Best Motorcycle Lock in 2022: Which One Is Better to Take?

Years ago, bike riders had no problem leaving their bikes out while in town. It was made possible by neighbors looking out for each other, and also the fact that parking lots were not as crowded as they are now. Leaving your motorcycle out today is a tricky affair.

Thieves have sophisticated equipment that lets them steal your bike.

No matter the type, make, or price of your machine, you want to keep it safe. If you are a true biker, you understand the sentimental value of a motorcycle. Therefore, there are no lengths you would not go to keep it safe. Thanks to technology, we have various sturdy motorcycle locks that serve this purpose.

Motorcycle locks come in different shapes and sizes. They work on different parts of the machine. However, if chosen right, they all do a great job of securing your bike from thieves. How do you identify a good motorcycle lock that will not be easily broken? Today, I will use my years of experience to review locks that are worth buying. I will discuss the product specifications as well as the pros and cons of each to help you make a choice.

Top 10 Motorcycle Locks Review

5 Best Motorcycle Locks
  1. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock – Best Budget Choice
  2. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper – Top Pick
  3. Kryptonite 1415 – Premium Choice
  4. MaxxHaul 70075 – Best Wheel Chock
  5. MYSBIKER – Top Rated

There are three different types of locks for a motorcycle. Grip locks are placed on the throttle, clutch, or handlebar. When locked on the handlebar, they clamp down the clutch or brake lever and ensure that a thief cannot drive away with your machine. Their portability and easy visibility are some reasons why bikers prefer them over other types.

Wheel locks, on the other hand, go over the rotor on your front disc brake. They have a steel bar that penetrates one of the holes on the disc rotor and locks into place. These immobilize the wheel and are quite simple to use. However, it is easy to forget about them and attempt to drive off without unlocking them. That never ends well. Security chains and bar locks are other types of motorcycle security devices that you can buy.

In this review, I have included different lock types. Each of them is well suited for a specific machine, and I will tell you why.

1. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock – Best Motorcycle Theft Protection

If you are looking for a safety device that is easy to use and sturdy, this is the product for you. It has a pin that should be inserted into the wheel holes. To lock it, you simply need to press it down. There is an extra set of keys for opening it. The material is a heavy metal that cannot be broken easily, especially with the alarm on standby. It is also waterproof to ensure that it does not rust after getting rained on.

This motorcycle lock has one of the most intricate alarm systems. For a lock so small, it has a very loud alarm that will deter any thief. It is very sensitive, and the only way to stop annoyance is by understanding the alarm sequence. The first lock elicits one beep to confirm that the lock is in place. The actual sealing takes place 15 seconds later, but this does not cause any beeps. When something sets it off, it makes three warning beeps. After this warning, any movement will cause the alarm to go off, making a shrill and loud noise for 10 seconds. It can silence itself automatically or be silenced using the keys.

This alarm is so sensitive that if you live in a stormy area that has strong winds, it might be set off once in a while. The loud siren goes off automatically after 10 seconds, so you do not have to go out in the rain to turn it off. If the volume of the alarm goes down, you should replace the batteries. The lock comes with an extra set.

The only criticism I have of this device is that it is not very visible because it is black. The whole point of such a lock is to deter theft. Bright colors that are easy to see can prevent unwanted attempts that might destroy parts of the bike.

  • Loud alarm
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to use
  • Not very visible

2. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper – Best Wheel Disc Lock

If you are a fan of disc locks, the second product in our review will be of interest to you. It is a brightly colored and compact lock whose pin has a smaller diameter than most. This feature makes it appropriate for a motorbike with small holes on the while. It has a stapler design that is easy to use by just inserting the pin and stapling it shut.

Although it is brightly colored, the material underneath is stainless steel to keep it from rusting. Therefore, you should not worry about its durability outdoors. One of the best qualities of this motorcycle lock is that it is lightweight. You can carry it in a pouch and use it wherever you are. Whether you have gone on a trip or run an errand in town, carrying this lock around is quite easy.

Its unique shape and design are quite ergonomic. It reduces the effort needed to staple the lock in place. It also ensures that the lock cannot be pried easily. A thief bending it to steal your machine is out of the question.

To remind you that you have locked your wheel and prevent an accident, it comes with a coiled reminder cable. This cable is colored bright orange and comes over the handlebar. Before gearing up to go, you will see the cable displayed on the handlebar, and remember that you have a motorcycle lock.

