Best Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses: Protect Your Eyes and Ride Comfortably in All Weather Conditions

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Unless you’re wearing a closed motorcycle helmet, your face, and most importantly, eyes, are exposed to the wind, road dirt, and possibly even small debris that accompany most rides. In addition, you can experience eye strain during longer rides because of changing or simply suboptimal lighting conditions. Tired eyes are not only going to make your trip feel less pleasant but also increase your risk of not being able to perceive your surroundings with due attention.

Fortunately, you can avoid all these problems with one simple solution: be sure to wear motorcycle glasses or goggles next time you take your bike for a ride. For the best comfort and flexibility, go for glasses that are adaptable to your surroundings, the lighting conditions in particular. Such glasses are often called “photochromic,” but you can also come across the term “transition glasses.” Both are used to refer to glasses that can filter out different amounts of light based on the lighting conditions. This way, your eyes don’t have to adapt to changing amounts of light, and you can comfortably focus on your environment.

Choosing a good pair of motorcycle glasses is not easy, so in this review, I’m going to describe six products I consider to be among the best photochromic motorcycle glasses available right now. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced biker, I hope you’ll be able to find just the motorcycle glasses you’ve been looking for here.

Time to Check out the Top 6 Best Transition Motorcycle Glasses

Bertoni Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses: Best Allrounder Photochromic Riding Glasses

Bertoni is one of the most well-established brands when it comes to quality motorcycle glasses, so it should come as no surprise that a Bertoni product opens this list. These glasses are about as customizable as you could possibly want, which means that you’re very likely to get a good fit with them. Apart from interchangeable arms, these glasses also have a removable soft coating on the inside of the frame, making them more comfortable and offering excellent protection from the wind. In addition, you can also instantly transform these glasses to goggles by using the included strap.

However, what impressed me the most about these transition motorcycle glasses are their lenses. The photochromic lenses adapt themselves to lighting conditions with remarkable precision, providing equal degrees of visibility and comfort inside and outside regardless of the weather. You can literally wear these glasses all day without ever having to take them off or replace the lenses manually, and that’s the level of performance I’m looking for in photochromic glasses.

All in all, you get a lot of bang for your buck with these glasses despite the fact that they belong to the upper price segment. Given the sturdy frame and quality lenses, you’ll be able to use them for a long time, so I’d consider the Bertoni photochromic glasses a good investment.

Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles Photochromic Antifog Lens -...
  • Frame: motorcycle goggles made in anticrash impact resistant polycarbonate - Color: mat black - Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large).
  • NEW Sunsensor Photochromic Antifog Lens from cat 0 to 3: Innovative Technology , react consistently to light and UV rays - they darken from category 0 transparent ( indoor, foggy days, bad weather ) to grey category 3 sun tint ( outdoors, high brightness ), this lens adapts itself to changes in light - 100% UV protection. You can wear your tech sunglasses all day, don't need to change your lenses according to light conditions. Lenses are decentered in order to avoid any optical distorsion.
  • The inside of the front frame is covered by a removable soft foam - wiindproof and comfortable - Grip at the tip of the arm and nosepad: keeps the sunglasses from slipping - - thanks to their excellent grip at arms, at the nose pads and with the elastic strap, this sunglasses will stay in place
  • Interchangeables arms with elastic strap to have a very skin tight fitting for motorcycle and extreme sports. The lens meets "drop ball anticrash test".
  • Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind and bad weather, provide enhanced peripheral vision - INSIDE THE PACK: Bertoni F333 with Antifog Photochromic Lens + Interchangable Adjustable Strap + Hard Case + Cleaning Cloth + White Bertoni Box
  • premium quality lenses;
  • customizable frame;
  • durable and reliable;
  • can be transformed into goggles.
  • may not be compatible with open faced helmets;
  • rather expensive.

Global Vision Photochromic Glasses: Top Minimalist Transition Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

Some people love tearing up a product’s packaging and seeing lots of accessories inside while others are happiest with a minimalist “plug-and-play” solution. If you belong to the latter category, you need to take a closer look at my next pick, the photochromic glasses from Global Vision.

Inside the box, you’ll find the glasses themselves along with a handy pouch for traveling and storage. If you’re not looking for a highly customizable solution like the Bertoni glasses I described above, that’s really all you need. The frame is equipped with some soft foam padding for maximum comfort, but bear in mind that it’s not removable. This is probably my only serious issue with these glasses, as it’s always nice to have the opportunity to remove the foam for cleaning or if you want a looser fit.

