Best Motorcycle Mask for Kids: The Ultimate Guide

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Hi! As you know, I am really passionate about motorcycles. Therefore, it was no surprise to anyone when my young son started to fancy them too. As an experienced motorcyclist, I have already learned about the importance of face protection. But, as it turned out, despite the huge number of existing masks, it is not so easy to find a really high-quality product for your child, especially if you are not a professional motorcyclist. Which mask to choose? What is the main factor that affects quality? What is the best material the mask should be made of? In fact, each parent who decides to buy a motorcycle mask for kids will face these questions. That is why I decided to share with you my experience and knowledge in this sphere, as well as the rank of TOP-7 the best motorcycle mask. I hope you will find something interesting for you here!

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Ainuno Skull Mask for Kids,Kid Skull Bandana Mask Face Wrap...
Kids Face Mask Bandana Ear Loops Mesh Holes Neck Gaiter...
Iusun Balaclava Windproof Winter Ski Mask 3D Printing Cold...
Ainuno Skull Mask for Kids,Kid Skull Bandana Mask Face Wrap...
Kids Face Mask Bandana Ear Loops Mesh Holes Neck Gaiter...
Iusun Balaclava Windproof Winter Ski Mask 3D Printing Cold...
Top Pick
Ainuno Skull Mask for Kids,Kid Skull Bandana Mask Face Wrap...
Ainuno Skull Mask for Kids,Kid Skull Bandana Mask Face Wrap...
Premium Choice
Kids Face Mask Bandana Ear Loops Mesh Holes Neck Gaiter...
Kids Face Mask Bandana Ear Loops Mesh Holes Neck Gaiter...
Budget Choice
Iusun Balaclava Windproof Winter Ski Mask 3D Printing Cold...
Iusun Balaclava Windproof Winter Ski Mask 3D Printing Cold...

TOP-7 Motorcycle Mask for Kids

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What Are the Most Important Factors You Should Consider?

In this section, I want to take a closer look at TOP-7 masks that, in my opinion, are the best. But before, let’s dive into the most important factors that influence the quality of the mask. So, my list of essential questions you should ask yourself before the purchase is the following:

  • What fabric or material is the mask made of?
  • What is the form of the mask? Or, in other words, how do you want it to look?
  • Who is the seller?
  • What do other people say about the mask?

Even though it is you who decides which mask to buy, make sure to ask your child about the favorable design of the mask. Below we consider what types of masks exist and for what purposes each of them is applied.

First of all, the material is the most important factor in choosing a mask. In my article, I picked up masks that are made of breathable fabrics. However, if you decide to buy a mask that is not on my list, I strongly recommend you to check what material the mask you are going to buy is made of and compare it with the ones I provided. By buying a mask that is made of high-quality material, you will avoid a number of problems in the future, skin problems in particular.

The next selection factor is the seller. You should keep in mind that masks are an element of clothing that can be easily sewn at home using low-quality fabrics. Although their price is much lower , I do not recommend buying such masks as the latest technology innovations and the highest quality fabrics can only be used in factories. Again, if you decide to buy a mask from my list, you should not worry about this. I’ve already checked all the needed information for you.

Last but not the least factor is product reviews. Clothing is a rather specific product. I mean that some cons may not appear immediately, but only after a certain period of time. That is why reading reviews will help you make the right choice. By the way, make sure to ask all of your questions about the masks in the comment box below the article. Now, let’s get started with a more detailed look at each of the best motorcycle masks for kids I prepared for you.

1. Best Motorcycle Mask for Kids: Aegend Kids Balaclava

The first mask I want to pay your attention to is Kids Balaclava Windproof Ski Face Warmer Neck Warmer for Cold Weather by Aegend. The company was founded about 4 years ago, in 2015, by a group of sports enthusiasts. Today, Aegend is one of the most popular sellers on Amazon. However, their main product is not motorcycle masks, but swimming goggles.

Masks for motorcyclists have appeared in their assortment recently, but I have already managed to test several of them. And now, I want to tell you about my favorite children’s motorcycle mask – Kids Balaclava. It is made of two materials: Polyester (88%) and Spandex (12%); as such, the mask will be a great choice during the cold days. Thanks to the fabrics, it fits snugly and completely covers the face of the child. In addition, the mask is easy to wash or pack: it remains super comfortable even after several washes. Unfortunately, for now, the balaclava is only available in one color — black, there are no bright prints.