On the flip side, the shaft of this motorcycle lock can get quite rusty. This makes it difficult to open at times, especially if it is not well lubricated. You might need to have some oil to use from time to time to get things moving.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brightly colored reminder cable
  • Shaft gets rusty

3. Kryptonite 1415 – Best Motorcycle Security Chain With Disc Lock

This is one of the most secure motorcycle chains you can buy. It is also one of the thickest and heaviest in the market. As a result, it may not be suited for use on trips or outside the home. It is not very portable due to its weight, so you might want to have it for home use only. Despite not being very portable, it is one of the best locks in terms of security offered.

The chain itself is about 15mm thick and weighs almost 3 tons. To cut it, a thief would need the biggest pair of bolt cutters. They would also need some technique to cut through the chain. As a result, you are guaranteed that theft is highly unlikely. Apart from the heavy metal cord, this motorcycle lock also has a sturdy padlock.

The padlock is made of 16mm hardened metal that is impossible to cut through. Picking it is also not an option because its disc is unique and not easy to manipulate. As an added measure, this lock has a deadbolt that is reinforced. To protect your motorcycle’s paintwork from scratches and damage, the chain is wrapped in a nylon sheath. It ensures that it stays in place and does not end up scratching your bike.
One of the winning qualities of this product is anti-theft insurance. If your bicycle is stolen while secured with the lock, the company offers a payout based on the worth of your machine. It is proof that the company believes in the strength of this motorcycle lock. The warranty is valid for the first month after purchase.

  • Sturdy
  • Has anti-theft insurance
  • Very visible
  • Not portable

4. MaxxHaul 70075 – Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock for Security

A motorcycle lock is good enough for security purposes alone. However, when transporting your machine, you might need something more than a lock. Remember that thieves can take your bike and break it down for parts. Therefore, while it is in transit, your best bet is to have a sturdy chock that not only holds your bike in place but also protects it from being hauled off the truck.

The Maxxhaul has a strong grip on the ground that ensures your motorbike stays put and cannot be moved without your consent. It also serves as an anchor base to prevent damage during transportation. Without it, your ride might be highly unstable and even cause accidents while being transported. Its best feature is that it can cater to a wide variety of wheel sizes. It has three brackets for positioning wheels according to their size.

Another good quality of this chock is that it is reasonably priced. In comparison to others on the market, it is fair to say that Maxxhaul offers the most value for money. It has a sturdy build comprising heavy-duty steel and a powder coat for rust prevention. Therefore, using this choke outdoors is advisable as it will not be affected by the elements.

Considering its importance in preventing accidents, the instructions must be clear and easy to follow. It is also necessary for the setup to be convenient and straightforward. Setting up this choke is very easy because it comes with corresponding bolts to fix the bottom plate onto any platform. It also has a pivoting cradle that enables easy loading and unloading of bikes. Overall, when it comes to heavy-duty protection, no portable lock beats this choke. Thieves cannot have enough time and skill to pry the motorcycle away from it.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy build
  • Impossible to break
  • Not portable

5. MYSBIKER – Best Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

This product is the best overall as it works on all dirt bikes, street bikes, motorbikes, and recreational vehicles that have a quarter-inch thick drilled disc. It is sturdy, versatile, and very efficient. It has a 6mm lock pin that goes through holes in the discs and locks down. The lock is made of reinforced steel which is very difficult to cut.

The lock comes with one of the loudest alarms ever used. When it senses slight vibrations and movements, it issues a three-beep warning. However, if the interference is more than that, the loud alarm goes off to alert the owner of potential theft. This alarm can either be switched off using the lock key or letting it go off on its own after a few seconds.

Even after years of use, its stainless steel coat ensures that the metal does not rust. Therefore, its strength is guaranteed over time. It is also waterproof and capable of withstanding long hours of exposure to the elements without rusting or fading.

It comes with an alarm, mini wrench, lock keys, reminder cable, and extra zinc batteries. The reminder cable is one of the most practical and useful additions to this lock. It comes over to the handlebar to remind you that the wheel disc is locked. Therefore, it helps you avoid damage to the wheels when you drive off without unlocking.

Being an audible disc look, it might not be suited for windy areas or places where there is a high volume of movement. Strong winds and thunderstorms might easily set off the warning alarm and, at times, the loud, full alarm. It can be an inconvenience to you and your neighbors.

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Not suited for windy areas as the alarm will be set off easily

6. BigPantha – Best Handlebar Lock for Motorcycle Security

This motorcycle lock works by immobilizing one side of the throttle or front brake. It can also immobilize the clutch. By doing so, it makes it impossible for a thief to ride away with your machine. It is very lightweight; at just 1lb, you can carry it with you wherever you go. This feature makes it one of the most portable and convenient locks out there. It is also quite versatile as it works on all motorbike brands regardless of specifications. Unlike discs that can easily be forgotten, resulting in serious damage to the wheel, these handlebar locks are impossible to miss.

