Best Motorcycle Grips – Reviews and Purchase Guide Included

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I am Max. Biking has been my hobby for so long. Besides that, I am a mechanic, and my biggest desire is seeing every bike lover enjoy a safe and cozy ride. Comfort is, however, not possible when the major control tool in your bike gets in the way of the perfect ride. The steering wheel lacks in motorcycles, but the grips provide the essentials in controlling the bike.

As you cycle through a hot day, the grips may become loose, slippery, and this can hurt you. People have lost their lives because of poor gripping that fail to function properly when they need them most. Your biking safety depends on how secure your control tool is.

The increase in the number of grips available for sale might cause you more harm than good when looking for the best piece for your needs. This is a result of many low-quality products in circulation, and a poor choice can lead to more than injury sustained in the event of an accident.

My vast expertise in handling bikes has put me in an excellent position to provide essential details on the best motorcycle grips without fear of contradiction. The blog below contains all you need for a non-regrettable purchase. It is all for the sake of your safety and enhanced biking experience.

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Pro Tips on Purchasing the Best Motor Grips

Read the blog as it will put you in the best position to make the right purchase. Do not fall into the traps of cons again. In the end, I will provide buying tips and name the best item that has met and exceeded my expectations. Let’s get started.

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SclMotor Universal – 22mm 7/8″Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike Grips

SclMotor Universal Bike Grips

The price has been moderated to meet the budget of all motorcyclist. The product is compatible with several bikes, and it adds to the list of the many reasons you need this comfortable grip on your hands as you take your everyday ride.

The item keeps you from blisters and perfectly cushions you from the extreme engine vibrations. The anti-slip surface makes your biking experience feel better than imaginable. Being made of soft material does not affect its durability. Even though hard-surfaced grips are way more resilient than soft counterparts, this one is a significant exception. It will not wear out quickly or leave your hands exposed. You get a perfect hold and control of the throttle.

It is easy to install, and the manufacturer has been supportive through an installation manual provision. The only con is the way you will be required to buy some additional tools when installing. Installation tools may come at a bigger expense, but with them, it should take less than 20 minutes to put it in place.

A look at the pictures will give you the magnificent design of the handles. They are designed to provide a striking look to your bike. A challenge presents itself as those with small hands may find the grips a bit bigger than they can comfortably hold.

All in all, the perfect combination of comfort and affordable price makes the item ideal for all bikers. The motorcycle hand grips anti-vibration version will fit in popular bike brands such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda. My verdict on the item is positive, and you can buy without fear of regrets, as it will live beyond your expectations.

SclMotor Universal 22mm 7/8"Red Pro Taper Dirt Pit Bike...
  • For Use With Vehicles That Use on 7/8" Left Grip & 1" Right Grip.
  • Overall Length Of Grips Measures : 120mm Or 4 3/4".
  • Designed For Hand Twist Style Throttles..
  • Combining great style and comfort ; Providing a soft, non-slip surface that dampens operating vibration
  • Package Included : A Set of 2 handlebar grips (both left and right side)

  • Affordable price
  • Perfectly designed
  • Easy to install
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Requires additional tools to install
  • It can be a bit big
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Motorcycle CNC – Motorcycle Grips Harley Davidson

Astra Depot Motorcycle CNC Grips

The product comes in a pair inclusive of the left and right handle. Its one-inch size is designed to fit in many bikes. Designing has to come from your part as the manufacturer allows you to customize the handle as per your wish. Durability is ensured as CNC 1911 grips are made of rubber. The anti-slip surface will provide the perfect control of your bike with or without a pair of gloves.

The only factor that is threatened by the rubber surface is a comfort. Unlike the case with soft material handles, this one might leave you with the option to use gloves. Despite the little cushioning present, the grip offers considerable protection from vibrations. When riding in freezing temperatures, you might need to use some heated motorcycle grips to keep your hands warm and enable you to control the bike comfortably.

The rubber does not get loose as the temperatures rise. Installing the handles will take the least of your time, and there are no additional tools needed. The manual from the manufacturer is made for an enhanced installation experience. Even though the cost is a bit high, the handle is incomparable with soft grips as long as the durability is concerned.

You will be required to customize the handles to your preferred size. This will grant you a chance to make an ideal fit based on your hand’s breadth. It is for the reason that I find the item perfect for use by all riders. It is the best-heated grips for motorcycle, and it is worth every penny spent.

