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Motorcycle Rain Suit
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Before delving into the gist of the article, a little intro wouldn’t be bad. I’m Max Farmer, a big moto enthusiast. It all started when I was 13. I fondly recall accompanying my father to the 2005 MotoGP, which had been organized in Laguna Seca. 

The encounter was remarkable and life-transforming, as I had found something that I would do and love even to my old age. The fact that my dad was both a rider and mechanic has placed me at a great advantage of accruing invaluable knowledge about motorbikes.

One thing that I’ve learnt is that gear is critically essential to a rider, more so in regards to safety. Whether you are a moto race circuit rider or a bike enthusiast, getting the proper protection and gear are essential things. Motorcycle riders are the most exposed to weather elements such as extreme sunshine, wind, and rain. 

On top of safety purposes, a rider should always be appropriately geared up to avoid health issues that might arise with time. In this motorcycle rain suit review, I’ll be taking you through an essential rider’s garb for rainy weather, namely rain suits.

Top 8 Motorcycle Rain Suits 

Over the years, I’ve purchased and used different motorcycle rain suit brands, and I must say the experiences I’ve had with each was unique. Some I loved and others I felt were substandard in regards to their quality.

I understand the hassle one goes through trying to find the best gear. You don’t have to spend hours and hours searching the internet for the ideal rain suit. Because now, I’ll be taking you through the best eight motorcycle rain suits that I’ve used. I have covered some of the distinctive features of each rain suit as well as their advantages and demerits.

Wicked Stock – One of the Top Positions in My List

Wicked Stock is a leading brand is the motorcycle gear industry. The Wicked Stock rain suit is a reliable rider’s apparel. It is a one-piece gear made of a polyurethane material that is efficient in curbing water from infiltrating into the inside of the suit. Also, it is efficient in protecting the rider against the wind. 

Another feature that I find incredible and helpful is the full zipper that runs down from the neck region to the right foot. The design of the zipper makes it easy and fast to wear or remove the suit. Also, it has a non-stick lining on the inside, which makes it even easier to put on and remove it.

Some motorcycle rain suits are not fitted with a liner. Therefore, as a result of static, a rider’s clothes stick to the inside of the rain suit, making it tedious to wear. But this is not the case for this rain suit.

Also, it comes with a wide zipper flap that completely covers the zipper seam. This is crucial in keeping water off from entering through the zipper cavities. As for this suit, the zipper flap measures 3 inches, therefore, is wide enough to cover the zipper with minimal chances of water infiltrating through. Again, a rider can conveniently adjust the neck closure for the desired comfort. 

The Wicked Stock motorcycle rain suit is one of my favorites, and I would recommend it to both male and female riders. Let’s look at the cool factors of the suit and its drawbacks:

  • Features a full zipper, conveniently positioned in the front to allow fast and easy wearing
  • It is made of a polyurethane material that is absolutely waterproof so that the suit does not allow water infiltration
  • It is easy to put on and remove the suit, thanks to the non-stick liner inside that does not allow the fabric to stick on
  • The neck closure can be easily adjusted for the desired comfort
  • It is a bit pricy
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Viking Cycle – Men and Womens Motorcycle Rain Suit

The Viking Cycle rain gear is one of the best-selling motorcycle gear brands owing to their high-performance products. This heavy-built suit is not only waterproof but also windproof. When rising is stormy weather, this suit will keep you warm and dry.

Also, it has a reflective strip, which is essential in enhancing the visibility of the rider more so when riding at night. Another factor that I love about this suit is the design of the hems. In regards to fitting and comfortability, this suit is a great option. It features a stretchy arm and waist hems that offer a perfect grip when riding.

Though it is a little pricy, the Viking Cycle motorcycle rain suit has cool features that make it a top model among rain suits in the market. Other remarkable features that enhance its comfortability are the stirrups that help in keeping the trouser in position. Depending on a rider’s waist size, one can adjust the stirrups for a perfect fit.