The lock has two grips, both of which are placed on the throttle just next to the front brake. That way, the brake is fixed, and no one can use the throttle. Alternatively, the lock can be used to secure the clutch. If you worry about thieves who could move the entire motorbike and load it onto a truck, you can use this lock along with a chain or disc lock. The handlebar lock can serve as a reminder to disengage all other locks on the wheel.

On the flip side, this lock does not have an alarm like most disc locks do. Therefore, you will not be notified about any theft immediately after it happens. However, the lack of an alarm makes this lock very compact and eliminates the need for batteries. It is sturdy and well-built, so trying to pry it off may not work. It is also resistant to the elements. You do not have to worry about it rusting and leaking onto the paint on your motorbike. If you have mounted any additional items to the handlebars, this lock might not work well.

  • Lightweight enough to be portable
  • Easy to use
  • Visible
  • Does not have an alarm

7. Winner Club Lock – Best Motorcycle Anti Theft Devices

This versatile locking equipment can be used on cars, motorcycles, scooters, and much more. It has a thick rectangular shaft that is meant to wrap around an anchor and hold your machine in place. Compared to other D-bolt-type locks, this shaft is quite sturdy. It has a wide expansion to allow it to fit in different sizes of anchors. It has a minimum of 6 inches, but it can be extended to 11 inches. To reach the right length, you simply have to adjust it at the joints.

It is a sturdy heavy-duty lock that is not easy to cut through. The metal is thick and reinforced. Although with enough time and skill, a seasoned thief can beat any type of security system, it would take quite a lot of effort to break this lock. This alone is a deterrent for someone looking for a quick buck. The lock is very visible due to its size and color. It is another deterrent as thieves will move on to an easier target.

Being heavy-duty comes with the disadvantage of being bulky. It is not easy to haul this lock around. Carrying it in a backpack or messenger bag can prove to be cumbersome. A better idea is to strap it on your bike and ride with it. However, it may not always be possible. It is also not the easiest lock to use because you have to figure out the best way to anchor your motorcycle for it to be effective.

It is made of a rust-resistant coating that prevents it from discoloring and fading after being used outdoors for a while. However, the cylinder will need some lubrication from time to time. It is especially necessary if you live in a rainy or humid area. Lubrication will get rid of the rust and make it easy for you to unlock the device. Because the lock is coated, it cannot scratch your bike.

  • Sturdy build that is difficult to break
  • Brightly colored for visibility
  • Coated metal offers scratch resistance
  • Bulky

8. Trimax – Motorcycle Anti Theft Device

It is yet another disc lock worth buying because of its sturdy build and high-security features. Its steel core is not only hardened to prevent breaking but also boosted with the latest anti-drilling features. A determined thief might attempt to break it, but it would take so much time that they would give up at some point. Because most motorcycle thieves are opportunists, they would rather move on to an easier target than struggle with this tough lock.

Its design makes it lightweight in comparison to other wheel locks. It also features a state-of-the-art alarm that is loud enough to be heard from miles away. This alarm is triggered when someone moves the bike or tampers with the wheels. It first issues a warning beep before blaring at the loudest volume. It is a very effective deterrent. The alarm is battery-powered and has to be boosted with a new set of batteries whenever its volume lowers.

To prevent you from starting up the bike with the lock still on, it comes with a reminder cable that can be draped to the handlebar. That way, whenever you want to move, you will be reminded to unlock the device first. However, this device is not easy to use. It can be difficult to open due to the design of its keys. As a result, it can leave you stranded when you least expect it.

  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Has reminder cable
  • Difficult to operate

9. GL Red – Best Motorcycle Lock for Handlebar

If you are looking for a quick and easy-to-use theft deterrent, look no further than this grip lock. Fixing it onto the handlebar takes less than 10 seconds, and before you know it, you will get accustomed to snapping it one each time you leave your bike. No key is needed, which makes it more convenient. Because it is very visible, it is one of the best ways of discouraging unwanted attention from potential thieves.

Its core is made of hardened steel to ensure that it cannot be broken easily. The motorcycle lock has a capable key system that cannot be picked easily. It is cased in nylon to prevent rusting and ensure that it does not scratch any surfaces. The space for handlebars is adjustable, with a 1-inch to 1.5-inch diameter to choose from. This feature makes the motorcycle lock appropriate for a variety of bike models and brands.

You can also use this lock as a reminder of other sturdier locks you have put in less visible places. You must understand that a grip lock cannot prevent a determined thief from carrying your bike and mounting it on a truck. The best approach is to use this lock in combination with another one that prevents the physical movement of your bike.

