How Many Volts Is a Motorcycle Battery: 6v or 12v?

how many volt is a motorcycle battery

how many volts is a motorcycle battery? 12 Volts is the standard voltage for a battery if you own a modern motorcycle. 6-volt batteries were used in motorcycles manufactured before 1960. I’m not just a motorcycle passionate, I have a college degree in electronics and have worked in the telecommunication industry for the last 20 years. … Read more

Understanding Motorcycle Fuels: A Guide to Engine Performance and Maintenance

Are cheap fuel good for my motorcycle?

This is the short version. You can read the Extended version here. Motorcycle enthusiasts often embark on thrilling adventures, traversing diverse terrains and exploring new routes. However, the fuel quality used in their motorcycles can significantly impact the overall experience and engine health. This guide sheds light on different fuel types and their effects on … Read more

Mastering Motorcycle Mechanics: Understanding Motorcycle Chain Types

motorcycle chain

Motorcycle chains are an essential part of a motorcycle’s drivetrain, which transfers power from the engine to the rear wheel. Riders must choose the right chain type that suits their riding style, motorcycle model, and budget. There are two main motorcycle chains types: standard or unsealed chains and O-ring or sealed chains. Standard chains are … Read more

Stay Safe and Ride with Confidence: A Look at the Top Tire for Motorcycle

A close-up of a red full face motorcycle helmet

When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety should always be a top priority. And one crucial element that can make or break your riding experience is the quality of your tires. Whether cruising on the open highway or conquering challenging off-road terrains, having reliable and high-performing motorcycle tires can ensure a safer and more enjoyable … Read more

Unleash Brilliance: 11 Essential Tricks to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor Like a Pro!

how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor

When I first started riding motorcycles, the exhilarating feeling of the wind rushing past me and the thrill of the open road was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. But, just like all motorcycle enthusiasts, I quickly learned the importance of keeping every part of my gear in tip-top shape – especially the helmet visor. Over … Read more

How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet: Ultimate Techniques for Peak Longevity!

how to clean a motorcycle helmet

Who would’ve thought that a motorcycle helmet, a simple protective shell, would require such meticulous attention? Your helmet is not just an accessory. It’s a lifesaver. A companion on every cycle journey. But even lifesavers need some cleaning! In this guide, we will show you how to clean a motorcycle helmet. Preparing for the Helmet … Read more

How to Tell When Your Motorcycle Chain is Worn Out: Signs and Symptoms

worn out motorcycle chain

Motorcycle chains are a critical component of a bike’s drivetrain, and they need to be replaced periodically to ensure optimal performance. A worn-out chain can cause a host of problems, from poor fuel efficiency to reduced power transmission, and even a complete breakdown of the chain. Therefore, it’s crucial to know when your motorcycle chain … Read more

Is Lowering a Motorcycle Bad? (Pros, Cons, Consequences)

Lowering a Motorcycle

Motorcyclists that are on the shorter end will often consider lowering their motorcycle. Generally speaking, shorter riders are not limited to cruisers only. Many people will consider riding their motorcycle, but there is a lot of conflicting information about whether it is a good idea to lower a motorcycle. Is lowering a motorcycle bad? Lowering … Read more

How Does a Motorcycle Baffle Work?

How much attention do you pay to your motorcycle’s exhaust? And what about the baffle? Motorcycle exhausts usually come with the baffles installed, and they are almost a must-have, but why is that? Many riders will have different questions about motorcycle baffles—especially when it comes to how exactly they work and affect the motorcycle. How … Read more