they cannot get as dark as non-photochromic sunglasses.

Foam padding is another great thing to have on your glasses as it not only adds comfort during long rides but also protects them from debris that may accidentally get under glasses and injure your eyes. That’s why I don’t recommend you to use average sunglasses while driving.

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Best Motorcycle Glasses for Wind: 6 Top-Quality Picks

Now that you know what to look for take a look at my comprehensive motorcycle riding glasses reviews. I’ve been using glasses in combination with an open-face helmet to ride my BMW K100 RS for 5 years already, so testing several models having this experience was exciting.

WYND Blocker Motorcycle & Biking Wind Resistant – Excellent Windproof Glasses

WYND Blocker is basic wind-resistant glasses that solve the problem with wind and debris completely. Due to the lightweight design, you won’t feel these glasses on your face. They’re also flexible enough to fit different face types. The length of one lens is 65 mm, which is enough to cover your eye without view angle reduction. It’s curved a bit to provide a wider angle as well.

The length of the temples is 140mm. Due to the slightly curved temple tips, they don’t put any pressure on your ears or rub them. Besides, this design feature makes it easier for drivers with large heads, like mine, wear them. In addition, the inner side of temple tips has soft rubber pads that add up to convenience and prevent the glasses from moving.

The padding on the inner side of these glasses is very soft and porous. There are 5 gaps between the pads to provide mild air circulation and prevent your skin from sweating under the glasses. There are no nose pads, but they still convenient enough for your nose due to the thick plastic bridge that repeats the shape of your nose bridge.

You can order this model in different versions, and I tested all of them. The black model with smoked lenses is a good choice for sunny days. For a cloudy season, you can order the same frame with clear lenses. If you like to ride at night, you will enjoy black and white frames with yellow lenses. They let you see mode detail at night and make your eye feel relaxed. I ordered all the models at the same time, and they all came with soft microfiber bags, which can be used as lens cleaners. I think that hard cases do their job better, but it’s better than nothing. As for disadvantages, I don’t like the absence of polarization. However, the developer compensates it with a decent UVA/UVB block and shatter proof.

WYND Blocker Motorcycle & Biking Wind Resistant Sports Wrap...
  • PC LENS - UV400 blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays; Impact resistant, anti-scratch and shatter proof
  • SIZE - Height - 40mm; Lens Width - 65mm; Temple - 140mm; Nose Bridge - 20mm; Frame Width - 140mm
  • FEATURES - Floating rubberized frame helps prevent loss in water; Rubberized ear pieces help maintain stability and grip on users head; Lightweight design is ideal for motorcycle riding, boating, fishing, biking / cycling, driving, running, and other various motorsports and outdoor activities
  • INCLUDES - WYND Blocker microfiber bag which can also be used as a lens cleaner
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - 100% money back guarantee against defects - please contact the WYND Blocker brand owner with any concerns
  • Ultra-lightweight model;
  • Doesn’t block side view;
  • 3 types of lenses available;
  • Powerful UVA/UVB block;
  • Microfiber case can be used for cleaning.
  • No polarization.

Belinous Safety Glasses – Pro Transition Motorcycle Glasses Kit

Belinous Safety Glasses and safety bag
There’s a lot to tell about this product as it’s not simple at all. First of all, it’s a large transition kit that includes a sturdy frame, 4 interchangeable pairs of lenses, additional security straps, a fiber, and a hard case for convenient transportation. The size of the frame and the length of temples are just fine, but that’s not what lets these glasses fit any face type. It’s the flexible plastic, that lets you bend the temples to adjust the glasses on your head. It doesn’t resist bending too much, so the temples don’t squeeze your head. Soft ear paddings on the temple tips make them fit even softer. Although the frame fits tightly, your skin won’t sweat due to hinge vents on both edges that let fresh air circulate under the temples. The padding is made of flexible foam that adjusts to your face shape but doesn’t cause fogging. If you lack tightness, you can use the strap band to make it impossible for the glasses to fall off.

Now, let’s take a look at the lenses. There are 4 interchangeable pairs included in the kit so that you can insert the ones you need at the moment and go. The first is a non-polarized lens with a reflective copper spraying. This type provides a color filtering and anti-glare effect, adding sharpness and saturation to colors. The second pair includes classic smoke lenses, which work well when it’s sunny outside. It’s the only polarized lens in the kit too. It doesn’t make the world too dark, but reduces doesn’t let whining white spots and glare blind you. Wear them to enhance contrast and make the image much crispier. The third is a transparent shatterproof lens with UVA, UVB, and UVC blocks. It’s a good option for cloudy and rainy days. Finally, the 4th pair includes yellow lenses that add light and detail to dark scenes.