Aegend Kids Balaclava Windproof Ski Face Mask for Cold...
  • 【A Powerful helmet in Winter】 Will get crazy when chilly winter comes? Cannot stand the cold strong wind? Now it is the right time that a balaclava can get you out of trouble! With comfortable fleece, it can provide you ultimate protection from extreme Cold, Wind Burn, Dust, UV Rays and even Mosquito Bite. It is really perfect for keeping you warm and toasty all winter long.
  • 【High-Classic Fabric】The premium soft fabrics(88% polyester & 12% spandex) provide premium performance for Zero-pilling, Breathability, Durability, Wicking, Abrasion Resistance and anti-static function. Also, they are Super Comfort, Lightweight, Potable and Machine Washble.
  • 【Articulated Seaming】They're hard to be ripped off! Our balaclavas are elaborately sewed with high quality seaming threads, which enhances their tear resistance. In addition, they will never scratch your skin. You are ensured with genuine pleasure to wear them.
  • 【Multifunction】Three equipments in one -- 1 balaclava = 1 face warmer + 1 hat + 1 scarf. They can be also used as helmet liners without any trouble. So surely they serve a lot of purpose and will never forget to keep you warm.
  • 【Simple in Design】Our low profile designs fit comfortably under clothing, and the pure black color ensures our balaclavas be the joker pattern that can match almost each kind of design and color of clothes. *Attention: Please do wash well before using our balaclava!
  • One balaclava can replace hat, scarf, and face-mask;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Fits snugly to the child’s face.
  • The product is not shipped to all regions and countries;
  • It is available in one color only.

2. Bright Motorcycle Mask for Kids: Lawnite Skull Airsoft Mask

This is one of the favorite masks among boys. The reason for that is not the material, although it is also of a high quality (we’ll talk about this a bit later), it is the design and color that make boys love it. Don’t believe it? Let’s do an experiment: click on the button below (“Check The Price”) and show this mask to your children. Interesting, how quickly will they scream that they want to get it?

Now, let’s get back to the material the mask is made of. Nylon fiber is a lightweight and environment-friendly material that protects your child from unexpected falls. Moreover, there is a wide elastic band at the back that adapts to the size of your child’s head. Due to this, the mask fits snugly to the face. There are more than ten various bright prints, so your child will definitely have plenty to choose from!

Lawnite Skull Airsoft Mask,Full Face Protective Paintball...
  • 【High Quality Material】 -- Skull airsoft mask made of lightweight and impact resistant Nylon fiber material. which is environment-friendly, poison free and no smell. The material is very strong anti-impact, safe and reliable.And it has good wear resistance, slip resistance and shock absorption performance. This paintball masks can offers full face and head protection when you're on your favorite extreme outdoors sports.Cool, comfortable and endurable.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】 -- The solid PC clear lenses can protect the user's eyes very well, it does not impair vision and also can protect your eyes from injury in the game. The ventilation holes at nose and mouth for adequate air flow.
  • 【Security and Stability】 -- This airsoft mask has rubber cushions for the forehead, nose and cheek inside the Mask. It can offers a comfortable and secure fit. Elastic straps allow you to adjust the head straps for comfort, adjustable bands can keep it steady in running and shooting, which will make your airsoft masks secure even in the most heated games.
  • 【Widely Used】 --Perfect airsoft mask for Paintball, Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB Gun competition, Survival game, Hunting Game, War Game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Masquerade Party, Halloween, Costume parties,Movie props, etc.
  • 【Customer Technical Support】-- We offer a 12 month after-sale warranty, lifetime support guarantee and friendly customer service. Please contact us if you have any problems during use, we will solve the problem as quickly as we can.
  • Available in dozens of prints;
  • Environment-friendly material;
  • 1-year after-sale warranty.
  • Does not protect the head;
  • Lawnite is not a popular brand among the motorcyclists.

3. Led Music Party Mask: Sound-Activated Motorcycle Mask for Kids

Led Music Party Sound-Activated Motorcycle Mask

Although sellers of this mask position it more as a mask for parties and festivals, I also find it very useful for motorcyclists. The mask is very reminiscent of a balaclava and is made of polyester, so it fits well to the skin of the face. But its main feature is interactivity: the mask can glow and respond to sound. The louder the sound, the more flashes appear on the mask. It also looks perfect both on girls and boys. I, as a parent, was especially interested in what the mask is made of and how all this interactivity can affect the child. Having done a small research, I realized that it is absolutely harmless to children and adults. Moreover, this mask is great for night rides, as it is clearly visible on the road. To make the mask light up, you need to buy the batteries and put them in a special hole.

One fact that really confused me was that the mask was not produced by a well-known manufacturer of sportswear. On Amazon, it is sold by Gejoy. The company’s assortment, for the most part, consists of various toys and accessories. But I assure you that the mask is really made of quality materials, does not deteriorate over time and is completely harmless to the skin.