Motorcycle CNC 1" Handlebar Hand Grips Compatible with...
  • Package included: Left & Right Motorcycle Hand Grips
  • Compatible with all Harley Motorcycle 1" bar side and 1" throttle side (Except 2008-2018 Dresser and FL Trike or Models with handlebar air reservoirs and electronic throttle). Such as: 1996-2019 Sportster XL , 2008-2013 Sportster XR , 1996-2017 Dyna (except FXDLS) , 1996-2015 Softail (except FLSTNSE, FLSTSE and FXSBSE and 2011-2012 FLSTSE) , 2002-2017 V-Rod VRSC , 1997-2007 Touring models
  • An Aftermarket 1" Motorcycle Hand Grips with Custom Design
  • Contrasting cut back look makes a powerful visual statement and works great with both traditional and contemporary customizing styles
  • The machined slots and rubber ban offer plenty of traction with or without gloves

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit for bikes
  • Doesn’t loosen up in case of heating
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Price is a bit higher
  • Low vibration protection
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Avon Heated Grips – Good Product for You

Avon Tyres Black Grips

The manufacturer’s dedication to providing the most outstanding products never goes unnoticed. Avon motorcycle grips and related products are worth every penny spent. The motorcycle handles I purchased have taken me beyond expectations. First is the handles patterned surface that keeps your hands in place without slipping. Reaching the throttle and controlling your bike will never feel this perfect.

The thick material making the products will correctly shield your hands from the vibrating engine. I have used the item for over four months, and during the installation process, I had zero experience handling such issues. I was surprised at how easy it was to put the grips in place without the need for additional tools. The manual was provided, but I did not need to go through it as the process was not complicated.

The billet aluminum ends add a glittering look to your bike. Racers will find the grips perfect for smooth, comfortable, and secure control of the bikes. The aluminum motorcycle grips have been perfectly crafted with a slightly thin exterior to ensure they suit those with small hands. It means those with bigger hands are only left to enjoy the perfect grip made.

The item is ideally suited to those in need of high-quality products. The high price is a reflection of the quality and durability of the item. Not forgetting the glittering aluminum ends. It is, therefore, a must-have for racers.

Avon Grips Custom Contour Black Grips CC-86-ANO
  • Features billet aluminum ends
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: Inside length = 4.600" OD = 1.450"
  • Soft serrated pattern keeps your hands locked on
  • Push-Pull Throttle Sleeve - Fits 1" handlebars

  • Comfortable
  • A serrated pattern that keeps your hands from slipping
  • Ideal for those with small hands
  • Perfect shield from vibrations


  • Costly
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Progrip 719BlackTitanium – Superbike Grips

Progrip 719BlackTitanium Grips

The item is sold as a pair and perfectly fits a 7/8 inch handle. It is long enough for use in a variety of bikes. What you need to consider more is the high comfort that makes the item ideal for superbikes and motorsports. The handle provides the best anti-slip experience. Progrip handlebar grips do not get loose when exposed to the scorching sun. The coziness has also been ensured through the pair’s ability to suppress vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride and perfect control of your bike.

The cost is also low to ensure you do not need to break a bank to buy it. A wide variety of colors is present for an easy pick. It enables you to choose the best match for your bike. The process of installation is easy and straightforward. For amateurs, there is a manual that is provided to simplify the task even more. You will, however, need some tools to be able to put the item in place. The equipment will be likewise essential when removing the old and worn out grips.

The interior is hard to prevent slip when it gets into contact with the metallic handle, while the exterior is soft for a comfortable grip. Blisters and feeling fatigued after a ride will become a thing of the past with the superb progrip 717 grips.

Given the cost, quality, and coziness, the item is perfect to have for everyone. Those suited most by the handles are racers, but for amateurs, you can get a chance to feel the racing comfort at a low price.

Progrip 719BlackTitanium 719 Superbike Grips,Black/Titanium
  • 125 millimeter long
  • Fits 7/8 inch bars
  • Sold as a pair

  • Affordable cost
  • Anti-slippery
  • Perfect fit for superbikes
  • Highly comfortable


  • You need extra tools for installing
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Grip Puppy Comfort Grips – Good Choice for Your Riding

Grip Puppy Comfort Grips

Durable, cost-effective, cozy, and soft! The product is miles ahead in terms of quality and effectiveness. For those looking for the best value for their money, the handle will provide that in excess. First is the ability of grip puppies to fit over other installed handles. It makes it perfect to use in case you need to increase the thickness of an existing grip.

The product is soft and can be squeezed to offer the perfect grip you need. Those with small hands can, therefore, perfectly get hold of the handles even if they may be a bit bigger. In case you put the grip over existing ones, there is a slight discomfort you can experience during the first few sessions of using thicker handles. All in all, the grips are made in such a way that they will not slip even when used over other ones.

The handles are perfectly crafted to work even on heated grips. Their ability to minimize engine vibrations will ensure the hands do not get numb again when using these motorcycle grips. As many people are scared of the installation process, I have mastered the art of working with the items, and below is what I have found essential when putting the piece in place.

As they can fit over other handles, you only need to lubricate the existing handle surface for a smoother installation. Ensure you force the grip in until it perfectly fits. For extended grips, consider trimming to get the right size. You will find yourself using no additional tools during the process.