It’s very easy to replace lenses, but they always need cleaning after that as it’s impossible no to touch them. Fortunately, the fiber cloth is attached. It’s very convenient to transport the kit inside the hard case as it fits most types of moto boots. It’s a universal solution that you can take on long trips.

BELINOUS Safety Glasses, Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses...
  • 4 INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES - 1 * polarized lens: smoke; 3 * non-polarized lens: clear MLC, cadmium yellow, copper. Changing the lens is simple, just hold frame with fingers then push the lens inward with 4 thumbs.
  • WINDPROOF & DUSTPROOF - BELINOUS sturdy hallowed foam air cushions are directly attached from the frame of the goggle, providing the ultimate eye protection against wind and dust particles and excellent full day cruising comfort.
  • UV400 EYE PROTECTION - Offer 100% UV protection against the sunlight filtering UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and protect eyes perfectly.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - High grade SWITZERLAND TR-90 material frame, super lightweight, stylish and durable. Shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, its thickness of 1.6mm guaranteed to withstand long time of using.
  • WHAT YOU GET - Each BELINOUS sports sunglasses are packed in portable case and original gift box, including frame, 4 pairs of lenses, strap, pouch, and cleaning cloth. 18-month hassle-free warranty for any defects£¨including size problem£, and 24-hour customer service online, any questions please contact us
  • Four interchangeable lens sets;
  • Sturdy hard case;
  • Durable Swiss frame (18-months warranty);
  • Safety straps included.
  • Lenses require frequent cleaning.

Aully Park Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses – Motorcycle Sunglasses

Aully Park offers a high-quality set that includes a convenient travel case with a heavy-duty glasses frame and 4 pairs of lenses designed for different conditions. Although it looks a lot like the previous item, it has some differences. The same lenses are manufactured differently, so you may like them more. The layers of these lenses aren’t as intensive, but still very effective.You may like these sunglasses more than the previous model if you live in an area with warm sunlight.

The first set has neutral gray polycarbonate lenses with a polarization filter layer that cuts off excessive brightness and glare of any strength. This set is perfect for everyday use as it doesn’t darken the light but makes everything look much sharper. The manufacturer recommends it for everyday use but doesn’t mention that they’re effective not only on sunny days but on cloudy days with high UV index too. Yellow lenses are also good for enhancing contrast on cloudy days, but it’s better to use them when it’s dark outside. If you need strong brightness reduction, try the colorful HD for increased contrast in hard white sunlight. Finally, the clear MLC set is designed for acuity boosting during dim evenings. The multi-layer coating provides lets you see more detail without difficulties.

Foam pads are attached to each set separately, which adds longevity to the entire kit. There are grooves in the foam to prevent fogging. Still, they’re not too big and keep moisture and debris away from your eyes. I recommend you to consider this item if you need a universal solution for riding in all types of light conditions. You can quickly adjust these glasses to make them match the situation and continue the journey.

AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses Black Frame...
  • ✅4 Interchangeable Different Lenses: 1* Neutral Gray - Polarized Lens; 1* Copper - Increase contrast; 1* Clear MLC lens - special multi-layer coating; 1* Cadmium Yellow - High contrast yellow lens.
  • ✅High-density cushioning elastic sponge: We specially designed flexible plastic sponge around the lens to protect the face. It can effectively prevent wind, dust, cushion the shock and prevent foreign objects such as mosquitoes from flying into the eyes.
  • ✅High Quality: The frame is made of high strength PC material with good toughness and strong impact resistance. Using shatter-proof, scratch-proof polycarbonate lens, not easy to break and safer. Give you a long time service.
  • ✅Polarized lens UV400: 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB Rays. It can filter a lot of blue light, improve the visual contrast and clarity. It’s better to wear under severe air pollution or foggy conditions, which is an ideal choice for drivers.
  • ✅Universal: It conforms to the face design for men and women, does not slip off, and is suitable for any nose shape and face adjustment. Whether it is running / cycling / daytime driving/ fishing/ bad weather can be used.
  • Four interchangeable lens sets;
  • Hard case and straps included;
  • Easy to replace lenses;
  • Sturdy frame;
  • Hinge vents for air circulation.
  • Same cleaning issue as with the previous model;
  • The brand logo on lenses.

Bertoni Italy Motorcycle Goggles Padded Sunglasses – Photochromic Clear Motorcycle Riding Glasses

If you don’t like to change glasses or lenses within your motorcycling glasses, you can try these lear photochromic glasses. The Sunsensor Photochromic Antifog Lens is highly sensitive to lighting changes and adapts to changes dynamically. You can use these glasses for nonstop riding, and you won’t notice how they tune up the brightness. There are three filtering stages. The transparent stage, or filer 0, activates when it’s foggy or dark, and the UV rate is low. When the UV level is normal, the lenses get a bit darker. When the level is high, the lenses turn the UV block to 100% and become gray.