It is worth mentioning the high-quality polyurethane material used in the design. This material has anti-wear properties as it is not only efficient in resisting water but also serves for a long time. The convenient design makes it suitable for use as men and womens motorcycle rain suit, too. Here are the awesome benefits and the downsides of the suit:

  • It is not only waterproof but also windproof
  • It features a reflective strip, which is essential in keeping the rider safe during night rides
  • It has a stretchy waist hem, which facilitates comfortability in regards to fitting the rider
  • It features stirrups that make it possible for the trouser to stay in position
  • It is made of high-quality materials for longevity
  • It is expensive
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Joe Rocket 1370-4003 Survivor – The Best Joe Rocket Rain Gear

For many reasons, the Joe Rocket 1370-4003 Survivor had to be in my list of favorite motorcycle rain suits. To start, it is one of the safest rain suits in the market. In case an accident occurred, the suit would play a vital role in protecting the rider as it features shield pads on the shoulders, knees and elbows. 

This Joe Rocket rain gear is a suit that serves the unmatched rider convenience compared to most other options as it also features a detachable inside liner. The essence of the detachable liner is to facilitate aeration and comfort during dry seasons in case a rider decides to wear the suit as a windshield.

It has a high-duty pad embedded on the back of the suit that serves as a spine protector. Also, the entire outer surface is waterproof, treated to ensure that no water will reach the inner lining regardless of the intensity of the rain. This suit is not only designed for high-performance but also to last long. Therefore, no wonder it has a high price point of which I’m sure the suit is worth. Here are the benefits associated with the suit and its demerits:

  • It features shield pads on the shoulders, knees, and elbows
  • It has a detachable suit liner, and this is convenient for different weather conditions
  • The outer surface is waterproof treated to restrain water from infiltrating
  • It features a pad that serves as a spine protector It is efficient in protecting against wind also
  • It is a high price point product
  • Putting it on might require some time because of the design
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Nelson-Rigg SR-6000-HVY-03 – The Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

If you’re looking for top-quality motorcycle rain gear, the Nelson-Rigg SR-6000-HVY-03 should be among your options. It is a dependable gear designed to offer protection and great comfort to the rider. 

One of its cool features is the embedding of reflective stripes. These are crucial in facilitating the visibility of the rider in bad weather conditions and at night. The two-piece rain suit has stretchy waist hems, and these allow for a good fit regardless of the rider’s waist size.

Also, the jacket piece has large zipper flaps that are efficient in preventing water from entering through the zip cavities. This Nelson Rigg motorcycle rain suit is ideal for carrying small items as it features large pockets located on the side of the trouser. 

This Nelson Rigg rain suit is one of the best models you can find as it has cooling perforations that facilitate better aeration. Worth noting in this Nelson Rigg rain suit review, this suit does not have an anti-stick inner lining for more comfortable wearing. Other than that, it is a product that offers the protection needed, and I would recommend it to all motorcycle riders. Let’s check the pros and drawbacks of this model:

  • Serves as a night protective gear as it features reflective stripes on both the trouser and jacket
  • Both pieces have stretchy waist hems to for fitting and comfort
  • It has large zipper flaps to keep of water from infiltrating
  • It features large side pockets for convenient holding of handheld items
  • The upper piece has cooling perforations
  • It does not have an anti-stick inner lining
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BMW Unisex ProRain – The Leading Rain Suits Motorcycle Gear

The BMW Unisex ProRain is not just one of the best motorcycle rain suit gears but is my favorite of them all. Though it is slightly costly, I find it worth the investment as it is designed for efficiency and durability. 

Onto the features, the suit has heat-resistant pads fixed on the lower leg parts to protect the rider from the extreme heat generated by the bike. This BMW Motorrad rain gear also comes in a reflective yellow color, which makes it convenient in enhancing the visibility of the rider when riding in bad weather conditions and during the night.

The two-piece rain suit has been fitted with stretchy cuffs, which are essential in providing a perfect fit when wearing. Another cool thing with this BMW Motorrad rain suit is the heavy design, which makes it not only great for protection against rain but also against the wind. 