The lenses adapt to changing light conditions pretty well, you can definitely wear these glasses all day, and the lenses will let just the right amount of light get through to your eyes. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions and put the glasses into the freezer for a couple of hours before you wear them. This has to happen on a sunny day because you need to expose them to direct sunlight once they’re out of the freezer to activate the UV filter. Once that’s done, the glasses perform a lot better than they do out of the box and provide a good level of protection against bright sunlight. Admittedly, they aren’t the darkest photochromic motorcycle glasses out there, but they will still get the job done in most (if not all) weather conditions.

Global Vision Eyewear Men's Kickback 24 Sunglasses with...
  • Padded Motorcycle Riding Glasses - feature vented EVA foam to prevent fogging
  • Lenses Transition from Clear to Smoke in Full Sunlight
  • UV400 Filter Provides UV Protection from the Sun's Harmful Rays
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses
  • Universal Fit
  • a efficient minimalist solution;
  • quality lenses;
  • durable nylon frame;
  • reasonable price.
  • non-removable foam padding;
  • the UV filter has to be activated.

Bobster Renegade Sport Sunglasses: Great for Casual Riding

You may assume that it’s only riders who spend hours at a time on their bike that need photochromic motorcycle glasses, but they are actually pretty useful for casual riders as well. Even if you only use your motorbike for commuting in a big city, you will still be amazed by how much of a difference a good pair of photochromic glasses can make.

Bobster Renegade are probably not the best photochromic motorcycle sunglasses you can find, but they are reliable, affordable, and surprisingly well-equipped to handle just about any type of lighting conditions. Despite its very attractive price tag, the Renegade is even convertible from glasses to goggles, a feature that is normally found in higher-tier models. The included strap feels durable and responds well to stretching, so I’d expect it to last for at least several seasons of heavy use.

The lenses have an active UV filter that makes sure that harmful UV rays do not reach your eyes. Both the frame and the lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is a lot more scratch and impact resistant than glass or regular plastic. The foam padding on the frame is removable, which could be a significant advantage over the Global Vision model if you’re looking for riding glasses that turn to sunglasses on a whim.

Bobster Renegade Sport Sunglasses, Black Frame/Photochromic...
  • CONVERTIBLE FROM GOGGLES TO GLASSES: Bobster convertibles are stylishly sleek and versatile. The Renegade has the ability to easily convert from sunglasses to goggles. Our convertible eyewear is for those that desire the look of a sunglass and the functionality of a goggle. By simply removing the temples and inserting our goggle strap, Bobster convertibles seamlessly transition into goggles
  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: Bobster photochromic lenses are designed to automatically darken/lighten to the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light that reaches the lens. The advantage of a photochromic lens is that you can wear your eyewear all day and not have to carry multiple sets of eyewear with you or change your lenses according to light conditions
  • CLOSED CELL FOAM: The Renegade also comes with removable closed cell foam to ensure a tear free ride while cruising. This type of foam provides low water absorption while being weather and chemical resistant. It also lasts longer than most other foams
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Our Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses and they also provide 100% protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. They are also lightweight, adding to the comfort of your eyewear
  • INCLUDES: frame, lenses, goggle strap, sunglass arms, closed cell foam, and protective carrying case
  • quality impact resistant lenses;
  • convertible to goggles;
  • reasonably priced;
  • removable padding.
  • may not fit people with a narrow facial profile;
  • may not be compatible with open faced helmets.

Bikershades Motorcycle Glasses: Great Entry Level Transitional Motorcycle Sunglasses

Bikershades is another well-known brand when it comes to motorcycle glasses and goggles. Bikershades products usually offer great value for the money, so I ended up including two pairs of Bikershades glasses in my review. The first one is a solid midrange model that offers a lot of the same features as the Bertoni glasses (the first entry) at a considerably lower price.

These Bikershades glasses come in a frame that is most likely to fit people with wider faces and larger heads, so female riders may want to look for a different pair of protective motorcycle glasses. The lenses are made from polycarbonate, which makes them very resistant to scratches and physical impact. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can throw these glasses around and expect them to stay intact, but they can definitely survive an accidental fall.