These cheap motorcycle grips will fit in a variety of motorbike models. Comfort has been ensured due to the grips ability to be squeezed. I highly recommend you make a purchase. You will get real value for your money here.

Grip Puppy Comfort Grips - The Original and the Best!
  • Over Grip - Fits over standard grips
  • Soft, squeezable, and tactile grip that provides greater riding comfort
  • Reduces engine vibrations felt through handlebars
  • Made of a special high tech material that is UV, ozone, and oxidation resistant
  • Designed to work well with heated grips

  • Comfortable
  • Simple to install
  • No additional tools needed
  • Perfect for additional thickness needs
  • Affordable


  • Made of soft material that is susceptible to wearing out
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Bikemaster Heated Grips Review

Bikemaster Heated Grips

The 7/8 inch fitting handle is ideal for twisting throttles. It is most suitable to use with heated grips. More importantly is the handles ability to provide the required warmth when riding. You do not have to keep up with freezing temperatures that leave your hands numb.

Bikemaster heated grips have been made in such a way that you can adjust the temperature of the handle in case it becomes too hot or too cold. With numb hands, gripping is affected, and perfect control is hindered. The handle is made of rubber, and this ensures durability. It is also stylish and cozy.

Vibration reduction is also considered, and the item will offer the very best of the same. Bumpy and rough roads will make your riding experience worse in case the handles are of poor quality.

As the motorcycle handgrip warmers are conveyed in pair, one of the items is slightly bigger. It is perfect for use on the side of the throttle. Installing is simple, and you do not need expert assistance in the process. In case it proves a bit challenging, then consider perusing through the easy to understand manual and get tips on how to go about it.

The heating feature available has added to the comfort of the handles. The soft material of the exterior is also cozy and provides a perfect grip for both small and big hands. Durability has been ensured, and it means that you will wait for years before your next purchase.

The item provides the best value for your money. It is made for maximum coziness when riding. It is a must-have product. I profoundly recommend you purchase for incredible biking experience.

BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)
  • For twist throttle applications
  • This new elegant grip design with revolutionary heating structure delivers heat faster than ever. The new five-level temperature controller allows you to accurately adjust the grip temperature. You no longer need to tolerate uncomfortable temperatures.
  • Elegant, open-end grip design make the heated grip both functional and stylish
  • Specially-selected rubber material resists outdoor environments and provides a secure and comfortable grip
  • Suitable for 12V DC application only

  • Durable
  • Heat adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Good value for money


  • Only applicable for 12V DC
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Kuryakyn 6235 Premium – Kuryakyn Motorcycle Grip

Kuryakyn 6235 Premium Grips

The item is stylish and durable for lifelong biking experience. Kuryakyn grips are entirely made for the event. Using the handles provided a biking experience, I am yet to replicate. The pair is conveyed in the company of a tube adhesive, chrome throttle grip with sleeve, clutch grip, and a spacer.

To install, you need some equipment even though you will have to cater to the expense of the additional tools. The products are compatible with many famous brands, including Yamaha, Kawasaki, and are the perfect Suzuki motorcycle grips. The anti-slip surface is ideal for giving your hand a seamless grip for a smooth ride.

When riding on the sun, your hands will get sweaty, and this might affect the comfort of the grip. However, with the item, the air space in between will prevent the hands from sweating and keep your hands from slipping. To those who need to put the bothering engine vibration to an end, the item will work like a charm in the process. Kuryakyn iso grips are thick to ensure minimal vibrations get in the way of your comfortable ride.

You may find the size a bit big for those with small hands, especially since the grip is not squeezable. However, it is an excellent item to buy due to its stylish design. I profoundly recommend you make a purchase and put your gripping problems at bay for a considerable period.

Kuryakyn 6235 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips for Throttle and...
  • Grip placement dampens handlebar vibration and provides a soft, non-slip surface
  • Features unique recessions between grip pads to allow air flow; Provides added relief from the heat
  • Unique removable end caps allow use with stock air reservoir type handlebars
  • Includes (1) chrome throttle side ISO grip with throttle sleeve, (1) chrome clutch side ISO grip, (1) spacer, (1) tube adhesive; Suggested tools (not included): phillips screwdriver, utility knife, sandpaper, needle nose pliers, safety glasses, clean rag, small tape measure
  • Compatible with Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, and Yamaha models (see product description for specification)

  • Stylish
  • Comfy
  • Anti-slipping
  • Perfect shield against vibration


  • Large
  • Installation tools not provided
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Renthal G149 – Compound Sportbike Grip

Renthal G149 Compound Sportbike Grip

These motorcycle racing grips are a perfect blend of coziness and resilience. They are soft to provide the required comfort and yet durable. The cost is low, and you might want to consider buying them over other expensive brands.