This handlebar lock does not have an alarm, which most portable locks do. It can be a slight disadvantage because it makes it harder to prevent someone from carrying away your bike. However, it is also beneficial as it enhances the portability and compact appearance of the item. Therefore, you should use this device with another lock that can act as a backup in case of any theft attempts.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Does not have an alarm

10. TCMT – Best Wheel Locks with Universal Fit

Offering a combination of efficiency, sturdy construction, and a reasonable price tag, this motorcycle lock is one of the best alternatives for bikers who want a guaranteed safety device. Despite being reinforced with hard steel, this device is very lightweight and portable. It weighs less than a kilo and is easy to carry along wherever you go. Its design is ergonomic to ensure ease of use and convenience.

This lock has a very loud alarm. For some users, it might be an inconvenience, especially when the alarm is set off by wind or thunderstorms. If you do not want the alarm, you will need to remove the batteries. You have to remove the lock from the bike and use the Allen wrench provided, open the cover, and remove the batteries.

The whole idea of this lock is deterrence, and a bad guy looking at your bike will quickly know that any movement will give one chirp as if to say it is your first and final warning. The next move will set off the alarm. It will even warn you if you mount your bike and have forgotten to remove the lock. It can prevent you from damaging your wheel in the process.

My main criticism of this device is that its color blends in with the motorbike, and it is hard to see from a distance. It beats the point of a deterrent, as thieves will attempt to ride off, and that might result in damage to your bike, especially if the alarm is disabled. Had this device been brightly colored, it would rank a little higher in this review.

  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Loud alarm to deter theft
  • Not easily visible

How to Choose Best Motorcycle Lock: Buyers Guide

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to find the best motorcycle security chain or lock for your insurance purposes. This section will go over some of these factors in detail to help you make the best decision possible.


A high-quality motorcycle chain will be made from material that is durable, rust-resistant, and built to last a long time without any noticeable durability concerns.

Don’t use a cable lock for your bike, as it makes it an easy target for thieves. All they need to break it are bolt cutters.

Steel-based motorcycle chains are much better than other options. Make sure to do your research before making a final decision to ensure you get a top-quality chain.


Some people might view a bulky chain lock as a nightmare due to the weight and difficulty in moving it. However, these locks will act as a deterrent for thieves.

A bike chain lock that is 19mm will not be an easy target for thieves. These options will not be able to be cut with a hammer or bolt cutters. So what is a good size that will protect against thievery and not make using the lock a dreadful experience?

The smallest size a person might want to consider for a chain lock is 11mm, but 16mm is a better option because it is stronger against bolt cutters and not too heavy.


The size of the chain is not as important as how strong the lock is. Many people focus on the durability of the chain and forget to check how well the lock works. Do not be one of these people or your bike could be taken when you are not around.

To avoid having your bike stolen, buy a security chain with a robust, durable lock. You can read through customer reviews on Reddit to get an idea of the lock’s general performance.


The price of a motorcycle security chain will vary depending on the features it has. For example, a motorcycle security chain with an alarm will be more expensive than one without an alarm. Therefore, each buyer needs to take these details into account when making their budget.


Can a motorbike be easily stolen?

Law enforcement officials say that motorcycles can be lifted off of the ground and loaded into vans quickly and easily. They are more vulnerable to theft because they are lighter in weight and have a design that makes them harder to lock up.

How do thieves steal motorcycles?

Thieves can easily steal your bike by disabling the anti-theft devices and locks and jump-starting the engine.

What kind of lock is best for a motorcycle?

The best motorcycle locks are:

  1. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock – Best Budget Choice
  2. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper – Top Pick
  3. Kryptonite 1415 – Premium Choice
  4. MaxxHaul 70075 – Best Wheel Chock
  5. MYSBIKER – Top Rated

Final Take on Anti Theft Devices for Motorcycles

Most bikers have a sentimental attachment to their machines. They want to use them for years and even pass them on to their loved ones later in life. However, it is not possible if the bike gets stolen. Using a motorcycle lock is one of the best ways to ensure that no one makes away with your beloved bike.

There are different types of locks ranging from handlebar/clutch locks to wheel locks and chocks. Each of them offers a different level of security, and all of them have pros and cons. I think the Mysbiker disc lock is the best you can buy. However, it is not the only good theft deterrent on the market. Each of the products on this list does a good job of deterring and preventing theft.

Have you used any of the motorcycle anti-theft devices that I reviewed? What was your experience? Would you recommend it? Let me know in the comment section below. You can tell me about any locks that you think I should have included in this review, and I will be happy to check them out.

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