Securely carrying a few items along with you on a ride is possible, thanks to the large pocket positioned on the chest area. This BMW rain gear also is characterized by good aeration, and it is suitable for riders in tropical and humid regions. 

Though it is an expensive motorcycle rain gear, the BMW rain suit is worth the money. If you wonder what its benefits and cons are, let’s have a look at them: 

  • The lower part has been fitted with heat-resistant pads to protect the rider from extreme external heat
  • It features stretchy cuffs for perfect fitting
  • It also serves as a wind protector owing to the heavy design
  • Features a large pocket positioned on the chest area for convenient and secure carrying of small items
  • Reflective yellow color, which enhances the visibility of the rider
  • It is expensive
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Riding Tribe – One of the Most Durable Rain Suits

Riding Tribe is a brand associated with some of the best rain suits motorcycle gear. This rain suit, despite a high price range, is one of the highly-rated as it offers great performance. 

The first cool feature I love about it is the detachable waterproof lining. A rider can conveniently remove the liner during dry weather and use the suit for protection against wind. This rain suit for motorcycle riding is wear-resistant thanks to the industrial material used. This makes the suit durable and efficient in regards to protection against rain and wind. 

Other awesome features are the EVA protective pads. A rider can easily detach and reattach these pads at their convenience. The stretchy hems are an added advantage when considering sizing. With the hems fitted with elastic material, the suit easily fits riders of various sizes. 

Though the suit comes at a higher price point compared to competitor products, the features are worth the cost. You will not have to purchase another rain suit anytime soon, thanks to its durability. Whether you are a professional rider or a bike enthusiast, this rain suit is a great gear that is worth the investment. Below is a summary of the cool features and the drawbacks of the suit:

  • The waterproof liner can be detached from the jacket and pants during sunny days
  • It is made of a quality wear-resistant material for extra durability
  • It features detachable EVA protective pads
  • It also serves as a wind protector
  • It has stretchy hems for comfortable fitting
  • The items are a little pricy compared to most competitor products
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Tour Master Defender – A Great Rain Suit for Motorcycle Riding

The Tour Master Defender is a flagman in the motorcycle apparel space. This Tour Master motorcycle rain gear is one of the best in the market as it is highly efficient in protection against rain and wind. It features a sealed seam, which is essential in preventing water from infiltrating. 

As it comes coupled with wide zipper flaps, the suit is very efficient in keeping water off from infiltrating the suit. This Tour Master rain gear is ideal in enhancing the visibility of the rider as it features reflective parts. Whether you are riding in foggy conditions or during the night, this suit makes it easy for other motorists to see you.

Also, it has waterproof treated pockets, and these are not only essential in carrying items but also keeping them dry when riding in the rain. Another cool feature is the hood, which can be easily tacked into the collar pocket. Most motorcycle rain suits do not come with a hood, making this one an ideal suit for riders without a helmet. Besides, the suit has an adjustable Velcro closure, and this helps in obtaining a comfortable fit. 

The suit comes at a high price range but is worth the money in every way. It is a rain suit I would recommend to all motorcycle riders. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and the drawbacks of this suit:

  • It features a sealed seam design to keep water from infiltrating
  • It has reflective parts for enhanced rider visibility during night rides
  • It features waterproof pockets for convenient carrying of items such as a wallet
  • It comes with a hood, which can be conveniently tacked into the collar pocket
  • It features an adjustable Velcro closure
  • Putting it on takes a little longer compared to one-piece rain suits
  • It has a high price point

This Year Buyer’s Guide for Motorcycle Rain Suit

No need to spend lots of hours online trying to find the ideal motorcycle rain suit for you. There are essential features a good rain suit should have. Here’s a helpful buyer’s guide on how to identify the best products in regards to the features. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned biker, take a look at the information below to make sure you keep in mind all the important points.

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Motorcycle Rain Suit Vs. Waterproof Riding Jacket?