The patterned surface will offer the best anti-slip experience and make your biking practice a lot more enjoyable. Racers prefer the items, as they are perfect for the sport. The design is not as stylish as other items under review, but you can customize it to meet your needs.

Renthal motorcycle grips are thin for use by those with small hands and yet powerful to protect from the disturbing vibration. Installing is straightforward, although you will need some tools to remove the existing handle and replace it with this modernized equipment. The seller doesn’t provide the installation tools, and that means you will have to cater for their expense.

There is a manual in the provision, and it should be of assistance to amateurs who might have challenges installing the product. The grip cannot be used over other existing grips. It is not suitable for heated handles as it is made of rubber. Heat leads to increased rubber elasticity, and it may become loose.

Besides that, the item is perfect for your bike. It will work wonders when correctly installed. I recommend you purchase as it beats many expensive brands available in terms of durability.

Renthal G149 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Sportbike Grip
  • Renthal dual compound grips with DuPont Kevlar brand resin are softer, tackier and longer lasting
  • Available in tapered and standard dual compound patterns
  • As used by many of the top professional racers around the world
  • Covered by Patent GB2441015

  • Resilient
  • Shields from vibrations
  • Affordable
  • Patterned surface for reduced slipping


  • Cannot be used with heated handles
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Best Motorcycle Grips – Buyers Guide

As promised, below is a list of factor to consider when making your motorcycles grips purchase. I have made it due to the challenging issues brought about by the availability of sub-standards in the market. Finding a perfect match here should be the least of your worries.

There are many factors to consider before visiting your spare part shop and ordering a tool. You need to:

  • Have a budget
  • Know the compatibility of the instrument you are purchasing
  • Know how good the item will fit into use and boost performance
  • Be in a position to understand its durability, since buying a piece of equipment each day will lead to costly maintenance cost.

Making the top of the list under the universal motorcycle hand grips reviews are these crucial factors:

The grips are there to provide comfort. Coziness will improve your biking experience and overall performance. It, therefore, becomes a vital factor to consider during the purchase. Another factor reduced is the high vibrations, which may lead to poor control of the bike.

Thick grips will provide adequate cushioning from the same for an experience never had before. Slipping handles will rob your bike of proper control, and this may be hugely felt by those in races.

Many people think that only mechanics should get involved in solving their bikes issues. When buying a bike grip, make sure you buy one that can be easily put in place to avoid paying so much for such an easy task.

You also do not need a product that will take close to a full day in putting in place. For amateurs, the manual should provide more than enough knowledge for installing the item. Tools should be easily accessible for quick and straightforward change.

How well an item should work on the preferred machine has to come as a significant consideration during purchase. You do not want to waste money on things that will not be helpful after all. Today, the choice is really wide, and to make the right decision is a big challenge. So, such types of the review can help you come to the wise decision and get the products that worth your money.

Ensure you check for the right size before buying. Check for comments and reviews to know if the product is likely to fit in your vehicle. Ask for expert assistance whenever you feel you are missing the point on the same.

Many bike riders use gloves for perfect gripping, comfort, and safety. How well does the handle, you are about to buy, work with gloves? Will it offer extra cushioning and support, or will it now rob you of the coziness you experienced before?

All items under review have the right traction, and even the soft surfaced ones are patterned to prevent slipping. The hard-surfaced grips are more suited in terms of traction. When making your purchase based on the items reviewed, check on the quality of traction. There are no unsafe products here.

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Closing Remarks

As I wrap up my best motorcycle grips reviews, I hope I have provided you with the required insight for a more straightforward purchase. The high number of items available for sale should not be a challenge now, as you know the features to look for a significant investment.

Winding up without declaring the item that provides the best value for your money will be a bit harsh. The Grip Puppy Comfort Grips is my number one recommended brand. It is easy to install, as you do not have to use extra tools for the same. It can be used over other grips, thus making it the ideal choice in reducing vibrations and increasing comfort. Its price is easily affordable to all.

I will go ahead to shed light on an additional tool I feel will work wonders on your bike. The xyzctem motorcycle cover will keep your bike safe from dust and rain. Xyzctem covers are breathable to keep your seats free of heat and moisture that may be harmful. They are perfect fits for all bikes. The cost is considerably low, which makes the item affordable to all.

Having shared much, I leave it upon you to ask any question you have regarding motorcycles hand grips. Have you ever used a motor grip? How perfectly did it meet your needs? Is there a brand you would like to recommend to other users? What features of such products do you like the most? Please, write your answers in the comment section below.

Max fondly remembers going to the 2005 MotoGP at Laguna Seca with his father when he was about 13. That’s when he first saw a moto-race, and his life has never been the same anymore. He fell in love with motorcycles, the race, the atmosphere of that adventure. Since then, Max spent a lot of time at race circuits with his father (who was a rider and mechanic himself). He’s been learning all there is to know about bikes.

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