The Bikershades come with a removable soft foam cushion, which is a very welcome feature for the reasons I’ve already discussed above. However, the arms are not removable, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re after glasses that can double as transition motorcycle goggles. The lenses offer a decent amount of flexibility, performing well in a broad range of weather conditions. Depending on your expectations, you may wish for the lenses to get darker when facing direct sunlight, but personally, I didn’t find this to be much of an issue.

Bikershades Motorcycle Riding Transitional Glasses Foam...
  • Lenses: Impact Resistant Photochromic Polycarbonate safety glasses with scratch resistant
  • UV Protection: 100% UV 400 Rated
  • Frame: Matte black flex frame
  • Built-in Foam Cushion: YES and REMOVABLE! Bikershades cushion is thicker and lasts longer
  • Fits: Medium to Extra Large heads
  • quality polycarbonate lenses;
  • durable frame;
  • removable foam padding;
  • attractive price.
  • can’t be transformed into goggles;
  • may limit your peripheral vision.

Get Lost Helmets Motorcycle Riding Goggles: Best Photochromic Motorcycle Goggles

If you’re specifically after transition motorcycle goggles and don’t mind the inability to switch between glasses and goggles, this model from Get Lost Helmets is probably going to be right up your alley. Designed to function as goggles and goggles only, the frame is very ergonomic and avoids the pitfalls common for the 2-in-1 models, such as the strap leaving a red ring on your face after you take the goggles off or the wind getting in around the sides of the frames.

I found the adjustable straps to be one of the best things about the Get Lost Helmets goggles. They offer such a degree of flexibility that you can make them fit just about anyone from a child to a tall, bulky man. If you’re a female rider looking for a pair of protective eyewear that will fit you comfortably, you might be better off with these goggles as most glasses are designed to fit larger heads. Of course, you could still find the fit uncomfortable because the frame just won’t “work” with your facial features, but the fully adjustable straps set these goggles up for a good start.

The lenses perform pretty well in all kinds of lighting conditions, so you shouldn’t have any problems with the goggles in that regard. The transitions between different lighting conditions are smooth and generally contribute to better visibility and comfort. In addition, the goggles do a great job protecting your eyes from wind and road dust, performing considerably better than most glasses no matter how much padding they have. Overall, I think this model is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t mind not being able to use this product as regular sunglasses.

Motorcycle Riding Goggles: Heavy-Duty Riding Goggles"No...
  • ★ MADE TO LAST ★ - Our Photochromic Goggles conform to the shape of your face and are not made with foam edging, they won't fall apart after just a few uses like other motorcycle goggles. We use heavy-duty polyurethane frames and scratch-resistant lenses to make our goggles strong enough to be carried in your pocket or saddlebags without suffering the normal wear and tear. Don't worry about sitting on them, crushing them in your saddlebags, or any foam coming off after a few rides.
  • ★ RELIABLE PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES ★ - These outdoor riding glasses feature a curved edge that flexes to fit your facial contours in order to keep out wind, dirt, rain and bugs. We aim to keep your eyes safe and focused on the road in front of you so you can enjoy the ride and take in all the enjoyment that cruising the open road offers.
  • ★ LOOK YOUR BEST WHILE YOU RIDE and PITSTOP ★ - These sleek motorcycle goggles just cover the eyes, keeping the rest of your face exposed for a stylish look. Slotted vents allow minimal airflow to prevent your eyes from sweating and the lenses from fogging and the adjustable strap keeps that red ring from forming on your face, so you'll look great at each stop when you take the motorcycle goggles off.
  • ★ A PERFECT FIT; GUARANTEED ★ - Fully adjustable straps on these clear lens goggles can fit everyone from children to the biggest biker men with equal ease or fit the strap around a 3/4 or FULL face helmet if you wear one. You can even insert prescription lenses (insert required - not full glasses) inside them comfortably. And the crystal clear lens gives you 100% unchanged full vision of everything in front of you.
  • ★ COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR MAINTENANCE & CARE ★ - This Motorcycle Riding Goggles Kit includes a microfiber cloth for care-free cleaning, a microfiber pouch for easy storage and a protective hard side carrying case for damage-free storage.
  • great fit thanks to the adjustable straps;
  • high quality lenses suitable for most environments;
  • come with a hard storage case as well a soft pouch;
  • impressive protection from wind, dust, and road debris;
  • compatible with most open faced helmets.
  • do not double as sunglasses;
  • the lack of foam padding may mean an uncomfortable fit for some people.