Photochromic lenses are very comfortable when you don’t have an opportunity to change lenses. That’s why they’re popular amongst riders who take part in time-taking competitions. You can adjust the frame to the sports regime by replacing the average rubberized temples with a thick strap. You can change its length and strength. Unlike straps included in previous kits, this one is elastic and doesn’t have a Velcro, so they cannot fall off at all. It’s an excellent solution if you like performing stunts and take part in extreme sports events on your bike.

The soft foam frame adds up protection. You can easily remove it to clean the frame and install the optical insert. This part is a saving option for riders who have bad eyesight. You can give these glasses to your optician and have prescription lenses installed. The insert allows you to attach lenses of any strength without affecting the convenience. The wraparound frame design ensures clear peripheral vision with a minimal warp factor and no distance perception distortion. If you feel a bit inconvenient, you can also adjust the nose pad to find the right height and distancing. That’s what previous models don’t offer.

Bertoni Italy Motorcycle Goggles Padded Sunglasses -...
  • Frame: motorcycle glasses convertible to goggles in mat black anticrash polycarbonate - ADJUSTABLE NOSEPAD: soft Adjustable nosepad offers an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system also allows to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting - Thanks to their excellent grip at arms, at the adjustable nose pads and thanks to the elastic strap, this sunglasses will stay in place.
  • NEW Sunsensor Photochromic Antifog Lens from cat 0 to 3: Innovative Technology , react consistently to light and UV rays - they darken from category 0 transparent ( indoor, foggy days, bad weather ) to grey category 3 sun tint ( outdoors, high brightness ), this lens adapts itself to changes in light - 100% UV protection. You can wear your tech sunglasses all day, don't need to change your lenses according to light conditions. Lenses are decentered in order to avoid any optical distorsion.
  • Included a Removable Optical Insert Adaptor for Prescription, It can be stuck in the groove near the nosepad. Doesn't need install tools - any strength friendly, your optician can easily assemble your prescription to the clip - The inside of the front frame is covered with a removable windproof soft foam for a comfortable fitting
  • Interchangeables arms with elastic strap to have a very skin tight fitting for motorcycle and extreme sports - Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large). The lens meets "drop ball anticrash test".
  • 100% UV protection - Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind and bad weather, provide enhanced peripheral vision - Lens width: 65mm ( curved sport wraparound windproof lens ) - Lens height 44mm - Optical Clip: 40x25 mm. - 4 Years Warranty - Lifetime Support - 30 days to return - ALL INCLUDED inside paper box, case, microfiber
  • Lenses adapt to light automatically;
  • Powerful UV protection;
  • Optical inserts for prescription lenses.;
  • Stretchable strap for extreme sports;
  • Adjustable nose pad.
  • Irreplaceable lenses.

Bobster Rukus Photochromic Sunglasses – Medium-Sized Solution for Cruising

Bobster Rukus is another set of photochromic sunglasses with a more lightweight design as the previous model. These windproof sunglasses are created for common riding purposes that don’t include extreme conditions. That’s why I recommend them as a simple to-go solution. The manufacturer offers a removable heavy-duty foam frame that doesn’t absorb as much moisture as other models on the list, which prolongs its lifecycle and provides convenient protection during long cruises.

The slightly curved temples have long soft rubber pads that prevent skin irritation not only on a small spot behind your ears but along the entire length of the inner adjacent part of temples. There’s no strap for extra tightness, but you don’t need it if you ride calmly.

I have to say that these glasses have the most optically correct polycarbonate lenses. My optician figured out that they have the lowest peripheral distortion rate amongst other models on my list. This means the lowest strain during long cruises. You’re not likely to notice the difference if you need the glasses for 2-3 hours per day, but if you like to ride longer, you will thank these lenses for low strain. Also, photochromic technology allows the glasses to adjust to all lighting types and UV levels.

