Are Expensive Motorcycle Helmets Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

Motorcycle helmets can be really expensive. Many motorcyclists will be surprised at the price difference between the entry-level and the mid and high-tier motorcycle helmets. The motorcycle helmet is one of the essential parts of your gear. So is spending more on a more expensive motorcycle helmet a good idea? Are expensive motorcycle helmets worth … Read more

What Is the Best Color for a Motorcycle Helmet?

Best Color for a Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to motorcycles, safety is one of the most important and often discussed topics. Nobody wants to get into an accident while riding their motorcycle. This is why taking the best safety precautions is always highly recommended, and those safety precautions can take many forms. One of which is making sure you are … Read more

Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head?

Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head

Motorcycle helmets can be a tricky subject—especially when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle helmet. A motorcycle helmet needs to fit just right. It shouldn’t create any discomfort or hurt your head. Unfortunately, many riders may experience discomfort, and in certain cases, motorcycle helmets can hurt your head. Why does my motorcycle helmet hurt … Read more

Can You Wear a Bicycle Helmet on a Motorcycle?

Can You Wear a Bicycle Helmet on a Motorcycle

Whether motorcycle riders are wearing proper gear has been an ongoing topic that seems never to end. But what happens if you are caught in a pinch? Maybe somebody stole your motorcycle helmet. Or maybe you have lost or forgotten it somewhere and now only have access to a regular bicycle helmet. Do you just … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Used Motorcycle Helmets

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Used Motorcycle Helmets

There is a lot of discussion around buying used motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets can be very expensive, so naturally, some people may consider buying a higher-end second-hand motorcycle helmet. However, is buying a used motorcycle helmet a good idea? Generally, you should not buy used motorcycle helmets. The main reason to avoid buying a used … Read more

What shape are Arai helmets? A reference guide

What shape are aria helmets

A perfectly fitting helmet can be the difference between a minor headache and a life-threatening injury in a crash. But finding that perfect fit, especially with the affordable options, can be a challenge. This is where Arai helmets come in, but what shape are Arai Helmets? Now it is no secret that Arai helmets are expensive. … Read more

Types of Motorcycle Helmets: A Detailed Guide

motorcycle helmets

Most motorcycle riders know that helmets are required by law in many states, but few riders understand just how important they can be. It is the best defense a rider has against serious injury in the event of an accident. In addition to protecting the rider’s head, good equipment can also help to protect the … Read more