2 Pieces Sound Activated Light Up Mask Led Music Party Mask...
  • Design: this led music party mask can light up according to the sound, louder sound makes it faster flash, its rich led color and flashing beat will help you catch people's attention from the party
  • How to use: just put batteries into battery pocket, turn on your music, turn on the switch of mask and rotate the wheel to max, then this mask will light up and flash with your music sound
  • Various occasions: this sound activated light up mask can be applied for various occasions, such as Christmas party, Halloween party, dancing, riding, music festival and themed parties, make you experience an unforgettable and impressive party
  • Nice performance: lightweight and comfortable to wear, the adjustable adhesive buckle can nicely match with your face and head, its breathable material makes it suitable for you to ride or run
  • Material: the sound activated light up masks are made of polyester mesh fabric, durable and comfortable to use, harmless to skin, can fit for most ladies and gentlemen
  • Not expensive;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Can play music and light up;
  • Made og quality materials.
  • Gejoy is not a sportswear manufacturer;
  • Is not shipped to all countries.

4. Best Motorcycle Mask for Kids And Adults: 4PCS Yellow Ski Shields

Yellow Ski Shields Motorcycle Mask for Kids

If all your family members are fond of motorcycles or any other type of active sport, then this kit was created specifically for you! By the way, I’ve bought it not only for myself but also as a gift for friends. So I highly recommend this item for the purchase!

The set consists of four fabric balaclavas of different colors: black, blue, yellow and brown. Thanks to high-quality material, the set is quite adaptable, it takes the shape of the skull of any person. As I have already mentioned, it is best to wear fabric balaclavas under the helmet.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about the manufacturer — Guyuyii. Most likely, you have not heard about this company before, and besides, sports balaclavas are not their specialization. Remember, at the beginning of the article, I wrote that it is important to buy the products only from reliable manufacturers, preferably specializing in the production of sportswear? My opinion has not changed, but since I’ve already had enough experience in this sphere, I managed to test completely different manufacturers. That is why you can not doubt the quality of this balaclava.

4PCS Yellow Ski Shileds for Mens Baclava Women Helmet...
  • 4PC- Black Blue Coffee Yellow Face shileds, Yellow Knit Ski cover, Barclava Face guards, Yellow Balaclava
  • SUITABLE FOR:Head Ski Helmet, Yellow Ski shileds One Hole
  • WORK AS: Balclava Ski, Ghost Bc guards, Costumes Raptor, Ski Band
  • WIND-PROOF DUST-PROOF: Warm, Running Gear Head Outdoor Sports Cover Cycling, Hiking, Camping, Skiing
  • USE FOR: Balclava Winter Helmet Sock Running Winter Gear Women Underarmor Mens Snow Skateboard Kids
  • Four balaclavas in one kit;
  • Each balaclava has its own color;
  • Sun UV protection.
  • Rarely appears on sale,if does – only in limited quantities;
  • Does not have high ranks on Amazon.

5. Best Bandana: Samefar Unisex Seamless Rave Bandana

Samefar Unisex Seamless Rave Bandana

We have already discussed several balaclavas, a mask and even a helmet. It’s time to talk about the bandana. Looking ahead, I want to warn you that the main function of the bandana is to protect your nose and mouth from cold air and road dust while driving. However, your child’s eyes and head will remain unprotected. Keep this in mind.

Despite the fact that the bandanas have a very low protection level compared to other mask types, they are very popular among the motorcycle community. Commonly, people are used to wearing special glasses combined with balaclava to protect the eyes from dust. Bandanas are the cheapest way to protect your face while driving. Their average cost usually does not exceed $10. In my review, I decided to choose Samefar bandana, because:

  • it is made of polyester;
  • it is highly breathable;
  • there are many different colors and designs.

Please, be sure to check the seller before buying, as there are many low-quality fakes on the market.

  • Reasonable price;
  • The variety of colors and designs;
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Does not protect eyes from dust;
  • Does not cover the head.

6. Best Goggle Mask: NENKI Motorcycle Goggles Mask

As I have promised at the beginning of my article – I am going to share with you information about different types of masks, which are made of various materials and have different forms. Now I want you to look at the plastic Motorcycle goggles. This type of mask is extremely reliable in terms of protection:It’s not so scary to fall in it since your eyes, head and face are completely closed. Among the drawbacks, I can only note that these masks do not fit so tightly to the face as fabric ones. That is why I often recommend combining them.

This Motorcycle Goggles Mask is made by NENKI. If you are not a newcomer in the motorcycle industry, you, most probably, have heard about this company, as it is one of the most popular motorcycle brands. NENKI’s main specialization is helmets and goggles. By the way, you can find many high-quality items by this company on Amazon.