Bobster Rukus, Black Frame/Smoke Lens, one size
  • STYLE AND FUNCTION: The Rukus combines function and style into one seemless sunglass perfect whether you're spending a day on the bike, or at the beach.
  • ANTI-FOG PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: Bobster anti-fog photochromic lenses are designed to automatically darken/lighten to the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that reaches the lens. The advantage of a photochromic lens is that you can wear your eyewear all day and not have to carry multiple sets of eyewear with you or change your lenses according to light conditions, and Anti-fog coating provides fog free vision to help see clearly longer. Rukus lenses are also Rx precription ready (Rx-able)
  • CLOSED CELL FOAM: The Rukus also comes with removable closed cell foam to ensure a tear free ride while cruising. This type of foam provides low water absorption while being weather and chemical resistant. It also lasts longer than most other foams
  • IMPACT RESISTANT UV PROTECTION: Our Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses and they also provide 100% protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. They are also lightweight, adding to the comfort of your eyewear
  • OPTICALLY CORRECT LENSES: Optically correct lenses prevent headaches from extended wear of eyewear. Non-optically correct lenses cause continuous refocusing due to distortion. This places a large amount of strain on the eyes and can eventually lead to headaches, nausea and dizziness. All Bobster styles come with optically correct lenses
  • Lightweight model;
  • Convenient case with a clip;
  • Fast protomorphic lenses;
  • The lowest periphery distortion rate;
  • Removable foam.
  • No strap;
  • No slot for prescription lenses.

Verdster Airdam Motorcycle & Driving Sunglasses – Polarized Motorcycle Glasses

Verdster Airdam Motorcycle & Driving Sunglasses front view
Verdster Airdam is a basic lightweight sunglasses model that provides nothing extra, but the protection you need during a sunny day. Premium polarized lenses provide excellent anti-glare effect, reduce the brightness of shining spots, and boost contrast, allowing you to concentrate on the road without overstraining your eyes. The filter also cuts off the intensity of direct and light and random reflections. As a result, the level of distraction is minimal, and you won’t lose important details because of excessive light noise generated by other vehicles and weather conditions.

The UV400 filter blocks harmful UVA and UVB radiation levels. As my optician explained, we usually don’t notice the rays. Still, they affect our retinas, crystalline lenses, and eye muscles, so it’s important to cut as much extra light as possible. These glasses do their job well and don’t require any extra maintenance. Consider them if you always ride when the sun is shining, and other lens types aren’t needed. Airdam wind resistant motorcycle glasses are light, sturdy, and fit softly. Due to almost straight temples, you will feel comfortable independently from the positions of your ears. The bridge of these sunglasses is also very wide, making it suitable for all nose sizes.

Verdster Airdam 2020 Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men &...
  • ✔️ SEASON 2020 IMPROVEMENTS ARE A LONGER-LASTING GLUE USED FOR FOAM PADDING & A NEW FOLDABLE CASE ✔️ This is unisex size. These sunglasses don't fit large faces!
  • 😎 FOAM PADDED FRAME 😎 Lightweight frames padded with soft foam will ensure a comfortable fit. This unique construction ensures a broad view and 180 degree protection against the sun and wind. In addition, your glasses will always stay put. If you love riding and other outdoor sports these are the ones to get.
  • 🛡️ UV PROTECTION 🛡️ Thanks to the UV400 protection your eyes are permanently shielded from harmful UVA & UVB rays making them more than a stylish sports accessory!
  • 🎁 ACCESSORIES 🎁 Our Verdster sunglasses come with a protective a foldable magnetic triangle case, soft pouch & cleaning cloth.
  • 🕶️ MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY 🕶️ Every frame and lens comes backed by a 100% REFUND GUARANTEE for manufacturing defects assuring customer satisfaction!
  • Universal size;
  • HQ UV400 filter;
  • Lightweight sporty design;
  • Excellent for sunny areas;
  • Microfiber included.
  • No hard case.

Your Main Sense

Clear sight is crucial for every driver. Your duty to society is to be maximally attentive on the road. Your safety is highly important, either. If you don’t like full-face helmets or they don’t match the style of your two-wheeler, you have to choose the most effective motorcycle eyeglasses for your environment. Fortunately, the offers that I tested let you make a deliberate choice preserving your style and ensuring top security at the same time.

Look for functionality that meets your requirements as well. Comfortable accessories reduce irritation and distraction, adding up to your safety on the road too. Sometimes it’s good to have 2 or more pairs of good glasses for different circumstances and your passengers. Don’t purchase items until you make sure that most reviews are positive and based on real user experience like my reviews.

Do you know any tips for proper use of motorcycle glasses? Or maybe you have some positive/negative experience of using this accessory? In both cases, I will be glad to see your comments in the section below. You can also use it to ask me questions related to the topic of the article. For more detailed product reviews and motorcycling tips, stay tuned to

Max fondly remembers going to the 2005 MotoGP at Laguna Seca with his father when he was about 13. That’s when he first saw a moto-race, and his life has never been the same anymore. He fell in love with motorcycles, the race, the atmosphere of that adventure. Since then, Max spent a lot of time at race circuits with his father (who was a rider and mechanic himself). He’s been learning all there is to know about bikes.

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