Motorcycle rain suits are much better than waterproof riding jackets, given the fact that the first ones offer full protection against the rain. With a jacket, the upper half of your body will be protected, but the pants will get wet. Thus, it’s doubtful how a waterproof riding jacket is really helpful when it comes to riding in heavy rain. 

While you get a half-protection with a riding jacket, a motorcycle rain suit will save you from rainfall for real. I think that the investment in a complete rain suit is worthwhile.

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What Features Should I Look for When Buying Bike Rain Suit?

Here is a checklist of the features you need to take into consideration when choosing the best motorcycle rain suit for your needs. Make sure to check the following:

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The first essential factor to consider when purchasing a motorcycle rain suit is the design and the type of material used. I have a preference for one-piece units such as Dririder motorcycle rain suit as they are easier and fast to fit. Also, it is difficult for water to infiltrate thanks to the seamless coverage of the full suit.

There are also rain suits made of heat-protective and durable materials that are the best for your rides. I want to mention that some suits have anti-stick linings such as Roadgear Monsoon Xtreme motorcycle rain suit, and this makes putting them on much easier.

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The whole idea of getting a rain suit is to protect yourself against the rain. So, be sure to go for a product that is made of waterproof material. Fortunately, all the models I have reviewed here are waterproof and can save you from rain for sure. These rain suits proved to be practical and durable, so I hope that you will settle on one of the options I selected.

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A good rain suit should allow aeration as heavy units can become uncomfortable because of change in temperatures. In this regard, go for a suit that has vents. Two-piece models such as the Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg motorcycle rain suit have an advantage over one-piece suits as they allow enough aeration. However, high-quality one-piece rain suits are made to be comfortable, too.

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One of the biggest dangers that riders face is when other motorists can’t clearly see them on the road. Visibility is critical for any biker as it prevents accidents. Therefore, getting a rain suit that has reflective parts or strips should be one of the top considerations. 

Some models such as Frogg Toggs rain suit motorcycle gear do not have large reflective stripes and, therefore, do not offer great visibility. So, if you ride at nights, it is better to go for a rain suit that has reflective parts to protect yourself from any possible accidents because of lack of visibility. 

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You should pick a suit that will fit you well. I had heard a lot of stories when bikers considered everything about rain suits but the size. Thus, they had to change models and wasted time on doing so.

I recommend going for a rain suit with stretchable waist and hand hems for a perfect fit. Besides the reviewed products, I want to mention Xelement rain suit motorcycle gear that has stretchable hems, too. Oversize suits are very uncomfortable when riding, so it is worth looking for models with stretchy hems and cuffs that help in the fitting.

Keep in mind these characteristics and select the best motorcycle rain suit for your amazing rides. The weather can’t spoil your ride when you have a quality rain suit on. I believe that my recommendation will help you to pick the best model for your needs.

Final Comments on the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

Now that I have displayed the necessity of having a motorcycle rain suit and its key features, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose one for yourself. Create a list of top three features you need in the rain suit and take a closer look at the reviewed models to find a perfect match.

If you’re not constrained by budget, a good investment is worthwhile as all good things come at a cost. Most high-end rain suits are heavily built for efficient protection. A higher price usually goes for durability and convenient design to facilitate aeration. However, some of the reviewed suits like Frogg Togg rain suit motorcycle come at a low-price range and are of dependable quality. So, it is possible to find a durable model to fit any budget.

Visibility is one of the most important things for a motorcyclist. Therefore, ensure that your rain suit of choice has reflective stripes to facilitate this. 

You are welcomed to share your experience with any of the reviewed products and give opinions in comments. Which other rain suit brands do you think are of noteworthy quality? What rain suit among the reviewed appealed to you the most?

Max Farmer

Max fondly remembers going to the 2005 MotoGP at Laguna Seca with his father when he was about 13. That’s when he first saw a moto-race, and his life has never been the same anymore. He fell in love with motorcycles, the race, the atmosphere of that adventure. Since then, Max spent a lot of time at race circuits with his father (who was a rider and mechanic himself). He’s been learning all there is to know about bikes.

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