NENKI Motorcycle Goggles Mask NK-1019US For 3/4 Motorcycle...
  • ★MULTI-FUNCTIONAL : Perfect fit 3/4 open face motorcycle helmet if the mask assembled on the goggles,in addition,its fit motorcross helmet, half helmet, as well as other types of helmets if the mask removed ,use them for riding on your motorcycle/mountain bike, ATV and BMX,can also be used for snowboard, skiing, climbing and any other outdoor sport.
  • ★COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PEOPLE : Enjoy NENKI Goggles with your Family and Friends! Benefit from the elastic adjustable strap and moderate size, these goggles are good fit for Men, Women, Kids over 10 years old (Boys & Girls), teens & youth with or without helmet.
  • ★PROTECTION : Frame with high-quality TPU material, with high toughness, tensile and anti-aging properties, Even if you encounter a violent impact do not have to worry about the frame deformation or fracture,protect your eyes anytime and anywhere.Tested and certified according to European Standard EN 1938:2010,CE certified.
  • ★EYE PROTECTION PC LENSES : No harmful light! No UV400!Enjoy Sport! PC lenses is a lightweight, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and high transmittance of professional polyester material lenses. Multi-layer coating layers Revo optical lens. According to the root spectrum in a variety of visible light wavelength structure, designed to remove harmful light (e.g. UV400), provide excellent eye protection.
  • ★COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE : 3 layers high quality sponge padding around the outer rim for effective buffer facial pressure, and the sponge layer of contact skin used high-density comfortable sponge for safely cling to face and brings comfortable wear experience without irritation, don't worry you would be uncomfortable for having a long time wearing.Vented airways around frame to optimize flow of air over inside of lens.
  • Solid material;
  • Completely covers face and head;
  • Bright print;
  • Special eye protection lenses.
  • A popular product that is quickly sold out;
  • A bit heavy.

7. Best Protection Motorcycle Mask for Kids: PiscatorZone Kids Goggles Mask

This protection mask has been specially designed for long journeys on dusty and dirty roads. It fits snugly to the face and perfectly protects it from sunlight and dust. There is a wide soft black gum at the back, thanks to which the mask can easily adapt to any shape of the skull. Moreover, it is quite light, easy to disassemble and fold. Thanks to the special breathable filter, you will not experience any breathing problems. Unfortunately, the mask is sold in only one color – black, but you can choose the color of the lenses: blue or gray.

The goggles mask is manufactured by PiscatorZone brand, which has a lot of experience in selling motorcycle equipment on Amazon.

PiscatorZone Goggles Mask Tactical Goggles with Detachable...
  • Cool and safe goggles mask is designed for ATV/ UTV/ Dirt Bike/ Off-road/Motorcycle/Motocross/BMX/Riders/Skiers/CS/Paintball to keep your eyes from dust, rain and winds.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable material-TPU + breathable filter Sponge +PC, which makes the goggles mask popular and functional.
  • Strengthen PC lens and detachable face mask, It provides good view, good protection, easy take off and simple installation.
  • Elastic and Adjustable Belt-It can be adjusted to suit any head circle, Fits Men Women Youth Kids.
  • Selectable color of lens: Colorful, Grey, Silver, Transparent, Yellow. Dimension: 18cm*18.5cm/7.09inch*7.28inch.
  • Fits tight to the face and protects the eyes;
  • Has high-definition lenses in two colors;
  • Has a breathable filter sponge.
  • Available in only one color;
  • Does not protect the back of the head.

Best Motorcycle Mask for Kids: What You Need to Remember

In this article, I provided you with the list of my favorite TOP-7 motorcycle masks for kids. Summing up, I want to remind you about factors that you should pay attention to if you decide to buy a motorcycle mask:

  • material (if it is fabric, then choose one in which it will be easy for you to breathe);
  • manufacturer (it is better to buy a mask from those who manufacture and sell sportswear);
  • user reviews and ratings on sites.

Keep in mind that there are four main types of masks for children:

  • Bandanas: these only protect nose and mouth from dust and cold air.
  • Balaclavas: they tightly fit to face and head, but do not protect against falls. Eyes remain open as well.
  • Masks made of solid materials: they protect the face part, but not the whole head.
  • Helmet: the most reliable form of protection, but also the most expensive one.

Of course, there is no universal answer to the question of which mask you should buy. It all depends on your personal needs and preferences. But my personal choice and recommendation is definitely balaclava, since it can be worn not only separately, but also under a helmet to increase the protection of your head.

I really hope that you find this article pretty useful and interesting for you. Do you have any questions or want to know more details about the particular mask? I would love to help you out! Leave your comments below.

Max fondly remembers going to the 2005 MotoGP at Laguna Seca with his father when he was about 13. That’s when he first saw a moto-race, and his life has never been the same anymore. He fell in love with motorcycles, the race, the atmosphere of that adventure. Since then, Max spent a lot of time at race circuits with his father (who was a rider and mechanic himself). He’s been learning all there is to know about bikes.

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