Bikershades Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses: The Darkest Photochromic Lenses

BIKERHADES Photochromic

As I’ve already mentioned before, Bikershades always deliver high quality products, and this is clearly the case with these glasses as well. You can get them in two varieties, with lenses that go completely clear or yellowish in poor lighting conditions. Both models have their pros and cons, but I personally prefer the one with clear lenses because once they went gray in direct sunlight, my eyes didn’t feel any strain from the sun at all. They are easily one of the darkest photochromic motorcycle riding glasses I’ve ever tried, and I’m sure there are riders out there who are going to appreciate that a lot.

Apart from the impressive lenses, the glasses also boast an ergonomic frame that provides a surprisingly comfortable fit while keeping your peripheral vision unobstructed. Both the frame and the lenses are made from extra durable polycarbonate, so you should be able to use these glasses for at least several years before you need a replacement. I do wish that the foam padding was removable, but given the quality of the lenses, I’m willing to let that one slide.

All in all, both versions of these glasses are top-quality products that are definitely worth their price. The yellow lenses are great at filtering out the halo around artificial lights at night but don’t perform as well in direct sunlight as their clear/gray siblings. If you don’t ride at night all that often, it makes a lot more sense for you to choose the clear/gray version.

BIKERHADES Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses Day Night...
  • 3RD GENERATION PHOTOCHROMIC TECHNOLOGY: Tired of getting stuck at night without a pair of clear riding glasses? When exposed to sunlight, these transition biker glasses change from a dark grey to totally clear in a matter of seconds. Or choose lenses that change from rustic brown to yellow. Yellow lenses help eliminate the “halo effect” around lights at night. Our 3rd Generation Transition biker glasses are the darkest & best motorcycle glasses if you ride in the day & night.
  • BUILT FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDING...AND MORE: Eye protection should be your #1 priority when riding your bike. Motorcycle goggles provide unobstructed peripheral vision. Built in sweat proof foam cushion blocks out wind & dust. Shatterproof Impact Resistant Polycarbonate lenses protects from flying rocks & debris. These biker goggles are also perfect for sky diving, skiing, snow boarding, jet ski, water ski or working in harsh conditions.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES: When shopping for biker sunglasses & motorcycle eyewear, eye protection should always be a priority. Polycarbonate is an impact resistant thermoplastic that is virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant. Have you tried to break a CD (compact disc) before? It can’t be done! CDs are made of polycarbonate.
  • FOAM PADDED PROTECTION: Sweatproof foam cushion protects your eyes from wind, dust and debris while you are riding your motorcycle. Also great for skiing, working in the shop or mowing the lawn. Foam Cushion keeps your riding glases secure around your face so they won’t fly off or wiggle at high speeds. Seals out cold sub zero winds in the winter.
  • BENEFITS OF PHOTOCHROMATIC Sunglasses: You no longer need to pack motorcycle clear glasses for night vision & dark tinted glasses on your biker trip. Our 3rd generation photochromic lenses get darker than before & also change faster. Night vision motorcycle glasses can be yellow or clear lenses. Yellow lenses increase clarity. Clear lenses provide a natural view. Brown lenses increase contrast while dark grey lenses filters out the most light. Try both for cloudy & sunny days!
  • great lenses regardless of what colors you go for;
  • comfortable fit;
  • durable construction;
  • lots of value for the money.
  • non-removable foam padding;
  • may not fit some open-faced helmets.

Best Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses Review: The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve talked about 6 pairs of awesome photochromic motorcycle glasses and goggles, how do you choose the one that’s going to work for you? I’d say you can’t go wrong with all of these products, so you’ll have to make a choice based on priorities such as the importance of removable foam padding or the ability to switch between glasses and goggles. I’d recommend the Bikershades Photochromic glasses as one of the best all-rounder options with great lenses if you don’t mind the non-removable padding. Otherwise, take a closer look at the Bobster Renegade or go for the Get Lost Helmets goggles to avoid padding altogether.

Did you find this photochromic motorcycle sunglasses review helpful? Do you have any remarks or wish that the review included a different product? If so, be sure to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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